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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter D. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Johnny Depp, Hilary Duff & Tom DeLonge


D LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS dakidesDAKIDES, Tara Pro snowboarder has very large dragon or lizard on the left side of her body, Cat-in-the-Hat figure on right calf
PICS dalyDALY, Carson TV personality has tattoo of a crucifix on his left arm, Corvette emblem, inside right wrist has NYC in red, white & blue, cover up on ankle, others?
PICS dangeloD'ANGELO Singer has large tattoos on left and right shoulder blades, right thigh, and left side of his chest
PICS danielDANIEL, Brittany Actress has the initials BC or CB that stand for her name and her twin sister Cynthia, on the big toe of her left foot, two traditional Thai tattoos on her upper back
PICS stormyDANIELS, Stormy Adult film star has Thai looking tattoo design on the underside of her right wrist
PICS danielsDANIELS, Traa POD band member has tattoo inside of left arm, others?
PICS danzaDANZA, Tony Actor has "Keep on Truckin" on bicep
PICS danzigDANZIG, Glenn Musician has Misfits logo on left bicep, several others
PICS darbanvilleD'ARBANVILLE, Patty Actress has heart & dagger on left hip, black rose on small of back, several others...
PICS darcDARC, Daniel French musician has large geometric blocks of heavy black tattoos on both arms
PICS davidsonDAVIDSON, Jaye Actor has star on top of left wrist, flames on right shoulder, other assorted tattoos
PICS davis_geenaDAVIS, Geena Actress has Denny's logo on ankle (a cover-up of ex-husband Renny Harlin's name) with cherub just above
PICS davisDAVIS, Jonathan KORN vocalist has has the letters HIV on left shoulder, KORN logo on back, bishop ripping his skin off to reveal Jesus on right bicep
PICS davydovaDAVYDOVA, Anastasia Russian Gold medal winning Olympian synchronized swimmer has a trail of butterfly tattoos across her back
PICS davydovaDAY-LEWIS, Daniel Oscar winning English actor with both British and Irish citizenship has a number of tattoos including his sons' handprints going up both arms to his shoulders, Polynesian style tribal armbands, a star on his right forearm, a small self tattooed cross on his left hand, others...
PICS deftonesDEFTONES Several band members have various assorted tattoos
PICS De La HoyaDE LA HOYA, Daisy Reality TV star and niece of boxer Oscar de la Hoya has two stars tattooed on the front of her neck, her left arm is fully sleeved with a scene from Tim Burton's 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas and she has a lower back tattoo, others?
PICS castillodel CASTILLO, Kate Mexican bon actress has tattoo on lower stomach
PICS delfinoDELFINO, Majandra Actress has a Chinese symbol for "dog" on her right foot, a cross on her lower back, a henna inspired design below, and her initials in Tibetan under that
PICS dellalDELLAL, Alice Winner of Britain's Next Top Model has scissors and a shark on the palm of her right hand, a scorpion on her left ribcage, a skeleton on the underside of right upper arm
PICS delongeDeLONGE, Tom Blink 182 band member has extensive tattooing on upper left chest and arm
PICS matteoDe MATTEO, Drea Actress has stars on wrist and finger, heart, crucifix, AC/DC logo just below panty line, skull with stars and lightning bolts at small of back, others...
PICS deniroDe NIRO, Robert Actor had many temp tattoos in Cape Fear but has only one that is real -- a panther
PICS dentonDENTON, James Actor has a tattoo of his late father's initials, birth & death dates, his rank & serial number in the Navy on left bicep.
PICS deolDEOL, Esha Indian actress (Bollywood) has a Sanskrit mantra tattoo on the back of her right shoulder another tattoo on the back of her left shoulder
PICS depardieuDÉPARDIEU Gérard French actor has half heart on left forearm, ? on right arm
PICS deppDEPP, Johnny Actor has many, many tattoos
PICS d_erricoD'ERRICO, Donna Model and wife of Nikki Sixx has a heart & flower design with husband Nikki Sixx's name in it on her butt, a sun on her upper left arm, the names of her son and husband (Rhyan and Nikki) on back of her neck, lower back piece that includes the Japanese symbol for "endure", rosary beads wrapped around her ankle with the cross on the top of her foot, Kanji symbols on bikini right line
PICS des_barresDES BARRES, Pamela Famous groupie has Jesus on right shoulder blade...
