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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter B. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are Travis Barker, David & Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Chris Brown

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B LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS BB, Tairrie Front woman for the band My Ruin has large tattoos on both upper arms with some religious references, flames on to of wrists, others
PICS BACHBACH, Sebastian Singer has word "Maria" on neck, Chinese signs, other writing on arms, many assorted tattoos
PICS BACKSTREET BOYSBACKSTREET BOYS Band members had various tattoos
PICS BACONBACON, Kevin Actor has no known real tattoos, had fakes in the movie Stir of Echoes - one a heart with the initials T & M inside on his arm and another tattoo on his back
PICS BADGERBADGER, Pat Bass player has tattoo of a man on right forearm
  BAEZBAEZ, Joan Folk singer has a flower tattoo in unknown location
PICS BAGGETTBAGGETT, Alley Celebrity model has tribal tattoo on back of neck and left calf, right big toe tattooed
PICS BAGWELLBAGWELL, Buff WCW star has tribal band around left bicep
  BAILEYBAILEY, Pearl Jazz legend & actress had a heart tattooed on upper thigh
PICS bailonBAILON, Adrienne The Cheetah Girls singer has her ex-boyfriend's name Rob Kardashian tattooed on her left butt cheek
PICS bailonBAIRD, Diora American actress and model has a maple leaf and black arrow on her ankle. She also has an outline of a dove holding a branch on her wrist.
PICS BAKERBAKER, Bubba Biker actor (Running Cool) has many tattoos including a big 50's style ray-gun on his belly
PICS BALDWINBALDWIN, Stephen Actor has the word "Believe" between shoulders, tiger, Chinese signs, many more.. (detailed list on pics page)
PICS BALKBALK, Amanda Dutch reality TV star has a butterfly on her lower back, a black panther below her panty line front left
PICS BALKBALK, Fairuza Singer has Blue triangle inside larger black triangle on left shoulder tribal design around right bicep, Uchin script of the Tibetan language for "Om Mani Padme Hum" across lower back, nine+ tattoos in all
PICS BALLESTEROSBALLESTEROS, Seve Spanish golfing great has a logo of himself winning the British Open on his left forearm
PICS BALTIMOREBALTIMORE, Charli Musician has many tattoos, black widow spider and cross on lower back is just one...
PICS BAMDADBAMDAD, Daniel German born model / dancer has many tattoos including facial tattoos
PICS BANDBAND, Alex Singer has a prehistoric deity ( Kokopelli ) tattooed on the inside of his left wrist
PICS BANHARTBANHART, Devendra American singer-songwriter and visual artist has numerous tattoos most of which are applied symmetrically and inspired by esoteric symbols
PICS BANKSBANKS, Llyod Rapper has many, many different tattoos, including large back piece done for the Miami Ink reality TV show
PICS BARBIEBARBIE Yes, the Barbie doll! A while back she had one butterfly on her stomach, and more temp tats of flowers, etc. Now she is "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" Barbie and comes with her own tattoo machine
PICS Jay BaruchelBARUCHEL, Jay Canadian actor has several tattoos: a Celtic cross (on his upper right arm), his mother's maiden name (on his forearm), and a red Maple Leaf on his left pectoral (which can be seen in Fanboys and Knocked Up)
PICS barkerBARKER, Travis Musician has chequered design on both sides of neck (race car flag?), "Can I Say" across collar bones, nude women outlines on opposite sides of upper chest, two different designs above nude women, design between nude women, radio on stomach, LARGE design on mid-lower back, both arms sleeved (one arm contains a Virgin Mary dedicated to his mother), left leg has logo from a Descendents album, many more...
PICS barrinoBARRINO, Fantasia American Idol winner has her name & musical note on her right ankle, a large bunch of flowers and a cross on her lower left leg and foot
PICS barrosBARROS, Ana Beatriz Brazilian supermodel has winged heart & Kanji on her lower back, a crescent moon & star on her left ankle
PICS BARRYMOREBARRYMORE, Drew Actress has a cross on her ankle, butterfly under belly button, angels on back, blue moon with smile & star at tip on right foot, flowers on inside left hip bone, three cherubs around a cross on the back side of her right hip
PICS bassBASS, Lance Signer has tattoo on his left leg just above ankle
Australian actress, singer, and television personality. She has an open star tattoo on the inside of her left wrist
PICS batistaBATISTA WWE wrestler has numerous tattoos, including a large Chinese dragon on his back, red Kanji on his upper left biceps which says "Angel" in tribute to his wife Angie, a signature design on upper right bicep, a small sun on stomach which around his belly button, the flags of the Philippines and Greece merged into one on arm
PICS Kristin Bauer tattoosBAUER, Kristin American actress best know for her role as Pam in the series True Blood has an orchid tattooed on her right upper shoulder and back
PICS baxBAX, Kylie Model has small tattoo (word?) below her left breast, pierced belly button
PICS beanBEAN, Sean Actor has tattooed upper left arm that reads 100% BLADE, a Sheffield United tattoo, as well the "Lord of the Rings" star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film. Elvish design meaning "The Nine" (for 9 members of the fellowship of the ring) on his right shoulder
PICS beardBEARD, Amanda Olympic gold medal winning athlete (swimmer) has a star tattoo above her left heel and three stars on her lower back each with her sisters' first initials, small symbol and another star at top of her back
PICS beckfordBECKFORD, Tyson Model / actor has both arms tattooed, his name on right shoulder, a large cross on back, 8 tattoos in total
PICS beckhamBECKHAM, David Soccer star has the words BROOKLYN (son's name) across lower back, ROMEO (son) above crucifixion scene on upper back, CRUZ (son) below crucifixion scene, wife Victoria's name in Hindi (miss-spelled with an "h" as in Vihctoria), full body portrait of Victoria on his left forearm, Roman numeral VII (7 was his Man United jersey number) underside right arm, many others...
