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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter T. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Cheryl Tweedy (Cole), Mike Tyson, Justin Timberlake & Corey Taylor


T LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS sam talbotTALBOT, Sam Sicilian-American chef from Charlotte, North Carolina, has some of his tattoos religious themed in homage to his late dad, an amateur chef, he also has some Asian themed tattoos, including cherry blossoms
PICS tamblynTAMBLYN, Amber Actress has a fairy tattoo above her left ankle
  taupinTAUPIN, Bernie Musician, songwriter has a bat tattoo in unknown location
PICS tastetTASTET, Kati Actress has a panther tattoo on the middle of her back
PICS taylor_coreyTAYLOR, Corey Slipknot lead singer has many tribal inspired designs and a large sun/moon combo on his chest, pin-up on right arm
PICS you just lostTAYLOR, Jaceon
Rapper has many tattoos including two on his face (a teardrop under his left eye & a butterfly under the right
PICS taylor_johnTAYLOR, John Duran Duran bassist has double D's on right arm, one tattoo on other arm
PICS taylor_krissyTAYLOR, Krissy Late model has butterfly tattoo on her left foot, small design on right ankle and a sun on her butt
PICS taylorTAYLOR, Nikki Model has her sister Krissy's name across left hand, dolphin on right ankle, a sun tattooed on her foot, two others on her butt
PICS staylorTAYLOR, Sandra Actress, model has a tribal ankle bracelet tattoo
PICS tazzTAZZ ECW wrestling champion has a tribal band design, name & cartoon character Taz, black sun with a face above that
PICS tequilaTEQUILA, Tila  Model, musician & internet superstar has 9 tattoos and a pierced navel.  A star on top of right & left wrists/hands, 
Scorpion on right shoulder blade, two Chinese Symbols on back of neck, a heart with wings carrying a music note on right arm , a bow on right arm, a heart that says "Putla Vie" on left arm, Chinese/Kanji Symbol on right wrist
PICS terriTERRI Former WWE Diva / Interviewer has a small heart on her right ring finger
PICS testoryTESTORY, Marcus Musician has a tribal dragon tattooed on the right side of his head
PICS teutul.srTEUTUL, Paul Sr. Orange County Chopper founder has tattoo of his bulldog Gussy's and her full name August on his arm, "OCC New York" on left arm as well, several others on both biceps
PICS theronTHERON, Charlize Academy Award winning actress has tattoos of a small flower on top of right foot, fish on back of right ankle
PICS therouxTHEROUX, Justin American actor, screenwriter and director has several tattoos including a target on his left wrist, a pair of scissors on his right wrist and a fly on his arm.
PICS theuriauTHEURIAU, Melissa French anchor woman / journalist has small star or sun tattoo on her lower left stomach just above bikini line
PICS thiessenTHIESSEN, Tiffany Amber  Actress has tattoos of a flower on her back, an angel on her ankle, a small green heart on her stomach, sunflower just above panty line, others?
PICS nick 1313, Nick  American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and actor has many, many tattoos , including spider webs, skulls, demons, butterflies, roses, stars and much more
PICS bryanTHOMAS, Bryan Fitness model has large Celtic cross on his upper left arm
PICS thomasTHOMAS, Rob Musician, author, screenwriter has Chinese symbol on left shoulder, matches wife's ankle tattoo, upper right arm has word MARI (for his wife) and symbol that means LOYAL
  thompsonTHOMPSON, Lea Actress has the moon and three stars (represents her kids) on her bum
PICS thompson_mickTHOMPSON, Mick Slipknot guitarist has oriental characters tattooed on underside of right forearm, others...
