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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letters W, X, Y & Z. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Amy Winehouse, Sonny Bill Williams, Mark Wahlberg & Evan Rachel Wood


W LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS wagnerWAGNER, Ann Playboy model has a butterfly tattoo on her left hip
PICS dwahlbergWAHLBERG, Donnie Actor has crest tattoo and "Wahlberg 1969" on left shoulder
PICS wahlbergWAHLBERG, Mark Actor has tattoos on both shoulders (initials, surname, Bob Marley), rosary around neck with "In God I Trust", Sylvester eating Tweety bird (a cover up of an old gang tattoo) on ankle
PICS waitsWAITS, Tom Singer has map of Easter Island tattooed on his back
PICS wahlbergWALD, Josh American model has a dream catcher tattoo on his left bicep, the word LOVE across his back, others
PICS walkerWALKER, Butch Singer, songwriter & record producer has Asian inspired design on left arm, pin-up girl on right arm, several others
PICS wallWALL, Paul White rapper has extensive sleeve tattoos that include a map of Texas, word Freedom and more...
PICS wallaceWALLACE, Rasheed NBA player has depiction of ancient Egyptian scene with large sun tattooed on one shoulder, several others
PICS walshWALSH, Kerri Olympic Gold Medal winning US Volleyball star has a small infinity sign just above her bikini line on lower left side
PICS waltersWALTERS, Jamie Musician has black ace of spades in green clover with 2 dice, pin-up girl, others...
PICS wardWARD, Tony Model (Madonna's ex boy toy) has many tattoos
PICS wardWARFIELD, Justin Musician and hip hop emcee of African American and Russian-Romanian parentage. He has a Japanese style sleeve on his left forearm with a koi fish, other tattoos on his right arm as well.
PICS warrenWARREN, Rau'shee American Olympic boxer has a large tattoo on his back that says "The Chosen 1" with boxing gloves underneath
PICS wassonWASSON, Erin Model has word tattooed across her back, feather on her ribcage, "Ima Loa" underside left arm, many others
PICS watkinsWATKINS, Tionne T-Boz Singer has ankle bracelet, tribal piece on small of back and at least six other tattoos
PICS watleyWATLEY, Jody Singer has a tattoo of cupid on her right arm
PICS wattersWATTERS, Ricky NFL running back has word THOROBRED, a miss-spelling of the word thoroughbred tattooed on his right arm
PICS soulja boyWAY, DeAndre DeAndre Cortez Way, better known by his stage name Soulja Boy, is an American rapper and record producer who is heavily tattooed
PICS websterWEBSTER, Victor Actor has tattoos on back and underside of left arm...
PICS weickertWEICKERT, Mariana Brazilian model has "Made in Basil" tattooed on her lower back
PICS weilandWEILAND, Scott Singer has a dragon tattooed on his right arm, others
PICS weiszWEISZ, Rachel Academy Award winning actress has a tattoo of a ladder on her left hip, a symbol of her Cambridge days as a co-founder of Talking Tongues, an ambitious theater troupe that incorporated a ladder into one of its productions
PICS wentzWENTZ, Pete Fall Out Boy bassist has 36+ tattoos (way too many to list)
PICS werbowyWERBOWY, Daria Supermodel has wave design on her foot and script on back of her neck
PICS wessonWESSON, Amy Supermodel has an angel tattoo on her lower back
PICS west_chandraWEST, Chandra Actress has a small floral tattoo the back of her left shoulder
PICS kanye westWEST, Kanye American rapper, record producer, author and singer has a dragon tattoo on his lower left arm and a poem written by Maya Angelou on the inside of the same arm
PICS westWEST, Shane American actor and Johnny Was (formerly Average Joe) vocalist has a Celtic Gemini design in middle of shoulder blades, tiger design on left shoulder, he has a tattoo on his chest saying Satori, which in Zen Buddhism is a phrase that means a sudden enlightenment, or awakening
PICS westcottWESTCOTT, Carrie Model has small tribal design wrist bracelet on left arm
  westonWESTON, Sarah Model has a red heart tattoo on her lower back, pierced belly button
PICS westwickWESTWICK, Ed Actor has many tattoos, including titles of songs, or lines from songs, quotes and numbers
PICS whiteWHITE, Persia Actress has large tribal on right hip & leg, solid arm bands around both biceps, bracelet tattoo on right wrist, others...
PICS Shaun WhiteWHITE, Shaun American professional snowboarder and skateboarder. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. His bold lined, arrow tattoo on the inside of his forearm was inspired by a Native American symbol.
PICS Laura Whitmore tattoosWHITMORE, Laura Irish television presenter has tattoos on her wrist and feet. On her wrist is an elaborate and elegant treble clef. Her foot tattoo is a nod to her Irish heritage, it says 'tadh'.
PICS wightWIGHT, Paul
(The Big Show)
Wrestler has a Bengal tiger tattooed on his right shoulder, tattoos on neck and calf
PICS wildeWILDE, Olivia American actress has a lower back tattoo and a butterfly on her right upper arm (for TV role)
PICS williams_deronWILLIAMS, Deron NBA player has panther on right shoulder, several others
PICS williams_michelleWILLIAMS, Michelle Actress has tattoo on her inside right ankle, small tattoo on her lower back
PICS williams_1WILLIAMS, Pharrell Rap singer/producer has several tattoos on his right arm, wings on back of neck
PICS williamsWILLIAMS, Robbie Singer has a Maori design on left arm, Celtic cross on right hip, lion with BORN TO BE MILD under it and ELVIS, GRANT ME SERENITY above it on right arm, musical notes and Beatles lyrics on small of back, saint holding cross with name JACK FARREL (his grandfather) under it on inside right arm, word MOTHER on outside of same arm, French words "Chacun A Son Gout" (Everybody's got his own taste) on top of chest, LOVE on knuckles of right hand, several others...
