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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter C. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Miley Cyrus, Margaret Cho, Fearne Cotton, & Lauren Conrad


C LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS cageCAGE, Nicholas Actor has an upper back tattoo of a monitor lizard with a top hat, interesting looking design on right shoulder, a Ghost Rider flaming skull on his left bicep
PICS caillatCAILLAT, Colbie Singer has a flower symbol tattoo on her arm, a Hawaiian plumeria flower on her hip, a blue jay on top of a coconut on top of her foot
PICS cainCAIN, Dean Actor has Japanese Kanji character for TANAKA (family name) on his right ankle
PICS caldwellCALDWELL, Kimberly American Idol singer / actress has a winged musical note on back of her left shoulder
PICS cambyCAMBY, Marcus NBA basketball player has his first name in gothic script on left arm, right arm is lined with Chinese characters
PICS campbellCAMPBELL, Glen Country music singer has a dagger on his forearm
PICS campbellCAMPBELL, Naomi Supermodel has small tattoo of the letters FB on her arm
PIC campanelliCAMPANELLI, Rick VJ for Canada's MuchMusic has tattoo on his right leg
PICS Misa CampoCAMPO, Misa Canadian model has a cluster of shooting stars with some scripted text in the middle tattooed on her lower stomach, along with her astrological sign: Pisces tattooed on her butt
PICS Elisabetta CanalisCANALIS, Elisabetta Italian model and actress has a flowered armband (cover up of a name in gothic script), a small lizard on her right foot, tattoos on the inside of each forearm, others...
PICS cancerCANCER, Dinah Goth death rocker has a skull, winged heart on her right shoulder, others?
PICS cannonCANNON, Nick Actor & rapper has his wife's first name (Mariah Carey) tattooed across his upper back in large script
PICS cannavaroCANNOVARO, Fabio Soccer player has many tattoos. On the inside of his upper right arm, is "Andrea" (one of his sons) and on the outside, a tattoo of a warrior. On right forearm Daniela" (his wife) and on upper back Chinese characters (his daughter's name) on lower back, is "Christian" (his other son), on right leg, he has a tattoo of a sun
PICS cantonaCANTONA, Eric Soccer (football) player has American Indian head on chest
PICS cantrellCANTRELL, Jerry Musician has a skull on his right shoulder, a voodoo doll on his left arm
PICS careyCAREY, Mariah Singer, actress seen sporting a butterfly on her lower back with her husband's last name (Mrs. Cannon) (older photos showed what looks like a temporary tattoo in the same spot)
PICS carpenterCARPENTER, Charisma Actress has tribal sun design on her lower back, rosary around left wrist, small D2 inside right wrist, others?
PICS carrabaCARRABA, Chris Singer has full sleeves done in Oriental style
PICS carreraCARRERA, Sally Cartoon character in CARS has a "lower back" pinstripe tattoo on her spoiler - a classic tattoo for girls
PICS carrinoCARRINO, September Playboy model has a tattoo on her inside right wrist and on her right hip
PICS carsonCARSON, Lisa Nicole Actress has tattoos on her back, arm (GYPSY), stomach, others...
PICS aaronCARTER, Aaron American singer has skull inside a sun on his back, nautical star with a "7" in the center of it on his right inner forearm, "A" on his right wrist, "C" on his left wrist, A Sagittarius sign on his inner left forearm, angel on left forearm, others...
PICS Frank CarterCARTER, Frank English musician (vocalist of the band Gallows) has a large double headed headed eagle on his chest, an old self done tattoo of a revolver on his side, a snakes head on his scalp, many, many more
PICS carterCARTER, Nick American singer has a shark on one arm, musical note on shoulder, tribal band on right arm, 2 Chinese symbols, half moon & star on other shoulder, nickname (KAOS) down spine, ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton's name around wrist (now removed & covered up with skull and OLD HABITS DIE HARD, more...
