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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter K. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Natasha Kai, Anthony Kiedis, Lenny Kravitz & Kerry Katona


K LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS kaiKAI, Natasha Hawaiian born US Olympic soccer player has 19+ tattoos including Polynesian tribal designs and poetry
PICS kajlichKAJLICH, Bianca American actress has a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder and a small crown on her lower stomach
PICS kaneKANE, Christian Actor, singer has tattoos on left ankle of a wolf and a moon. (Cherokee inspired) right ankle has a flacon or eagle with wings to knee
PICS kardashian_khloeKARDASHIAN, Khloe American television personality has KK in white on her wrist for herself and her sisters, "I love you" in her late fathers hand writing on her other wrist, a cross on her lower back with the word "Daddy" around it
PICS kardashian_kimKARDASHIAN, Kim American celebutante, socialite, model, actress, business woman, and television personality had fake arm tattoos as an April Fool's joke
PICS KardashianKARDASHIAN, Robert Jr. American television personality, model, and socialite. He has his girlfriend's name Cheetah girl singer Adrienne Bailon on his ribs, a left arm sleeve for his dad, a stylized duck on his right side
PICS katonaKATONA, Kerry Atomic Kitten star has tribal design on small of back, the names of her two children & lover on the back of her neck & upper back, pic of Winnie the Pooh with ex-husband's name Bryan on her ass (name since lasered off), bouquet of roses above her right ankle
PICS keatingKEATING, Ronan Boyzone band member has Chinese symbol on his right shoulder
PICS keenanKEENAN, Maynard Musician has a large tattoo of a scorpion with long tail down his spine
PICS keitelKEITEL, Harvey Actor had Maori nose tattoo in the movie The Piano
PICS stellaKEITEL, Stella Actress and daughter of Harvey Keitel has a line of script in French that says "je suis comme je suis" that translated means "I feel like I am"
PICS kekilliKEKILLI, Sibel German actress has a Kanji design on her left shoulder, a large tribal design on her lower back
PICS kelisKELIS Singer has 4 tattoos, a saying on her right wrist, butterfly on stomach, Kanji on right calf, design on left butt cheek up her back to the shoulder
PICS kellyKELLY, Jill Adult film star has heart on her right buttock, kanji symbol on her left ankle, tribal on lower back
PICS kennedyKENNEDY, Caroline Politician has a small butterfly or petroglyph like symbol on the underside of her right forearm
PICS kensitKENSIT, Patsy Actress has an angel on her back, a small design on her  ankle, words on her left foot
PICS kerrKERR, Miranda Australian model best known as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels has a small star tattooed on her wrist in white ink
PICS keysKEYS, Alicia Singer had fake words THINK 4 URSELF on her lower back (fake), other fakes for her album Dance Vault Remixes - Diary cover (two bass clefs on the small of her back)
PICS khatunaKHATUNA, Lorig American Olympic archer has the Olympic rings tattooed on her right forearm
PICS kickassKICKASS, Tracy (Alamazan) Musician has tattooed sleeve on her right arm, an assortment of tattoos on her left arm including a "H" on her wrist and a name on her bicep. She's got an "X" tattoo on her shoulder
PICS kidkashKID KASH Wrestling champ has kanji on both forearms, large Dali inspired back piece, dragon on calf is a cover-up of old scorpion tattoo, black rose tangled in a spider web on upper right arm, others
PICS kidmanKIDMAN, Billy WWE wrestler has devil on waistline and tribal on calf
PICS kidrockKID ROCK Musician has Detroit Tiger's D on right arm, PAUL on left bicep, large back piece with the words AMERICAN BAD ASS and a large bald eagle 
PICS kiedisKIEDIS, Anthony Chili Pepper has many tribal inspired designs, various locations
PICS kilmerKILMER, Val Actor had large back piece and tattoo on upper left arm for film The Salton Sea, more fakes for the movie Felon
PIC alexandarKING 
ALEXANDAR (Yugoslavia)
Royalty had a large eagle tattooed across his chest
