Brook Busey (born June 14, 1978), better known by the pen name Diablo Cody, is an American Academy Award & BAFTA-winning screenwriter, writer, blogger, journalist and author. First known for her candid chronicling of her year as a stripper in her Pussy Ranch blog and her 2006 memoir, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper. Cody won wider fame as the writer of the 2007 film Juno, for which she won her second Academy Award, only for Best Original Screenplay.

The L.A. Times' Envelope blog is all over the Diablo Cody tattoo beat, noting that everyone's favorite stripper turned screenwriter - whose script for Juno, opening today, will almost surely score an Oscar nomination - has in the past few days inked over the "Jonny's Girl" tattoo on her arm, covering it with a new batch of thorny red roses. The Envelope goes through a bunch of back flips to explain why they think it's okay to be curious, but we have no such qualms. We totally want to know what's up with Diablo Cody's tattoos. Is she still Jonny's girl? Did her publicist tell her to add the roses for Oscar season? Most important, could this be the greatest celebrity tattoo story since WINO FOREVER? We think maybe so.

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