PICS casalegnoCASALEGNO, Elenoire Italian beauty and actress has several Chinese style tattoos, and flower and band around her right wrist
PICS cashCASH, Tabitha Adult film star has tattoo on right breast
PICS cassanoCASSANO, Antonio Italian soccer star has his name in Kanji down his left arm, a crab on his upper back, a large scary face on right arm, several others in a growing collection
PICS cassidyCASSIDY, Katie American singer and actress has 3 stars on her foot, the year her grandma was born on her hip, the words Love Thyself, Know Thyself, Be Thyself around her ankle, a Latin phrase Alis Volat Propiis on her back
PICS cassieCASSIE American model, hip hop singer & writer has a star on her hip, a tribal dragon on her foot and the letter V under her upper right arm, small wings on her wrist, others...
PICS castroCASTRO, Cesar Brazilian Olympic diver has the Olympic rings tattooed on the back of his right shoulder
PICS cat manCAT MAN Dennis Smith has spent well over $150,000 for surgery and tattoos to turn himself into a "tiger"
PICS cavallariCAVALLARI, Kristin American actress has the initials N Z on her left wrist, she claims they represent her love of New Zealand but were for her EX boyfriend Nick Zano, a small blue outline of a star on the top of her left foot
PICS cavazzoniCAVAZZONI, Greta Fashion model has a crown with ribbon? on her back
PICS caveCAVE, Nick Musician has a old school winged skull & cross bones on his upper right shoulder (has name of ex girlfriend Anita on banner under skull)
PICS chambersCELSKI, J.R. American short track speed skater and Olympic medalist has a black and grey chest piece of a sun and an eagle which are patriotic symbols inspired by his Polish and Filipino heritage
PICS chamberlainCHAMBERLAIN, Helen Actress/producer has a 'Torquay United' team symbol tattooed on her left butt cheek
PICS chambersCHAMBERS, Justin Actor/model has his wife's & 5 children's names tattooed on his body, included are a sum on his shoulder, a swallow on his side a ambigram on his arm, a crown, others...
PICS chaplinCHAPLIN, Kiera Actress, model (granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin) has an armband of skulls around her left bicep, a bat on the back of her right shoulder
PICS chapman lelandCHAPMAN, Leland Reality TV star (Dog the Bounty Hunter) has nice sleeve work on both arms, right arm has a Hawaiian woman and the left a tribal inspired design, several others...
PICS chapmanCHAPMAN, Scottie TV show Mythbusters actress has many tattoos
PICS burkeCHARVET, (BURKE) Brooke Model/actress had her ex-husband's name on the inside of right foot, now covered up, a small bunny tattoo in unknown location, her children's names tattooed on the inside of her wrist and a design on the back of her neck
PICS cherCHER Singer/actress has flowers on her butt, a bicep tattoo, necklace, crystals on underside of right arm, black orchid below panty line, black rose on ankle, Chinese symbol (meaning strength) on her right shoulder
PICS cherryCHERRY, Celena Singer has small tribal armband on her left bicep
PICS chiattiCHIATTI, Laura Italian actress has a flower on back of her neck and a symbol on the back of her right shoulder, words across the lower left side of her back, a symbol on her lower right bikini line
PICS chilliCHILLI  Singer has tattoos on her ankle & stomach
PICS chisholmCHISHOLM, Melanie Singer has a Celtic arm band, word angel on stomach , lotus flower on spine, Chinese symbol right shoulder, large phoenix upper back, dragon right calf, designs on inside left & right wrists
PICS choCHO, Margaret Comedian / rapper / actress has large Japanese inspired pieces on around her stomach and on her upper right & left arms
PICS chongCHONG, Tommy Actor has a crest with stars around it on his right bicep
PICS chopraCHOPRA, Mona Bollywood actress has I (HEART) U on her left breast, a symbol on lower back
PICS chriquiCHRIQUI, Emmanuelle Canadian actress has a tattoo on her right shoulder (possibly removed?)
