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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter F. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Megan Fox, Isabeli Fontana, Colin Farrell & Flea


F LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS 50cent50 CENT Rapper, producer, actor has many, many different tattoos
  50centFABULOUS T-BIRDS Band members have assorted tattoos
PICS fafaraFAFARA, Dez Vocalist has several on arms & hands including his band's name (Coal Chamber), chin tattoo, others
PICS faithfullFAITHFULL, Marianne Singer has a swallow tattooed on her left hand
PICS JWoww FarleyFARLEY, Jenni (JWoww) Jersey Shore actress has a large tiger on her right thigh, a dragon across her rib cage, angel wings and a rose on her ankle, and praying hands and a cross on her right shoulder.
PICS farrellFARRELL, Colin Actor has large tattoo on upper right arm, words on inside of left arm, left hand has a tattooed ring, several others...
PICS farrell_perryFARRELL, Perry Jane's Addiction singer has preying mantis on his right shoulder
PIC fatboy_slimFATBOY SLIM (Norm Cook) DJ, singer has a smiley face with cross-bones on his arm
PICS fatoneFATONE, Joey American singer, actor and television personality and 'NSync member has Superman logo/flames on ankle, girlfriend's name "KELLY" inside lower lip, others
PICS faulknerFAULKNER, Lisa Actress has small daisy like flower tattooed on right ankle
  faustinoFAUSTINO, David Actor has Kanji tattoo meaning respect on inner ankle
  FDRFDR Former US President had a family crest tattooed in an  unknown location
PICS federlineFEDERLINE, Kevin Dancer has dice to match his ex-wife (Britney Spears) on inside right arm as well as several other tattoos
PICS fehrFEHR, Brendan Actor has tattoos of stylized body on both shoulders
PICS feiticeiraFEITICEIRA Brazilian model / actress has a seahorse tattoo on the  back of her right shoulder, another tattoo on her leg
PICS feldmanFELDMAN, Corey Actor / musician has a crown on right shoulder, a bleeding peace sign on left shoulder
PICS fennFENN, Sherilyn Actress has a Tibetan Om symbol on her left forearm
  franzFERDINAND, Franz Archduke Heir to the imperial throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire had a serpent tattooed on his hip
PICS ferenceFERENCE, Andrew NHL hockey player has over 12 tattoos
PICS fergusonFERGUSON, Craig Scottish-American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, and actor has a tattoo on his right forearm that says "Join or Die" a famous political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin. It shows a snake severed into eighths, with each segment labeled with the initial of a British American colony or region. He has the Ferguson family crest with the Latin motto Dulcius ex aspiris ("Sweeter after difficulty") on his upper right arm in honor of his father, and the Ingram family crest on his upper left arm in honor of his mother.
