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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter H. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Josh Hartnett, Danneel Harris, Paris Hilton & Ben Harper


H LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS hagarHAGAR, Sammy Rocker has tattoos on both biceps
PICS hagenHAGEN, Nina German punk diva has tattoos on both shoulders
PICS stacy haidukHAIDUK, Stacy American actress has a large phoenix tattooed on her upper back and has a cat tattoo on the outside of her lower left leg
PICS haileyHAILEY, Leisha L Word actress has an armband of small multi-colored stars around her right bicep
PICS haimHAIM, Corey Actor has Batman symbol on his right shoulder, tribal design on left shoulder, others?
PICS hallHALL, Daryl Musician has a star tattooed on his right shoulder
  hallHALL, Jerry Model & ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger has a white dove of peace on hip
PICS halliwellHALLIWELL, Geri Former Spice Girl has a black panther tattoo on lower back, star on upper back, pierced belly button others?
PICS hallydayHALLYDAY, Estelle French model has panther head on left ankle, tribal sun on top of left foot
PICS hamiltonHAMILTON, Erin Singer & Carol Burnett's daughter has 7 tattoos many with yoga symbolism
PICS natashaHAMILTON, Natasha Singer has tribal design on her lower back
PICS hanniganHANNIGAN, Alyson Actress has dolphins tattooed on her inside right ankle, a turtle on outside left foot, Japanese kanji for luck & happiness on her back, others...
PICS hardawayHARDAWAY, "Penny" Basketball player has "Penny II, Heaven Cent" on arm, bulldog on left leg
PICS hardingHARDING, Sarah British singer, model has a line of Tibetan script on the underside of her left forearm, removed a small tattoo on the back of her right shoulder
PICS hagarHARDY, Jeff WWE star has panther with two Chinese symbols on right forearm, dragon on left calf, others... All but the forearm and calf are real though, he says "I like to change my tats as much as I do the colors in my hair"
PICS harpHARP, Jessica Country singer has tattoos of a heart, a cross & words on her back, a butterfly on the back of her neck and a small tattoo on the inside of her left wrist
PICS harperHARPER, Ben Musician has extensive Maori moko tattoos all over body
PICS harringtonHARRINGTON, Desmond Actor has large flower like design on inside of right arm
PICS harris_daneelHARRIS, Danneel Actress has at least two tattoos on her right butt cheek, a line of script on the underside of her left wrist
PICS harris_lauraHARRIS, Laura Canadian born actress has a tattoo of the Sun with a Scorpion on the back of her left shoulder
PICS harrisHARRIS, Shannon Singer has very large beetle on whole of her back
PICS s_harrisHARRIS, Steve Iron Maiden bassist has four different styles on both arms
PICS hart_careyHART, Carey Motocross rider's upper body is heavily inked including girlfriend's name PINK on his stomach, he now has a portrait of Pink (done "Day of the Dead" style) on his leg
PICS hartHART, Melissa Joan Actor, producer has a cross tattoo on the nape of her neck, blue butterfly above left breast, pierced belly button
PICS hartnettHARTNETT, Josh Actor has Celtic circle knot on back of left shoulder, a fake crown tattoo on his neck for the movie August
PICS hatchHATCH, Richard Survivor star has shark on inside right arm, others...
PICS anne hathawayHATHAWAY, Anne Oscar winning actress has the letter M tattooed on the underside her left wrist
PICS hauerHAUER, Rutger Actor has his wife's nickname SIEN on his right shoulder
PICS havokHAVOK, Dave AFI singer is heavily tattooed (way too many to list)
PICS hawkinsHAWKINS, Justin Rocker has flames on lower belly over crotch, others
PIC hawnHAWN, Goldie Actress had a small blue heart tattooed on her ankle while in Tahiti as part of her 60th birthday celebrations
PICS hayekHAYEK, Salma Actress had large fake tribal on her stomach for film role
PICS headeyHEADEY, Lena Actress has large lotus flower, other flowers & birds on upper back and butterflies on right shoulder, "Laughter" on the underside of left wrist, a growing collection of others...
PICS heatonHEATON, Michelle British pop singer, television personality, and sometime glamour model has a large butterfly on her lower back, a butterfly and her boyfriend's name on her wrist, a line of flowers on her stomach, tattoo on her foot
PICS hecheHECHE, Anne Actress has butterfly tattoo on her lower back (fake?)
