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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter S. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Steve-O, Zoe Saldana & Ryan Sheckler


S LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS sabatoSABATO, Antonio Jr. Actor has a Batman logo on his lower back, yin-yang symbol tattoo on one arm, moon/stars right arm, others...
PICS sackhoffSACKHOFF, Katee Actress has tattoo at base of her neck, words on the inside of right forearm
 PICS st. jamesSAINT JAMES, Susan Actress has a tattooed ankle bracelet on her left leg
PICS safinSAFIN, Marat Russian tennis player has Kanji character for monkey tattooed on his left bicep, sun tattoo on his upper back, an eye and a barcode? on his right shoulder
PICS saighSAIGH, Kim LA INK star tattoo artist has a flower on her left shoulder, a sleeve of tattoos on her right arm, others
PICS sailor-jerrySAILOR JERRY World famous early American tattoo artist Norman Keith "Sailor Jerry" Collins obviously had many tattoos
PICS saldanaSALDANA, Zoe American actress has a panty line tattoo, a left ribcage tattoo & a tattoo on each foot
PICS salverySALVERY, Ivan Mixed Martial Arts fighter has a large tattoo of a fighting cock on the right side of his upper body
PICS samboraSAMBORA, Richie Musician has tattoos of a guitar with wings in background on right arm, a cross & roses with GOD above and FAITH below on left upper arm, small star on right hand, others
PICS sandovalSANDOVAL, Sonny Singer for group P.O.D. has heavily tattooed sleeves,  many others
PICS santangeloSANTANGELO, Mara Italian tennis player has a tattoo on back of her neck:  ‘jeet' - which means victory or win in Hindi
PICS santarelliSANTARELLI, Elena Italian model/actress has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her right shoulder
PICS sarandonSARANDON, Susan Actress has the  initials of her children Eva, Jack and Miles inked onto her back, three intertwined gothic-style letters start with "M" at the top, which links to an "E" in the middle and finally "J" further down. One around her wrist reads 'E' and 'A' (which stands for Eva Amurri).
PICS saturnSATURN, Perry Wrestler used to have many small tattoos on his arms and chest, "Saturn" on stomach and tribal drawing of planet Saturn on upper back. Most are now covered with new tattoos; dragon heads on chest, talons on arms, and tribal designs that cover both arms, back & head
PICS sawaSAWA, Devon Actor has a devil tattoo on right upper arm, a cross surrounded by flames on his left bicep
PICS sawantSAWANT, Rakri Bollywood actress has butterfly on her lower right stomach and a heart tattoo on her right arm
PICS schubertSCHUBERT, Przemek Male model has an oriental style dragon tattoo on his right shoulder, a tribal design on his inside left forearm
  schultzSCHULTZ, George P Former US Secretary of State has tattoo of tiger on his butt in tribute to his alma mater, Princeton
PICS schulzeSCHULZE, Matt Actor has a Native American Thunderbird design on left shoulder, Asian inspired designs on his right shoulder
PICS schumacherSCHUMACHER, Michael F1 racing car driver has tribal arm bands
PICS scott_ashleySCOTT, Ashley Actress has a large phoenix on her lower back
PICS bon-scottSCOTT, Bon Rocker had tattoos of a bird of prey, lion on left arm; snake and dagger, others...
PICS emily scottSCOTT, Emily Australian commercial, lingerie and glamour model has a koi fish tattoo on her right wrist, a small flower and swallow are there as well
PICS scottSCOTT, Seann William Actor has small tattoos on his lower stomach and wrist
PICS sebeliaSEBELIA, Jeffery Clothing designer has several tattoos including a neck tattoo that reads "Harrison Detroit l'amor de la mia vita." It is his son's name, along with the phrase "is the love of my life," in Italian.
PICS sedgwickSEDGWICK, Kyra Actress has large design tattooed on the small of her back
PICS seguraSEGURA, Andres Spanish male model has the name Lucia tattooed over his heart on the left side of his chect
PICS seiffertSEIFFERT, Lisa Ford supermodel has tribal sun design on front of left shoulder, 3 small symbols beside right breast, others?
PICS seinfeldSEINFELD, Evan Biohazard band member and actor has more than 2/3 of his body tattooed with elaborate designs
PICS senSEN, Sushmita Bollywood actress from Goa has a tatoo on her left wrist that reads 'Soli deo glory' (A Latin term which means Glory to God alone), one on her right arm that reads 'temptation' the 'T' is written with a symbol of a dagger, "I Am" is tattooed on her right wrist and another unknown design on her lower back.
