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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter R. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Rihanna, Nichol Richie, Christina Ricci, Henry Rollins & Axl Rose


R LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS ramazzottiRAMAZZOTTI, Eros Italian singer has tattoos on arm and nape of neck
ramonesRAMONES Band members have (had) many assorted tattoos
PICS ramosRAMOS, Sergio Soccer player has numerous tattoos including some written in Elvish
PICS rampalRAMPAL, Arjun Bollywood actor has the names of his daughters tattooed on his arms
PICS ramseyRAMSEY, Laura Actress has a red & black tribal cross on her upper back & a tribal sun on her lower back
PICS rancidRANCID Band members have many assorted tattoos
PICS carlee rangerRANGER, Carlee American model has a star tattoo on her lower right pelvis at her bikini line
PICS James RansoneRANSONE, James American actor has a cowboy on his left arm, a sparrow on his shoulder, a star on either side of his chest and a scripted chest piece that reads: “No Dice” among several others.
PICS rathboneRATHBONE, Jackson Twilight actor has a tattoo on his left hip that says "I'm lost"
PICS ravenRAVEN (Scott Levy) Wrestler has the words "RUST NEVER SLEEPS" on right bicep with a dagger through it, flaming sun on right forearm, pentagram with symbols in its circle on left bicep, barbed wire on left forearm, large sword on chest, stylized cross with a peace sign in the middle on left side of chest, the comic character "Sandman" on his right shoulder, a dragon on left side of his neck, raven on left calf with "NEVERMORE" under it, cross on finger
PICS rayderRAYDER, Frankie Supermodel has tattoo on lower back
PICS raymond_usherRAYMOND, Usher Singer has the word "USHER" with a sword through it on tattooed his left arm, "JAMES" on his upper left calf (his brother's name), small letter on left hand?
PICS redhotchilipeppersRED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Band members have many assorted tattoos
PICS reeceREECE, Gabrielle Pro volleyball player has a cross tattoo on her right ankle
PICS reedusREEDUS, Norman Actor has "NORMAN" tattooed over his heart, a gargoyle inside left bicep, small star, others...
PICS reedREED, Nikki Actress has a line of Jewish letters on her wrist, more lettering on her right side/rib cage, just below her right underarm
PICS reevesREEVES, Keanu Actor had fake tattoos for the movie Constantine
PICS regalREGAL, William WWE wrestler has flower on forearm with "Chris" over it, "Made in England" on left calf, family crest on right calf 
PICS rennerRENNER, Jeremy Actor has a family crest tattoo on left shoulder, others?
PICS reenieRENNIE, Callum Keith Canadian actor has a Champion Spark Plug logo tattooed on his right bicep
PICS rexREX, Simon Actor / model has several tattoos on left shoulder, part of a cover up of an old Tasmanian devil tattoo
PICS Ryan ReynoldsREYNOLDS, Ryan Canadian actor (People's Sexist Man Alive 2010) has two tattoos on his his left forearm. One is a drawing of the Nine O'Clock Gun, an old naval cannon that goes off every night at nine in Stanley Park, in Reynolds' native Vancouver, Canada. The other is on the underside of his wrist and is a handwritten message with a star.