PICS hemingwayHEMINGWAY, Toby Actor has two tattoos on upper arms
PICS hendrieHENDRIE, Phil Radio host has portrait of his wife Maria on left shoulder
PICS hendrieHENRIE, David American actor has a cherub on the back of his right shoulder and 2 tattoos of bible quotes on his upper arms
PICS hensonHENSON, Darrin Dewitt Choreographer, Stage Director has tattoo on right arm - perhaps a Hindi design...
PICS taraji hensonHENSON, Taraji American actress has a large set of wings tattooed on her lower back, the design now sweeps around to her stomach
PICS henstridgeHENSTRIDGE, Natasha Model, actress has a lion with crown on right buttock, male/female symbol on her lower back
PICS hernandezHERNANDEZ, Jay Actor has tribal armband around right bicep
PICS hewittHEWITT, Jennifer Love American actress has a tattoo of some words on the back of her right ankle and has worn temporary butterfly tattoos in the past. It looks like "I am..."
PICS hileeHI LEE, Sung Korean actress, model has small butterfly just below her bikini line
PICS hiltonHILTON, Nicky Model & hotel heiress has a heart with wings on the inside of her right wrist and she has "Hilton" in gothic font tattooed on the small of her back, cross on back of neck, small heart on inside right ankle 
PICS hilton_parisHILTON, Paris Actress had then boyfriend Back Street Boy Nick Carter's name tattooed on her right ass cheek (since removed by laser), a small butterfly tattoo in the middle of her upper back (possible fake?)
PICS jamie hinceHINCE, Jamie British musician has an anchor on his forearm that matches one that his on again off again girlfriend (wife?) Kate Moss has in the same spot
PICS hoganHOGAN, Brooke Celebrity daughter of Hulk Hogan has a tattoo on her lower back that reads REDEMPTION, a small blue star just below her bikini line on the right side, a single musical note behind her right ear
PICS holtHOLT, Sandrine Actress has a word tattooed on left her shoulder
PICS hommeHOMME, Josh Queens of the Stone Age front man has his grandparents' nicknames on his knuckles with a heart ((right Cap and left Cam for Camille), his daughter's name "Camille" tattooed over his heart, the words "Freitag 4.15", a straight razor with "Born to Win" on his right forearm with  his nickname "Baby Duck" underneath, others...
PICS hoonHOON, Shannon The late Blind Melon singer had several large tattoos on arms, several others...
PICS horneHORNE, Fiona Australian author, TV personality, singer has an armband tattoo on her right bicep that includes an animal skull and swords in a tribal style, Celtic knot underside right wrist, wings underside left forearm, small flower like design outside left ankle, a gear design on side of her back
PICS houghtonHOUGHTON, Julia Welsh poet has tattoos on both arms and her back
PICS howardHOWARD, Sophie Busty British model has three stars down the middle of her back and another small star on the inside of her left wrist
PICS hoyHOY, Chris Scottish Olympic Gold medal winning cyclist has the Olympic rings tattooed on his right shoulder
PICS huddlestonHUDDLESTON, Holly Model, actress & Olly Girl has large tribal tattoo on her lower back, a red hibiscus flower on her lower left hip, at least 1 more tattoo...
PICS hudgensHUDGENS, Vanessa American actress & singer has 2 butterfly tattoos, one on the back of her neck and one on her right ribcage, an Ohm symbol linked together on the outside of her little fingers on both of her hands.
PICS hudsonHUDSON, Kate Actress has a small star on top of her left foot, another small tattoo at the top of her left butt cheek
PICS hughesHUGHES, Larry NBA player has too many tattoos to list but include the words "Silky Smooth, Boogie Down, Quiet Storm, Magician, and Grim Reaper" & "Though I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Death, I Shall Fear No Man"
PICS hunterHUNTER, Rachel Model, actress has 3 tattoos, her belly and back (2)
PICS hunzikerHUNZIKER, Michelle Swiss actress, model & TV personality has a tribal style barbwire tattoo around her right bicep
PICS hurleyHURLEY, Andy Fall Out Boy drummer has several tattoos including a heart on his chest with MOM, large colorful back piece
PICS hurricaneHURRICANE (Greg Helms) WWE wrestler has a green lantern on right shoulder
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