  alfonsoKING ALFONSO (Spain) Spanish Royal had a Cross tattooed in an unknown location
  king edwardKING EDWARD VII (England) England's King had a Jerusalem Cross on tattooed on his arm, others
PIC frederikKING FREDERIK IX (Denmark) Danish royal had a dragon tattooed on his arm, a Jerusalem Cross on other arm, Family crest, T,ang dragon on chest, many others
  King GeorgeKING GEORGE II (Greece) Greek royalty had an unknown tattoo in unknown location
PICS georgehtmKING GEORGE V English Royal had his left arm tattooed with a dragon, others
  king haroldKING HAROLD II King of England was the first known royal to have a tattoo (1022-1066) Tattoo over his heart read Edith and England
  kinghenryKING HENRY IV Royal had a tattoo in an unknown location
PICS kingKING, Jaime (James) American supermodel / actress has word KING on the back of her neck, a small tattoo on bikini line, a fairy on her lower back, a diamond on left wrist, spade or club on her right wrist, both nipples pierced
PICS kerrykingKING, Kerry American musician has heavy tribal work over his whole body, including his head
  king nickKING NICHOLAS II Russian Czar had a tattoo unknown location
  oscarKING OSCAR Swedish royal tattooed in unknown location
  WilhelmKING WILHELM II German Emperor & Prussian King had a tattoo in an unknown location
PICS joey kirchnerKIRCHNER, Joey Canadian male model has crossed hockey sticks and the number 11 on his right shoulder, a portrait of a friend who passed away over his heart with the words Only the Good Die Young written underneath
PICS Andrei KirilenkoKIRILENKO, Andrei Russian born NBA basketball player has a huge tattoo of his World of Warcraft character riding a dragon across the whole of his back
PICS kirkpatrickKIRKPATRICK, Chris 'N SYNC band member has tribal dragon on outside of right calf and band logo on right calf near ankle
PICS kisKIS, Gabor Hungarian Olympian has the Olympic rings tattooed on his upper back, a star on his right elbow, another tattoo on his left shoulder
PICS kitschKITSCH, Taylor Canadian actor has a rumored tattoo in Swahili that means to live life with no regret
PICS klumKLUM, Heidi German supermodel, TV producer, actress, fashion designer has her husband's name SEAL tattooed as a swirly design with  three tiny stars at the end of the tattoo  on her inside right forearm
PICS knightleyKNIGHTLEY, Keira English actress had fake Pictish tattoos for the movie "King Arthur" & more fakes in the movie "Domino"
PICS knorkatorKNORKATOR Bizarre German band has heavy tribal blackwork
PICS beyonceKNOWLES, Beyonce American singer has a praying angel on upper left thigh, the Roman numeral IV on her ring finger
PICS knowlesKNOWLES, Solange American singer and younger sister to Beyonce has an angel wing on each wrist
PICS knoxvilleKNOXVILLE, Johnny America actor and Jackass crew member has daughters name Madison on his chest, tattoos on both shoulders
PICS koganKOGAN, Theo American singer, songwriter, model, and actress has many tattoos (sleeves, legs, ??)
PICS kornKORN Band members have various tattoos
PICS kournikovaKOURNIKOVA, Anna Russian tennis star has large design with stars on her lower back
PICS kramerKRAMER, Joey Drummer has armband tattooed around his right bicep
PICS kramer_sarahKRAMER, Sarah Author, photographer & vegan goddess has extensive tattooing, including flowers, stars, an octopus & more
PICS kravitzKRAVITZ, Lenny Musician has dragon on left shoulder, cross and various others on arms and rest of body
PICS zoe kravitzKRAVITZ, Zoe Actress / musician daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet has at least 10 tattoos including ones on her wrist, her forearm and a simple anchor on her inner left bicep
PICS kreviazukKREVIAZUK, Chantal Singer has a small flower tattooed on her left shoulder
PICS kudrowKUDROW, Lisa Actress has small cross or dagger on her right toe and middle finger
  KunisKUNIS, Mila Actress has a tattoo of two playing cards on her right wrist
PICS kuznetsovaKUZNETSOVA, Svetlana Russian pro tennis player has a tiger tattoo on her lower stomach
PICS kydKYD, Ani Musician has large tribal sleeve work on her left arm, Celtic cross on right arm, many others
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