PICS beckhamBECKHAM, Victoria Former Spice Girl has 5 stars on her lower back -one for each family member, husband's initials DB with a Hebrew message 'together forever, eternally' on the underside of left wrist, Hebrew script on her upper back that reads 'I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine'
PICS beechBEECH, Josh English fashion model / singer has the name of his band on a wrist, a pair of eyes on his neck, a skull with flowers on his left upper arm, three stars and octopus on the forearm
PICS behaBEHA, Freja Danish supermodel has 3 circles on the inside of her left lower arm with the word "REDEMPTION" by her elbow and a gun higher up, a script of words around her right wrist, the words "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" on the underside of her right bicep, FLOAT on left side
PICS behennahBEHENNAH, Michelle Model / actress Large sea creature (looks like cross between a unicorn & mermaid) possibly fake
PICS belkhiatiBELKHIATI, Naima Vocalist for Honeyz has a dolphin tattooed on ankle 
PICS burtonBELL, Burton C. Singer has Right arm covered, some tribal on left, sun & words on stomach, flames and the letters FF on right leg
PICS bellBELL, Catherine Actress has a heart/crown shape tattooed on her ankle
PICS bellBELL, Raja NBA player has several tattoos including an Ohm symbol
PICS benjiBENJI American musician (and identical twin brother of Joel Madden) has many tattoos which include a crown and MOM on right arm, a tattoo of Ben Franklin, covers his entire back among many others
PICS benningtonBENNINGTON, Chester Linkin Park vocalist has many tattoos, koi fish, blue red flames on both wrists, soldier with wings, LINKIN PARK in Old English on lower back, right pinkie finger has gold ring and birthstone, ring finger has same tattoo as his wife, a purple dragon on his right calf, others...
PICS bensonBENSON, Anna Model has tribal armband on left upper arm with her husband's nickname BENNY just above
PICS berbatovBERBATOV, Dimitar Bulgarian soccer player has Chinese symbols on the inside of his lower right arm, another design on the inside of his lower left arm
PICS bergmanBERGMAN, Jaime Actress has Chinese characters on both wrists one means the SOUL the other means FATE
PICS bernardBERNARD, Alain French Olympic swimmer has a shark tattooed on the lower left side of his stomach
PICS bernardBERNARD, Cheryl Canadian Olympic curler has the Olympic Rings tattooed on her right forearm
PICS bernardoBERNARDO Jr., Noah "WUV" POD band member has heavy tribal designs on arms, portrait of Jesus on back, many others
PICS berryBERRY, Halle Actress has a sunflower tattooed on right buttock, it's a cover up of her first husband David Justice's name
Former member of the band Extreme has large tattoo on left shoulder
PICS bettensBETTENS, Sarah K's Choice singer has cross on right forearm that has been changed to a tribal snake like design
PICS beyonceBEYONCE Singer/actress has a praying angel on upper left thigh, the Roman numeral IV on her ring finger
PICS bibbyBIBBY, Mike NBA player has many tattoos
PICS Justin Bieber tattoosBIEBER, Justin Canadian pop/R&B singing sensation has a small bird (the seagull image from Jonathan Livingston Seagull) tattooed on his lower left stomach, the Hebrew word for JESUS tattoo on his left ribcage, the outline of a star on his left elbow, many more in his growing collection
PICS bielBIEL, Jessica Actress has small dove tattooed on right side of stomach just above bikini line
PICS bifBIF NAKED Singer/actress has large number of tattoos and piercings
PICS bigeloBIGALO, BAM BAM Wrestler has flames on head, cougar on right arm, gryphon on left forearm, various others