  rhodesRHODES, Alex Pro soccer player has an entire 139 word speech that was written by an American peace activist, Marianne Williamson, and it is wrongly attributed to Mandela in his speech when he became president of South Africa 14 years ago, tattooed on his legs
  rhysRHYS-DAVIES, John Actor and "Lord of the Rings" star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film. (there is a rumour that "Gimli" had a stunt double get the tattoo because it was too dangerous) Elvish design meaning "The Nine" (for all 9 members of the fellowship of the ring)
PICS riceRICE, Stephanie Australian Olympic gold medal winning swimmer has the Olympic rings with Olympic rings and the words "Beijing 2008" underneath on the underside of her right upper arm, a seven pointed star on the top of her left foot
PICS ricci4RICCI, Christina Actress has a lion on left shoulder (Aslan, the lion God of Narnia), fairy on the inside of her right wrist, praying hands on her left hip (this tattoo was originally a bat), a bouquet of sweet peas on her lower back, the words "Move or Bleed" on the left side of her ribcage, the name "Jack" on her right thigh for a dead pet, and a sparrow on her right breast, and a mermaid on her left ankle, others
PICS richardsRICHARDS, Claire Singer has a small musical notes tattoo on her lower back
PICS richards_deniseRICHARDS, Denise Actress has winged creature tattoo on her lower stomach (a fake for James Bond), the word "Charlie" on the outside of her right ankle (now covered up with a winged fairy)
PICS stevenRICHARDS, Steven WWE wrestler has "Motley Crue" logo on his left bicep
  richardsonRICHARDSON, Kevin Singer (former Backstreet Boy) has a tattoo of Chinese symbol on right pelvic bone
PICS richardsonRICHARDSON, Terry American fashion photographer is heavily tattooed with various old school and punk rock references; a spider web on his left elbow, skulls, hearts, banners, along with Black Flag and Misfits logos. He also has several portraits of women done by the highly regarded black and grey tattooer, Jack Rudy.
  rtlhRICHARD THE LION HEARTED King of England (1189-99 AD) had Jerusalem Cross tattoo to signify his participation in the Crusades
PICS richieRICHIE, Nicole Actress and The Simple Life star has at least 9 tattoos including a pair ballerina slippers (her father Lionel Richie wrote her a song Ballerina Girl) below bikini line right side, a tiara on her left hip and wings on her back, a large cross like design on her lower back
PICS riggsRIGGS, Tyler American model has a large Dali painting recreated on his left arm and a treble clef tattoo on the underside of his right upper arm
PICS rihannaRIHANNA Singer has a treble clef and a 16th note on her right foot/ankle. She also has a Pieces sign behind her ear, a small star inside her left ear, several small stars on the back of her neck, a Sanskrit prayer down her right hip, Roman numerals on the top of her left shoulder, a Maori inspired right wrist tattoo, small skull with a pink bow on the back of her left ankle, the words "shhh..." & "Love" on different fingers, Arabic phrase on her left ribcage area, meaning ‘Freedom is God', a tiny handgun on her upper right ribs, "Never a failure, always a lesson" in reverse on her upper right chest, THUG LIFE across the knuckles of both hands...
PICS rikishiRIKISHI WWE wrestler has small 'J" on his left hand, a small "X" like symbol on his right hand, and Samoan writing on his right forearm.
PICS rimesRIMES, Leanne Singer has the word TRUST tattooed on inside of her left wrist, a word tattooed on the small of her back, word on her right bikini line, others...
PICS ripaRIPA, Kelly Actress, talk show host has a 4 inch tattoo of a flower on inside of her left ankle
PICS James RansoneRITTER, Tyson American musician has several tattoos including a peace symbol and a black heart on his hand, a fork and knife on the back of his arm, and an All American Rejects symbol on his chest among others.
PIC riveraRIVERA, Geraldo News reporter has a Star of David between his thumb and forefinger of left hand, design on right bicep
  riversRIVERS, Sam Musician has a tattoo of himself playing bass on leg, small design on wrist
PICS roblesROBLES, Aurora Model and centerfold has circular design on her lower back
PICS roberts_ashleyROBERTS, Ashley Pussycat Doll has a pierced navel and a tribal inspired lower back tattoo
PICS roberts_bradROBERTS, Brad Musician has bird of paradise, with a heart, sword & MOTHER on right shoulder, a snake on the left shoulder
PICS jrobertsROBERTS, Julia Actress had Kanji character surrounding a heart on the back of her left shoulder (since removed), a small dragon or butterfly on small of her back that has the names of her three children; twins Phinnaeus and Hazel next to younger brother Henry as well as her husband Danny Moder's initials in an unkown location.