PICS setzerSETZER, Brian Singer has many assorted tattoos
PICS seymourSEYMOUR, Stephanie Ford supermodel has band of flowers tattooed around her right ankle
PICS shaddixSHADDIX, Jacoby Papa Roach band member has the words BORN TO ROCK at the top of his chest and is covered with many tattoos
PICS shakiraSHAKIRA Singer had henna tattoos and fake for her album promotion
PICS shakurSHAKUR, Tupac Rapper had many assorted tattoos including: THUG LIFE on stomach, OUTLAW on left arm, others...
PICS shankarSHANKAR, Anoushka Sitar playing musician has a star shaped tattoo on her lower back that matches one her half-sister Norah Jones has (their father is Sitar master Ravi Shankar)
PICS shawSHAW, Suzanne British TV personality & singer has a Kanji symbol for STRENGTH on her stomach
PICS shecklerSHECKLER, Ryan American skateboarder and reality TV star has his last name in HUGE letters across his upper back, several other words and letter related tattoos on his arms and elsewhere
PICS sheehanSHEEHAN, Billy Bass guitar player has tattoos on his left arm & shoulder
PICS sheenSHEEN, Charlie American actor has at least 13+ known tattoos (there is a partial list with the pics) the newest are "winning" on his left wrist and on his chest he has the words "Death from Above" and an apple with what appears to be dripping blood. The star explained its significance during his radio rant on "The Alex Jones Show." "[It's] the banner from the death card that Kilgore [from 'Apocalypse Now'] is throwing on his victims, but there's also falling from it, the apple from The Giving Tree. There's my life. Deal with it."
PICS shellshockSHELLSHOCK, Shifty Crazytown singer has many, many tattoos
PICS blake sheltonSHELTON, Blake American country singer has a line of deer tracks in between two strands of barbwire around his left forearm
PICS shevchenkoSHEVCHENKO, Andriy  Ukrainian soccer player has a Chinese dragon tattooed on his left shoulder
PICS shieldsSHIELDS, Brooke Actress has the dog from cartoon MUTTS just below her belly button, others
PICS shiffletSHIFLETT, Chris Musician has at least 7 known tattoos, small Foo Fighters symbol on middle finger, heart on right arm, LUST FOR LIFE on stomach...
PICS shimizuSHIMIZU, Jenny Model, actress has a pin-up girl straddling a crescent wrench on her right arm, words over left breast, right hip and upper thigh tattooed
PICS shockeySHOCKEY, Jeremy NFL player has large American flag and eagle on his right upper arm, several others in a growing collection
PICS sideshow_bobSIDESHOW BOB Simpson's cartoon character had "Die, Bart, Die" (Bob: "No, that's German for 'The Bart, The"), "Ouch Man!" (Bart's head on a skateboard), a skull and crossbones "LUV" (on one hand) "HĀT" (on the other hand - with a macron over the 'A')
PICS silvaSILVA, Andres Bayron Uruguayan Olympic track athlete has a large set of Olympic rings on his upper back
PICS silverSILVER, Josh Type O Negative keyboardist is heavily inked with an  impressive back piece and many others
PICS silveriaSILVERIA, David Korn drummer: on upper right arm he has a face with a drum stick through its tongue, on his upper left arm a Cheshire cat, on his back the Korn logo & wife's name
PICS kimora lee simmonsSIMMONS, Kimora Lee American fashion model and author has a butterfly tattoo on the top of her right foot
PICS simpsonSIMPSON, Ashlee Singer has a star on the inside of her left wrist, LOVE 3 on inside of her right wrist, cherries on right ankle, a peace sign on her right middle finger, a peony on left wrist, a small heart on her wedding ring finger
PICS sisqoSISQO Singer has tiger on his upper left chest, musical note on right arm, tribal sun around belly button, others...