PIC thompson_scottTHOMPSON, Scott
(Carrot Top)
Comedian, actor has a small carrot tattooed on the inside of his right ankle
PICS thorntonTHORNTON, Billy Bob Actor has 14+ tattoos on his arms, his back, many others
PICS thurmanTHURMAN, Uma Actress had a set of classic Aerosmith wings tattooed on her butt for the movie "Be Cool" (fake)
PICS tilbergTILBERG, Tasha Canadian born model has a star shape tattoo on the back of her left wrist, pierced nipples, nose, others
PICS tillyTILLY, Jennifer Actress and professional poker player had small violet tattooed on left breast, dagger over right breast (alas these were just fakes done for two movies she was in)
PICS timberlakeTIMBERLAKE, Justin Singer, actor has his initials tattooed on ankles, cross on left shoulder, large pic of angel with word GUARDIAN above on back
PICS timmonsTIMMONS, Jeff Musician has Chinese symbol for health & good luck tattooed on his chest - symbol for God on his back, 98° logo on right arm, moon on back of left shoulder...
PICS tisdaleTISDALE, Ashley American actress, singer-songwriter and television producer has the word "believe" and two stars tattooed on the left side of her back, the French phrase "Jamais seule" (never alone) on the outside of her right foot
PICS tlcTLC Band members all have tattoos
PICS toddTODD, Josh Singer has extensive tattoos on his upper body
PICS tomeiTOMEI, Marisa Actress has a symbol (Egyptian eye of Horus) on right foot
PICS tottiTOTTI, Francesco Soccer player has a Roman gladiator on his right shoulder
PICS townsendTOWNSEND Stuart Actor has a tribal style tattoo on his right shoulder
PICS trainaTRAINA, Nick Late musician had Many tattoos including a large dragon tattoo on his chest
  trevinoTREVINO, Lee Golf great has the word "ANNE" (his wife's name) tattooed on his right arm
PICS trejoTREJO, Danny Actor has tattoos of a woman on his chest - peacock, cross, flowers, birds on both arms, Jesus and portaits of his children across his back
PICS trickyTRICKY Singer, producer has many large tattoos in various places
PICS trohmanTROHMAN, Joe Fall Out Boy guitarist has 3 tattoos - his ankle, under his belly button, and forearm
PICS troyerTROYER, Verne Actor (Mini-Me in Austin Powers) has a barbwire tattoo on right arm and yin-yang symbol on other shoulder
PICS trunfioTRUNFIO, Nicole Australian supermodel has a small clothes hanger tattooed on the back of her neck
PICS tuaoloTUAOLO, Esara Former NFL linesman has thick Polynesian style tribal band tattooed around his right bicep
PICS turlingtonTURLINGTON, Christy Supermodel has a flower tattoo on her right ankle
PICS twainTWAIN, Shania Country singer has tattoos on left shoulder (fakes)
PICS tweedyTWEEDY, Cheryl (COLE) British singer has a lower back butterfly tattoo and a tattoo around her upper right thigh both tribal inspired, Mrs Cole on the back of her neck, a large tattoo on her left butt cheek, a tribal design on her right hand, others
PICS tydingsTYDINGS, Alexandra Actress has a linked armband on right bicep, small figure on back of left shoulder
PICS tyler2TYLER, Mia Plus size model (daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler) has flowers around right ankle, tattoos on both shoulders, cross design on inside left arm, full sleeve on right arm, the words LOVELESS  across her toes, song lyrics on her right ribcagemany others...
PICS tyler1TYLER, Nikki Adult film star has a small rose tattoo on her butt cheek, ? on left ankle, pierced nostril
PICS tylerTYLER, Steven Rocker has flames and the words "Ma Kin", musical symbols on left arm
PICS typeonegativeTYPE O NEGATIVE All band members have tattoos, keyboardist Josh Silver is heavily inked
PICS tyreseTYRESE Model has tattooed left arm and shoulder, Chinese symbol for determination on back, others
PICS tysonTYSON, Mike Boxer has tattoos of Mao's face on his right arm, pic of Arthur Ashe on left arm with the title of Ashe's book DAYS OF GRACE above, Che Guevara on his stomach, large tribal design on left side of face between his eye and ear, several others
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