PICS robertsROBERTS, Rachel Actress has a sun tattoo on her ankle, crazy stained glass type flower arrangement on her lower back, pierced belly button
  robinsonROBINSON, Holly Actress has a tattoo on shoulder
PICS roccaROCCA, Stefania Italian actress has a circular shaped lower back tattoo
PICS the-rockROCK (WWF - WWE) The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) has a Brahma bull tattoo (he is a Taurus) on his  right bicep, large Polynesian style piece on upper left arm
PIC rockwellROCKWELL Jr, Sam Actor has a rooster in a noose tattooed on his right arm
PICS roderickRODERICK, Brande Nicole Playboy model has a couple rose tattoos, one on foot the other just below bikini line
PICS rodmanRODMAN, Dennis Basketball great has tattoos of Harley Davidson, picture of his daughter, shark, cross, many others
PICS Joe RoganROGAN, Joe American comedian, video blogger, actor, writer, podcaster, and martial artist has full sleeves that inclulde Oriental designs, dragons, Buddha and many others
PICS rollinsROLLINS, Henry Rocker / actor has the words "Search and destroy" with sun back piece, many others
PICS romijnROMIJN-STAMOS, Rebecca Actress, model has tattooed circle with initials on ankle
PICS ronsonRONSON, Samantha Celeb DJ (Lindsay Lohan's BFF) has several tattoos, a line of stars on outside of right arm, a small black heart on her wrist (matches Lindsay's), a 9 inside left arm, others...
PICS rooneyROONEY, Wayne English soccer player has a blue Celtic cross on his right shoulder with the word "Colleen" above it. On his back he has the word "then" as he and a friend had a catchphrase, "okay then." His friend now sports the "okay." The phrase 'Just Enough Education To Perform' across his left forearm in a tribute to his favourite band, Stereophonics.
  rooseveltROOSEVELT, Alice Daughter of President, tattooed in unknown spot
  rooseveltROOSEVELT, Teddy Famed American President had a tattoo of family crest in unknown location
PICS roseanneROSEANNE Actress has tattoos of roses on her back and right breast, 4 inch stocking and garter on leg and "Property of Tom Arnold" high on upper thigh, others...
PICS roseROSE, Axl Singer has many tattoos including Feathers, "Rocket", "Victory or Death", "Axl Rose"......
PICS roseROSE, Ruby Australian model and MTV VJ has an upper right arm sleeve, an ace of hearts and cards on her left upper chest, others...
PICS roshanROSHAN, Hrithik Bollywood actor has a six-point star tattoo on his right wrist. The six-point star, is also known as Solomon's Seal, The Star of David or Creator's Star.
PICS roshan-susannROSHAN, Susanne Bollywood actress has a six-point star of David on her right wrist that matches her husband's tattoo.
PIC rossdaleROSSDALE, Gavin Musician has name of his dog "Winston" tattooed on the inside of his left wrist
PICS rossiROSSI, Portia De  Actress has small ring tattoo on middle finger 
PICS rothROTH, David Lee Singer has tattoo of Elvis Presley on his ankle/foot
PICS tim-rothROTH, Tim Actor has several assorted tattoos in various locations
PICS rourkeROURKE, Mickey Actor has Bull's skull with 4 feathers on one bicep, cross on other, a fleur-de-les on his chest
  russellRUSSELL, Kurt Actor had the initial "G" (drawn by Goldie) tattooed on his leg in honor of long time mate Goldie Hawn's 60th birthday (other family members were tattooed as well)
PIC russellRUSSELL, Lynne TV journalist has one tattoo on her inside left forearm yellow circle/black dragon, her right arm has reddish tattoo perhaps a "C"
  ruttanRUTTAN, Susan Actress has a small tattoo on her shoulder
  ryanRYAN, Meg Actress has a tattoo in an unknown location
PICS marshRYDER, Kym Singer (Kym Marsh) has Kanji symbols on her left shoulder & her lower back, she added the names of her children on left shoulder in Sanskrit
PICS ryderRYDER, Winona Actress has a small S shaped tattoo on her left forearm, others?
PICS rzeznikRZEZNIK, John Goo Goo Dolls band member has several tattoos including question marks on upper left arm
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