PICS serena_williamsWILLIAMS, Serena Tennis star has a small heart tattoo on the back of her neck
PICS sonny-bill_williamsWILLIAMS, Sonny Bill NZ Rugby star has large Samoan designs covering back of his right calf & his right arm, WILLIAMS across his upper back
PICS wendy_o_williamsWILLIAMS, Wendy O. Singer from punk band Plasmatics had large back piece and many other tattoos (now deceased)
PICS willisWILLIS, Bruce Actor has tattoo of skull with a top hat on his left arm for "Die Hard", 3 stars on left shoulder, dragon on right shoulder, these are now joined together across the top of his chest with angels and elaborate designs
PICS willis-rumerWILLIS, Rumer Actress and daughter of Bruce Willis has a swallow on her shoulder, a small star on her left hand, a small design under her right wrist and a line of text that says "be present" down her left rib cage, a rosary on her left hand ring finger
PICS wilsonWILSON, Debra Actress is heavily inked with sleeves and other tribal designs
  wilsonWILSON, Flip Comedian, actor had a winged 13 and a cross
PICS winehouseWINEHOUSE, Amy Singer had winged ankh on her back, a feather on inside of left forearm, lightning bolt on inside right forearm, several pin up girls, many, many others...
PICS winterWINTER, Johnny Musician has many various tattoos on arms, large dragon on chest, others...
PICS witherspoonWITHERSPOON, Reese Actress has a wide tattoo on her lower stomach just above the panty line of two swallows / bluebirds flanking a small star on her inner left hip
PICS wittWITT, Alicia Actress has a fern like armband tattoo on her right bicep
PICS witt-edWITT, Ed Chef has many tattoos including full sleeves, neck tattoos and two swallows tattooed on the top of his head
PICS wolbersWOLBERS, Christian Olde Fear Factory band member has extensive tattooed sleeves, many others...
PICS woodWOOD, Elijah Actor and "Lord of the Rings" star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film. Elvish design meaning "The Nine" (for the 9 members of the fellowship of the ring) on his lower stomach
PICS wood_evan-rachelWOOD, Evan Rachel Actress has seven+ tattoos including a lightning bolt and a black heart at the top of her left thigh, a diamond together with a strawberry and a blackbird (a Beatles tribute) on her inside right ankle (now covered), the letter J on her inside left ankle, Kanji at the top of her right thigh, two lines of text on her upper back, others...
PICS Jeff WoodsWOODS, Jeff Canadian rock historian and DJ has extensive sleeve tattoos done in a combination of tribal and Japanese styles, others?
PICS sam worthingtonWORTHINGTON,
Award-winning Australian actor has no known real tattoos, but has had them for movie roles in Terminator Salvation (small tattoo on his right ear) and tribal designs on his biceps for the movie Avatar
PICS wraithWRAITH, Kieron U.K. male model has extensive Oriental style waves tattooed around his upper body, large black stars on his left and right upper shoulders, a cherub, butterflies, lotus flower and large cross on his back, a small star behind his right ear, others...
PICS wrayWRAY, Michael Chef & Hell's Kitchen Season 1 winner has many tattoos, HEAD CHEF across his knuckles, Live to Cook, Cook to Live in front of flaming stove, logos of his knife company Skull & Cleaver, several other skulls, knives and many many more...
PICS wuhrerWUHRER, Kari Actress has a large faded peacock feather on back of left shoulder, flowered ankle bracelet on left leg  
PICS wulffWULFF, Bettina Wife of Germany's President has a large tribal style tattoo design tattooed on her right shoulder
PICS wuvWUV P.O.D. band member has extensive tattooing
PICS wyattWYATT, Kimberly Pussycat Doll has a Sanskrit tattoo on the back of her neck that means "May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all", a gecko or lizard like tattoo just below her bikini line
PICS wynne-hughesWYNNE-HUGHES, Emily Singer and American Idol contestant is heavily tattooed
X LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS xX Punk band members have assorted tattoos
PICS x_pacX-PAC  Wrestler has cross tattoo on his right shoulder
PICS yo dawgXZIBIT  American rapper, actor, and television personality has large X on the back of left forearm
Y LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS yatesYATES, Paula The late British TV presenter and writer had a large green dragon tattooed on her right upper arm
PICS youngYOUNG, Adrian Musician has the name of his band "No Doubt" tattooed on his upper right thigh
PICS young_dimitriYOUNG, Dimitri NFL player has an ace of spades, city skyline and several other designs on his left shoulder
Z LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS zitoZITO, Chuck Actor has tattoos on his chest and left arm includes boxing gloves, Hells Angel winged skull, words New York City...
PICS zombieZOMBIE, Rob Singer has many tattoos includes skulls, devils, Hollywood movie monsters, etc
PICS zumayaZUMAYA, Joel MLB baseball player has flames tattooed on lower left arm
PICS zupanZUPAN, Mark Paralympic athlete and star of the documentary Murderball has large tribal piece across his upper back, right shoulder & upper arm, extensive tribal work on his lower left leg
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