PICS detmerDETMER, Amanda California born actress has a large tribal design on the small of her back, a small tattoo on the inside of her left wrist and on her lower right stomach
PICS de-villeDe VILLE, Willy Musician has cat on right bicep, oriental dragon on left shoulder
PICS Rob DevitaDEVITA, Rob American model is extensively tattooed with lots of Oriental style style designs, Kanji, dragons, a cross on his back, stars, flames and much more
PICS djmuggsDJ MUGGS Cypress Hill singer has tattooed sleeves and others
PICS diasDIAS, Marina Brazilian fashion model has many, many tattoos
PICS dicaprioDiCAPRIO, Leonardo Actor had fake (which went missing in several scenes) tattoo on his left shoulder in the movie "On the Beach"
PICS dickDICK, Coby Papa Roach front man has stars on left side of his neck, kanji, several others including a large chest piece
PICS dieselDIESEL, Vin Actor has no real tattoos, but has appeared with movie tattoos several times
PICS difrancoDiFRANCO, Ani Singer has a tribal bird symbol on chest, small tattoos on left finger & thumb, fine tribal design on back of neck 
PICS diggsDIGGS, Taye Actor has Chinese Dao symbol on right shoulder
PICS dirgeDIRGE, Roman Artist has over 75 tattoos 
PICS dirntDIRNT, Mike Green Day member has several tattoos on left forearm, more on right, many others
PICS chicksDIXIE CHICKS All three singing "Chicks" have small chick foot prints on one foot to mark certain #1 career milestones
PICS dodaDODA Former singer in Polish rock band VIRGIN now a solo artist has wings on her back, Sanskrit lettering on underside of her left forearm (cover up of previous tattoo proclaiming her love of now EX husband), several other tattoos
PICS doddDODD, Alice Supermodel has Sanskrit symbol for everlasting love inside right arm
PICS doherty_peteDOHERTY, Pete Musician has a letter K inside a heart on his left shoulder (for [now ex] girlfriend Kate Moss), many others...
PICS dohertyDOHERTY, Shannen Actress has cross tattoo on her lower leg
PICS doillonDOILLON, Lou French model & actress has underside of her left wrist tattooed, a circular tattoo symbol on left ribcage
  dolenzDOLENZ, Micky Former Monkee band member has unknown tattoo on his arm
PICS donaldsonDONALDSON, Lily Model has the names of her mother and sister (Tiffany and Aurelia) tattooed on her wrist
PICS donnaDONNA, Bella Adult film star has heart on her upper chest, tribal design on left wrist, star on left forearm, words on her lower back
PICS dorffDORFF, Stephen Actor has small tattoo on upper inside of left arm, a small heart on the back of right arm, circular tattoo on shoulder
PICS douglasDOUGLAS, Cameron Deceased DJ son of Michael Douglas had many tattoos
PICS downeyDOWNEY Jr., Robert Actor has image of himself as a superhero on right bicep, his son's name INDIO nearby, US flag on chest, SUZIE Q left arm
PIC dr. dreDRE, Dr Rapper has spider and flames on back of one hand and web and flames on other
PICS driverDRIVER, Minnie Actress has a rose tattooed on her right butt cheek, heart & dagger on her upper left arm
PICS duceDUCE, Adam Musician has several including a hooded skeleton, Chinese signs, Machine Head logos...
PICS duchovnyDUCHOVNY, David Actor has compass design on one ankle with N, S, E, WEST (his daughter's name) spelled out, he and wife Tea Leoni have matching wedding band tattoos (it says AYSF)
PICS duffDUFF, Hilary Actress/singer has the words "Let it be" tattooed on the outside of her right foot, the word "Shine" on her right middle finger, an anchor on her inside left ankle, the French phrase "ma petite amie" across her upper right ribs
PICS DuhamelDUHAMEL, Josh American actor has a patriotic crest tattooed above his heart and a tattoo on his right shoulder for the TV series Las Vegas
PICS litaDUMAS, Amy (LITA) American former professional wrestler, WWE Diva from 1999 to 2006 and lead singer for The Luchagors has a  large demon tattoo on her right shoulder, Chinese symbols top of spine, PUNK tattooed inside her lower lip, Russian characters on her neck meaning REBEL
PICS duncanDUNCAN, Tim NBA player has a tattoo of Merlin the Magician on his back
PICS dupreDUPRE, Ashley (Kristan) Singer, songwriter (and escort) has at least 7 tattoos, including a butterfly on her lower stomach, tribal dragon on he back, several words and other assorted designs
PICS durstDURST, Fred Musician has both arms sleeved, large angel design on back, flower on neck, spiral design on lower left leg, design on lower inside left leg, ring on left middle finger, portraits of Elvis & Kurt Cobain on his chest
PICS dushkuDUSHKU, Eliza Actress had fake tribal tattoo armband for TV role, has real tattoos of a double-headed eagle on her back, like the one in Albania's national flag (her father's homeland) and a tiny cross on outside left ankle, a line of script on the back side of her upper left hip
PICS duttDUTT, Sanjay Bollywood actor has a large Leo tattoo on his bicep, his wife's name Dilnasheen on his arm, others on back and shoulders
  duttaDUTTA, Lara Ex Miss Universe and Bollywood actress from India has a small rose tattoo on the inside of her right ankle
  duvalDUVAL, Robert Actor had fake tattoo of a cobra and his unit VMFA-323 on his left shoulder in the movie The Great Santini
PICS duvallDuVALL, Clea Actress has Kanji symbol meaning STAR on left arm, the number 7 inside a ball, the letter W, "I love Marcie" on her back, the letter S underside of her wrist, the quote "Wisdom Comes Suddenly", others...
PICS d-von_dudleyD-VON DUDLEY WWE wrestler has "Terrell N Terrence, Daddy's Boys 4 Life" on his left bicep
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