PICS sixxSIXX, Nikki American bassist, author, photographer, and the main songwriter for the heavy metal band Motley Crue is heavily inked, large sun tattoo on back, full sleeves & many, many more
PICS skarsgardSKARSGÅRD, Alexander Swedish actor and director has a small green bird tattoo on his leg that was drawn by his brother
PICS skyeSKYE, Ione British actress (daughter of 1960's singer Donovan) has word or name tattoo on her left elbow
PICS slashSLASH Rocker has "SLASH" and caricature of himself on his right arm, a skull, some roses and other various guns and roses symbols, below is the letters D.T.U.D (drink till you drop) and underneath that it says "forever until" tattooed on his left bicep,  left shoulder: Slash's Snakepit Logo, right shoulder: Lips with a cigarette in them, lower back: 'London' (his son's name), upper abdomen: 'Cash' (his other son's name), right lower abdomen: Cat wearing a top hat smoking a cigarette, left forearm: rose and wife Perla's name, right forearm: girl from the cover of contraband (VR debut album)
PICS slaterSLATER, Christian Actor has two lions with a cross behind on right shoulder
PICS slayerSLAYER Metal band members have many assorted tttoos
PICS slipknotSLIPKNOT Masked band members have many tattoos
PICS sluyterSLUYTER, Monique Centerfold model has a red heart on left shoulder
PICS smashmouthSMASHMOUTH Band members have various tattoos
PICS ambersmithSMITH, Amber Model, actress has a red headed woman tattooed on the front of her left upper thigh
PICS smithSMITH, Anna Nicole The late model, actress had tattoos on her lower leg and ankle, mouth holding a red rose on her lower back (now part of nude pin-up cover-up), several other tattoos
PICS smith_coralSMITH, Coral Actress has large spider on top of her right foot
PICS jr_smithSMITH, J.R. NBA player has a growing collection of tattoos, including several tribal design and the words Death Before Dishonor on his left calf
PICS louis-smithSMITH, Louis British Olympic gymnast has a winged cross with the words, "What I Deserve I Earn" above on his back
PICS smithsonSMITHSON, Carly American Idol contestant has large Oriental sleeve on her right arm
PICS snowSNOW, Brittany Actress has a ladybug tattoo on her wrist, Tibetan Sanskrit design on her right ankle
PICS snowSOMERHALDER, Ian Actor has one tattoo on his arm that reads, “Here and Now” in Latin, a sage reminder to live in the moment
PICS sopranoSOPRANO, Tony TV character has a tiger tattoo on his right shoulder
PICS sossamonSOSSAMON, Shannyn Actress has 3 tattoos including a flower inside an S on back of right shoulder, "Believe" and eyes on lower back
PICS soulja boySOULJA BOY DeAndre Cortez Way, better known by his stage name Soulja Boy, is an American rapper and record producer who is heavily tattooed
PICS spadeSPADE, David Actor has a tattoo of Calvin (of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip) on his upper arm done by Sean Penn
PICS sparxxxSPARXXX, Lisa Adult film star has a large lower back tattoo of a star and flames around it, possible tattoo on her upper arm
PICS spearsSPEARS, Britney Singer, actress has tattoos of a fairy tattoo on her lower back, small daisy circling second toe on right foot, butterfly leaving a vine on left foot, flower with Chinese symbol for mystery in middle on lower stomach. 3 Hebrew characters on back of her neck, pair of pink dice inside left wrist (recently changed), small star on her right hand,  red & pink lips on wrist, a black, white & pink cross on lower hip.... Also has pierced belly button & right nipple
PICS spellingSPELLING, Tori Actress has seven lines of script tattooed on the left side of her ribs. They are husband Dean McDermott's wedding vows to her. The second part of the quotation comes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 'For my bounty is as boundless as the sea and my love as deep. 'The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.' and a couple other small tattoos, one is a small flower on her left ankle
PICS spencerSPENCER, Carlos New Zealand rugby player has large tribal design on his left arm as a tribute to his grandmother
PICS spiezioSPIEZIO, Scott MLB player has large tattoo of a blonde woman pulling down her shorts on his left upper arm
PICS sprakerSPRAKER, Sara Model has tribal tattoo on her lower back, a symbol for strength on the back of her neck, bracelet on right wrist, old English "S" on inner left wrist, flowers on foot, stemmed rose on ankle, butterfly in bikini area
PICS staffSTAFF, James British Olympic cyclist has a mechanical style tattoo on the outside of his left lower leg
PICS staindSTAIND Band members have various tattoos
PICS staiteSTAITE, Jewel Canadian actress has a large unicorn on her lower back
  stalinSTALIN, Josef Russian leader had a Death's head tattooed on his chest
PICS stalloneSTALLONE, Sylvester American actor has a large portrait of his wife Jennifer Flavin with three roses (for their daughters middle names) tattooed on his right shoulder. His left should is covered with a large tattoo done by  Mario Barth
PICS stamSTAM, Jessica Model has Japanese kanji characters on her right foot
  stamosSTAMOS, John Actor's left bicep has a small tattoo
PICS stanleySTANLEY, Paul KISS band member has red rose on right shoulder
PICS stappSTAPP, Scott Musician has a large cross tattoo on his upper right arm
  starrSTARR, Ringo Former Beatle has a half moon and shooting star tattoo
PICS stearnsSTEARNS, Jeff Actor has tattoos on both arms, one a sun design
PICS sternSTERN, Howard Shock jock radio personality, actor has a dragon tattoo cover-up of a Capricorn sign on upper right arm, small tattoo on his right pinkie finger, the letter B for Beth Ostrosky on his ring finger
PICS stewart_kimSTEWART, Kimberly Rod Stewart's model/actress daughter had "Daddy's Little Girl" tattooed on her right hip. It was changed to "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Cisco" then "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Disco" and now reads "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Discounts". She has "This too shall pass" tattooed on her left forearm.