PICS christensenCHRISTENSEN, Helena Danish supermodel has a star tattoo on the inside of her left upper arm and one on her right bicep
PICS christianCHRISTIAN WWE wrestler has muscular bulldog holding a rose in it's mouth tattooed on his left bicep
PICS christopherCHRISTOPHER, Tyler Actor has a large cross on his right shoulder and a tribal inspired arm band around his left bicep
PICS churchillCHURCHILL, Jennie Sir Winston Churchill's mother had a snake encircling her  wrist
  churchillCHURCHILL, Winston Politician had an anchor tattooed on his arm
PICS chynaCHYNA (Joanie Laurer) Wrestler/actress has a line of flowers just below her panty line, another line of flowers on the back of her left shoulder
PICS ciavolinoCIAVOLINO, Rosie Model has small tattoo just below bikini line on right hip
PICS clarkeCLARKE, Gilby Musician has tattoos on both shoulders (one is a camel), other on left forearm
PICS clarke-michaelCLARKE, Michael Australian cricket player has a guardian angel sitting on a cross with the initials L.B on top, the words "carpe deim" & some cryptic letters underneath on his left forearm
PICS clarksonCLARKSON, Kelly American Idol singer has small cross on right wrist, Kanji design on back of neck that means "blessed", an outline of the state of Texas on her lower left hip, a small sunflower on the inside of her right ankle
PICS clarkson lucyCLARKSON, Lucy English model has small butterfly just below bikini line
PICS claudelCLAUDEL, Aurélie French model has a gecko on her lower back
PICS clayCLAY, Bryan US Olympic track star has the Olympic rings with two olive branches surrounding them on his upper back
PICS cobainCOBAIN, Kurt Musician had  K Records symbol self tattooed on his arm
PICS frances cobainCOBAIN, Frances Daughter of the late musician has a star on her left hand, a flower of her left wrist, a French line of text that translated reads "Art is The solution for Chaos", several others...
PICS cocoCOCO, Francesco Italian soccer star has Kanji symbols on left & right arms
PICS codyCODY, Diablo Award winning screenwriter has large pin-up girl tattooed on her right shoulder, small tattoo on inside of left wrist
PICS coldCOLD Band members all have a spider tattoo as well as other various tattoos
PICS coldreyCOLDREY, Alastair British male model has fully sleeved left arm and a symbol on his right shoulder
PICS cherylCOLE, Cheryl British singer has a lower back butterfly tattoo and a tattoo around her upper right thigh both tribal inspired, Mrs Cole on the back of her neck, a large tattoo on her left butt cheek, a tribal design on her right hand, others
PICS coleCOLE, Keyshia Singer has a large heart pierced by a wooden cross over top a star on her right shoulder, others?
PICS lily coleCOLE, Lily English model and actress has a small heart on the underside of her right wrist, a line of Latin text on the inside of her left foot, others?
  colemanCOLEMAN, Joe Actor has a dragon tattooed on bicep
PICS colesCOLES, Kim Actress has design on her right foot and up the ankle
PICS collocaCOLLOCA, Silvia Italian actress has a sun tattoo over a Celtic design on the back of her right shoulder
PICS combsCOMBS, Holly Marie Actress has tattoos on both wrists, a rose on her left shoulder blade
PICS connCONN, Daniel Australian rugby league player has a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm that includes koi fish, lettering, other Japanese symbols and he has has extensive tribal style designs in several locations
PICS conneryCONNERY, SIR Sean Scottish born actor has a heart with a dagger through it saying  "Scotland Forever" and a bird with a scroll in its mouth that says "Mum and Dad" tattooed on his forearm
PICS connorCONNOR, Sarah German singer has 8 Kanji symbols down her spine meaning (from top to bottom) peace, truth, god, energy, love, family, music and sun; a treble clef behind her left ear, the initials MET on her left wrist (her husband's), tattoo of her daughter's first healthy heartbeat on her shoulder, husbands name MARC'S on her foot
PICS conradCONRAD, Lauren American television personality, actress, celebutante, author and fashion designer has a letter L tattooed on her lower right hip, it used to be a J for a former boyfriend but was changed to the L, has the words  'sticks and stones' tattooed on her lower back
  cooperCOOPER, Alice Rocker has tattoo in unknown location...