PICS biggsBIGGS, Jason Actor has small tattoo on left hip bone
PICS billupsBILLUPS, Chauncey NBA player has likeness of himself tattooed on his left arm with the words KING OF THE HILL, several others
PICS bingleBINGLE, Lara Australian model has "Wish You Were Here" tattooed on the inside of her wrist as tribute to her dad
PICS binzerBINZER, Seth Crazytown band member has many tattoos
PICS biohazardBIOHAZARD Band members are heavily tattooed
PICS bissetBISSETT, Josie Actress has a moon tattoo on right ankle, ?? left hip
PICS bjorkBJORK Singer/actress has Icelandic compass design on her upper arm, small star behind & below right ear, nipples are pierced as was her back for Pagan Poetry video
PICS blackBLACK, Robin Rocker has extensive sleeves, one tribal, the other has a cosmic theme, wife's name on his butt
PICS blaineBLAINE, David Magician has a large crucifixion scene on his back, a cherub on his chest, a tiger and man's head on his left shoulder, some fake tribal inspired designs on both arms
PICS blancBLALOCK, Jolene American actress has a double line of words on the underside of her right forearm
PICS blancBLANC, Jennifer Actress has small tattoo on underside of left wrist, a flower & other symbols on the back of left shoulder blade, a small tattoo on the inside of her left foot
PICS blattBLATT, Melanie Singer/actress has musical notes & scale on right shoulder, dragon on left side of body
PICS bleethBLEETH, Yasmine Actress has a flower like design for "Trinity" near her belly button
PICS bligeBLIGE, Mary J Singer has a rose on left thigh, band of letters left arm, cross on right, Chinese symbol for strength on right hand
PICS blink-182BLINK 182 Band members have many, many tattoos
PICS bloomBLOOM, Orlando Actor and "Lord of the Rings" star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film. Elvish design meaning "The Nine" (for 9 members of the fellowship of the ring) on his right wrist, he also has a sun design on his lower stomach
PICS jamie bochertBOCHERT, Jamie American fashion model (Dolce & Gabbana, Francois Nars, Furla, Sisley, Gucci) has a large tattoo on her back that appears to be a skeleton or fossil of a strange sea creature?
PICS bonhamBONHAM, Tracy Musician has bracelet style tattoo on her right wrist
PICS bonjoviBON JOVI, Jon Singer has Superman insignia on left shoulder, longhorn skull on right shoulder, left ankle has dragon design
PICS bonnerBONNER, Gillian Model has small leaf shaped tattoo below panty line, anklet of leaves and flowers on right leg
PICS bonoBONO, Chaz
Actress daughter - now actor son of Sonny & Cher has large dragon on his left bicep, large cross on right bicep, several others
PICS bonsallBONSALL, Brian Former child star now musician has tattoo on neck, gothic script across stomach and the words GUNS - AMMO across his knuckles
PICS bookerBOOKER T WWE wrestler has a sun on his left bicep, flames on his right bicep, and an unidentified tattoo between his shoulders
PICS boothBOOTH, John Wilkes Abraham Lincoln's assassin had the initials JWB on back of his left hand between his thumb and forefinger
PICS boozerBOOZER, Carlos NBA player has a large tattoo on left upper arm of a grizzly bear clawing through his skin and tattooed on his right arm is a picture of himself with the Alaskan Mountains & skyline of Juneau behind him, under that it says "God's Will", a large angel on his back
PICS boreanazBOREANAZ, David Actor has Griffin perched atop the letter A on upper back (just for show Angel), Kanji symbols on inside of both wrists, one means "Soul" and the other means "Destiny" (they match his wife's tattoos)
PICS borlandBORLAND, Wes Singer has "Heather" (wife's name) on lower back, native American angel on left bicep, design on wrist?