PICS Kristen StewartSTEWART, Kristen Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress who is best known for playing roles such as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has two small tattoos, one of 4 lines on her left wrist and a small infinity symbol on her right wrist.
PICS stewart_rodSTEWART, Rod Singer has tattooed right arm with a Scottish thistle, his left arm has a Scottish lion tattoo
PICS stevensSTEVENS, Rachel S Club 7 band member has a small butterfly tattoo on right side at her panty line
PICS stevensonSTEVENSON, Warwick BMX bike racing star has an Oriental scene & tribal sun tattoo on his right arm, others
PICS steve-o_1STEVE-O Jackass crew member has many "dumb" tattoos
PICS stillerSTILLER, Ben Actor had old school tattoos for the movie Tropic Thunder
PICS stipeSTIPE, Michael  REM singer has 1920's cartoon characters Ignatz Mouse and Krazy Kat tattooed on underside of right upper arm, small brick design on right hand below thumb
PICS stoneSTONE, Joss Singer has small shooting star tattoo along with some flowers and a small cross on the outside of her right foot just under the ankle, a flower design behind her left ear
PICS stoudemireSTOUDEMIRE, Amare NBA player has many tattoos including one on his neck that reads BLACK JESUS
PICS GPSSt. PIERRE, George Canadian MMA fighter (UFC) has a line of Kanji on his upper chest and Fleur de Lis tattoo on the back of his right calf
PICS straitSTRAIT, Steven Actor had fake flame tattoos for the movie "Sky High"
PICS strattonSTRATTON, Casey Musician has 4 tattoos including one on his right forearm that shows a stylized backward treble clef
PICS stroupSTROUP, Jessica American actress and model has a small wing shaped tribal tattoo on the underside of her left wrist and one on the back of her neck that is an African symbol called Sankofa. It looks similar to a heart with swirls inside
PICS ash stymestSTYMEST, Ash British model has several skull tattoos, scrolls with writing on his forearm
PICS sublimeSUBLIME Band members have many assorted tattoos
PIC sugarcultSUGARCULT Some of the band members have tattoos
PICS sugarraySUGAR RAY Band members have many tattoos
PICS SGSUICIDE GIRLS Most of the girls in the Suicide Girls' community are heavily inked
PICS sulemanSULEMAN, Nadya (Octomom) Mother of octuplets and six other children has at least 8 tattoos, a cherub with ribbons on her upper left shoulder, Mickey and Minnie Mouse in an undisclosed location
PICS sursokSURSOK, Tammin Australian actress / singer has a line of words on her lower left stomach that say "Mind Body Soul"
PICS sutherlandSUTHERLAND, Kiefer Actor has the Chinese symbol for strength, barbwire armband, crest and sword, Celtic crest with the Sutherland clan armband, Our Lady of Guadalupe on his left forearm, "I Trust You to Kill Me" written in Icelandic Runes on his right forearm, others...
PICS sutraSUTRA, Karmen Model has large angel tattoo on her lower stomach, a feathered Indian princess under her left armpit
PICS suvariSUVARI, Mena American actress, model and fashion designer has a number 13 tattoo between her breasts and a large tattoo of a lion with the words Word, Sound, Power underneath on her upper back
PICS svensonSVENSON, Janna Swedish model / actress has tribal armband right bicep
PICS sweetSWEET, Aimee Adult actress has a tribal spade on her stomach
PICS swiftSWIFT, Taylor Country music star had a fake heart tattoo on her left foot for her first album cover.
PICS szohrSZOHR, Jessica Actress has a word tattooed along the outside of her left foot just by the heel
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