PICS ferlitoFERLITO, Vanessa Actress has dream catcher tattoo on back of left shoulder and another that says DAD
  ferrellFERRELL, Will Actor had fake tattoos for his role in the movie Blades of Glory. They represented famous skaters he had bedded
PICS fictionFICTION, Nikki Model has many tattoos including cherries set on a spider web on her left shoulder, a diamond on top & a star underneath her right wrist, "lady luck" across her back
PICS fieldyFIELDY (KORN) Musician has impressive sleeve work, many others
PICS fiennesFIENNES, Ralph Actor had large fake back piece for the film Red Dragon
PIC fillionFILLION Nathan Actor has tribal style tattoo on right hip
PICS finniganFINNIGAN, Jennifer Actress has small heart design on her right hip
  fishboneFISHBONE Band members have assorted tattoos
PICS fisher_derekFISHER, Derek NBA basketball player has Chinese characters meaning "faithful" and "heart, mind and spirit" on right forearm
PICS fisherFISHER, Joely Actress has an angel on small of her back, 3 or 4 small tattoos on her right ankle that include a 4 leaf clover & her zodiac sign
PICS fleaFLEA This Chilli Pepper bass player has many assorted tattoos
PICS flintFLINT, Keith Prodigy singer has tribal sleeve, and many others
PICS Nathan FollowillFOLLOWILL, Nathan American musician (drummer for the Kings of Leon) has native American Indian tattoos, cowgirl pin-ups, anchors and more done in old school style
PICS fondaFONDA, Peter Actor has three stars on his forearm & dolphins tattooed on his shoulder
PICS fontanaFONTANA, Isabeli Brazilian supermodel has a tattoo of a thorn and rose wrapped around her left ankle, and of a Cancer star sign (circle enclosing a cross) on the inside of her right wrist, a set of wings tattooed on her upper back with her son's name ZION underneath them
PICS foofightersFOO FIGHTERS Band members have various tattoos
PICS fordFORD, Lita Musician has butterfly and name on her right butt cheek, tattoo on upper right chest
PICS ford-mayaFORD, Maya Musician has her wrists tattooed with the words "Left Out" (on left) & "Right On" (on right) inside small hearts
PICS ford_willaFORD, Willa Musician has arm band on left bicep consisting of musical notes and scales, small butterfly tattoo on lower right side neck and larger butterfly below bikini line right side
PICS forslingFORSLING, Louise Model has small circular design on her lower back
  fosterFOSTER, Jodie Actress has small tattoo in an unknown intimate location
PIC fosterFOSTER, Mark British swimmer has tattoo of a flower with the Olympic rings under it on left side of chest over his heart
PICS foster_sarahFOSTER, Sarah Actress has a large star on her lower back
  fountainFOUNTAIN, Pete Musician has an owl pulling a snake from his belly button
PICS fox_jorjaFOX, Jorja Actress has tribal style tattoo on her right upper shoulder, a flower tattoo on her left ankle
PICS fox_laurenceFOX, Laurence British actor has tattoo that says Mr. Fox and his wedding date on the inside of his lower left arm
PICS fox_meganFOX, Megan Actress has tattoo of moon & starfish on on her right ankle, Marilyn Monroe portrait tattoo on right arm, "Brian" on bikini line & words "there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART" on her left rib cage just below her armpit, "Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" on her right ribcage & the words "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" on her back shoulder, the Kanji for "STRENGTH" on the back of her neck
PICS sfoxFOX, Samantha Musician, model has Kanji tattoo on back of right shoulder, mermaid on butt...
PICS vfoxFOX, Vivica Singer has small fox head tattooed on her shoulder, toe ring tattoo...
PICS foxx_jamieFOXX, Jamie Actor had tribal tattoo on back of his head for movie role, large tribal designs over upper body for another movie
PICS frankeeFRANKEE Singer has a crescent moon over a heart at her bikini line left front
PICS frehleyFREHLEY, Ace KISS band member has "ACE" on right upper arm, dragon on right shoulder
PICS frenchFRENCH, Ann British model has 13+ tattoos, 3 on her legs, 2 on back (includes large male angel), 3 on her arms, 3 on stomach & 2 on her hands, more
PICS friesingerFRIESINGER, Anni German Olympic speed skater has a tattoo on her stomach just above her belly button
PICS frost-jennyFROST, Jenny Musician has a shooting star tattoo on inside of right wrist
PICS frostFROST, Sadie Actress has tattoo with several small stars on belly
PICS fruscianteFRUSCIANTE, John Chili Pepper guitarist has large octopus on right shoulder, crest on left shoulder, face on left arm, many others... 
PICS fuchsFUCHS, Brittany Playmate has tribal design on her lower back
PICS fuentesFUENTES, Daisy American model and actress has a scorpion tattoo on her left ankle
PICS sandmanFULLINGTON, Jim (Sandman) Extreme wrestling champ has barbwire up right arm, his face on inside right bicep
  furlongFURLONG, Edward Actor has Chinese character tattoo unknown location
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