PICS bourdainBOURDAIN, Anthony Chef & author has a skull on his right shoulder, an ouroboros on left shoulder, a knife with a drop of blood, an armband around right bicep
PICS bowieBOWIE, David Singer/actor has a lizard tattooed on ankle, Kanji surrounding nude woman on back on left calf
PICS bow-wowBOW WOW Young rapper has large clown on his left shoulder small initials on other arm and others
PICS boydBOYD, Billy Actor and "Lord of the Rings" star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film, on his ankle. Elvish design meaning "The Nine" (for the 9 members of the fellowship of the ring) on his foot
PICS boydBOYD, Brandon Singer has 7+ tattoos, among them a large red Koi and Tibetan Buddhist mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" on his outer right arm and 2 others on his inner right arm, owl on back of right shoulder, wings and eye in middle of upper back
PICS boy georgeBOY GEORGE DJ / singer has a G with tribal design around it on the side of his neck, a cross on right shoulder, a star of David and a lotus flower on the back & top of his head
PICS boyleBOYLE, Lara Flynn Actress has spade shaped tattoo on ankle and a shamrock her groin
PICS lisa boyleBOYLE, Lisa Model/pin-up has a baby pink bow on the back of her neck, a pink bow on her tailbone and her inner left wrist, and a pink Japanese sign for feline on her right ankle
PICS boyzoneBOYZONE Band members all have at least one tattoo
PICS branchBRANCH, Michelle Singer, writer, actress has blue musical note on left shoulder, large star on back of neck, flower on other shoulder & Japanese Kanji on small of back, cherry blossoms on both shoulders, a heart on her ring finger, a large cowgirl on her left forearm, the words left and right on her wrists, a star on her hip, and a star on her ankle/foot
PICS brandBRAND, Russell British comedian and actor has many tattoos
PICS brandtBRANDT, Brandi Playboy model has tattoo with writing on left shoulder, bright design on foot
PICS brandyBRANDY Singer has a tattoo of the Hindu god Ganesh on the underside of her left wrist, a lotus flower tattoo on her lower back, a small design on inside of left ankle, a cover up of a portrait of her ex Robert Smith, it's now butterflies on her shoulder
PICS b-realB-REAL Rapper has tattooed sleeves, others...
PICS brenerBRENER, Shirley Actress has a cupid on the right side of her stomach
PICS brendenBRENDON, Nicholas Actor (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) cross on right shoulder
PICS brimleyBRIMLEY, Wilford Actor had three big roses with leaves, on both upper arms, small bird (bluebird?) on his upper left shoulder
PICS brolinBROLIN, Josh Actor has many tattoos most with an American Indian theme
PICS broodBROOD, Herman Singer has "Pop", "Dr Pepper"; left arm, many others
PICS broshBROSH, Nina Supermodel has a rose and skull on left upper arm, small flower below bikini line, small tattoo on top of right foot
PICS chris brownBROWN, Chris American rapper has tattoos of Jesus, a hand holding a C, a skull with a halo, demons, ninjas, stars on his neck and many others
PICS brownBROWN, Foxy Singer, actress has Chinese symbol on left breast & around bicep
PICS james brownBROWN, James Godfather of soul had his eyebrows done in 1991
PICS mel brownBROWN, Melanie (MEL B) Singer has several, including dragons, spirits, phoenix, tribals, boy friend Eddie Murphy's name on her hip
PICS andrew-brownBROWN, Mike Andrew Canadian Olympic swimmers has the Olympic rings and a maple leaf on his chest above his heart, a tribal design on the inside of his right bicep
PICS brucknerBRUCKNER, Agnes Actress has words CRAZY BEAUTIFUL in the shape of a cross on inside left arm, large cross on left shoulder, another cross on right arm, large lower back tattoo, animal claw marks on back of right shoulder
PICS bryanBRYAN, David Keyboardist has Tasmanian Devil on back of left shoulder, Batman's the Joker on right side of chest
PICS bryantBRYANT, Kobe NBA star has several tattoos including a large tribute to his wife on his right upper arm
PICS buellBUELL, Bebe Famous groupie has flower tattoo on lower left leg
PICS buenaBUENA, Mutya Musician has MAYA on her hip (sister's name), Buena & heart on arm, heart on her hand, lady & naughty on her leg, bar code on neck, only god can judge me on neck, Chinese symbol on right arm, lion on back, rose on left breast, large purple rose on the outside of her left leg
PICS bullets and octaneBULLETS AND OCTANE Hard rocking band members have some serious ink
PICS bullockBULLOCK, Sandra Actress has tribal tattoo below her navel
PICS bundchenBUNDCHEN, Gisele Supermodel has small tattoo below bikini line, a star on the underside of her left wrist, she had a complete body suit tattoo (fake) done for an ad campaign, a crescent moon and stars on the inside of her right ankle
PICS buntonBUNTON, Emma
Singer has the word BABY on right side of her lower stomach, small kanji on lower back, here son's name  BEAU on her right wrist
PICS burciagaBURCIAGA, Jessica Model has a tattoo of a hibiscus flower on her lower back
PICS burkeBURKE, (CHARVET) Brooke Model/actress had her ex-husband's name on the inside of right foot, now covered up, a small bunny tattoo in unknown location, her children's names tattooed on the inside of her wrist and a design on the back of her neck
PICS burnettBURNETT, A.J. Pro baseball pitcher has many tattoos including a Godzilla sleeve, Pisces symbol on his hand, Bruce Lee portrait...
PICS bushBUSH, Sophia Actress has a white Sanskrit script tattoo on the underside of her right forearm and had a tribal rose design on her lower right forearm for the movie "Stay Alive"
PICS bustarhymesBUSTA RHYMES Rapper has nice tribal sleeves, others?
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