PICS bradley cooperCOOPER, Bradley American actor has tattoos on his chest and right arm, others?
PICS corkreyCORKREY, Megan Joy American Idol contestant has a sleeve tattoo (a castle and sky above it. There is a fairy godmother (her mom), a wizard (her brother) and a prince (her son) on her right arm, son's name on her wrist, two stars on her back for her and her mom, her middle name, Joy, on her hip and a jumble of things she loves on both her feet.
PICS corwinCORWIN, Jeff TV star and animal expert has a coral snake tattooed on his upper left shoulder
PICS cottonCOTTON, Fearne British television presenter has a fern tattoo right side stomach, Kanji right lower panty line, star inside left calf. the words MUM, DAD, JAMIE over three flowers on the back of her neck, a 50's style pin-up mermaid on her lower back, stars, flowers & vines on the top of right foot
PICS coucoCUOCO, Kaley Actress has a small Kanji tattoo on her lower back that means faith
PICS cousinoCOUSINO, Tishara Lee Model has small band tattoo on her right ankle
PICS coverCOVER, Laura Model has a small angel just below her panty line, ankle, rose on back
  coxCOX, Courtney Actress has a white Gemini symbol  tattoo on her stomach, two others possibly removed?
PICS coxCOX, Nikki Actress has tattoo around her right big toe and strange looking symbol on her left ankle
PICS craigCRAIG, Daniel Actor has a tattoo of an H on his right hip, a small tattoo on his inside right ankle and a condor done in the style of Peru's Nazca lines on his right shoulder
PICS crawfordCRAWFORD, Lynn Executive chef, author, TV host has several tattoos including; small knife and sharpening steel above her left breast, two small black labyrinths, the size of coins, on the palms of both hands, a colorful grapevine on the inside of her right forearm
PICS cabbieCRAZY CABBIE Howard Stern regular is heavily inked and wears shorts in the winter just to show his tats
PICS crazytownCRAZYTOWN Band members have many assorted tattoos
PICS creedCREED Band members have assorted tattoos
PICS crissCRISS, Peter Kiss band drummer has Chinese sign, red cross, painted head, several others
  croceCROCE, Jim Singer had small rose in middle of his chest
PICS croweCROWE, Russell Australian actor had several fakes for the movie "Romper Stomper" where he played neo-Nazi skinhead Hando
PICS cruz_monicaCRUZ, Monica Actress has small tribal tattoo back of right shoulder, MAMMA tattooed on the underside of her left wrist
PICS cruzCRUZ, Penelope Actress has number 883 above right ankle, a cross tattooed on her right hand
PICS Wilson CruzCRUZ, Wilson American actor and community mentor to gay youth has a patriotic Puerto Rican flag tattoo on his left shoulder
PICS cummingsCUMMINGS, Ehrinn Model has a frog on her chest, 2 elephants on lower back
PICS curielCURIEL, Marcos  POD band member has colorful sleeves, tattoos on both sides of neck, several others
PICS Billy Ray CyrusCYRUS, Billy Ray Billy Ray Cyrus (born August 25, 1961) is a Grammy Award-nominated American country music singer, songwriter and actor. He has several tattoos, the one on his left bicep has a tribal design and the words "Music Changes Everything", one on his right arm of a Native American style eagle and a heart that daughter Miley had drawn on his hand that he had colored in as a permanent tattoo
PICS Miley CyrusCYRUS, Miley Miley Ray Cyrus (born November 23, 1992 as Destiny Hope Cyrus) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has a dream catcher inked on her right torso, a heart and a small cross on her fingers, the word "love" on her ear and the phrase "just breathe" on her rib cage in honor of a close friend who died of cystic fibrosis.
PICS Trace CyrusCYRUS, Trace American musician and adopted son of Billy Ray Cyrus is an admitted tattoo addict and has way too many tattoos to list with full sleeves, a large old school eagle tattoo on his chest  and many, many more
PIC czar nicholasCZAR NICHOLAS II Russian leader had a star tattooed in unknown location
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