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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter L. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Jared Leto & Lil Wayne


L LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS labeoufLaBEOUF, Shia Actor has a paw print tattoo on his left shoulder, the dates 1986-2004 (the years of his childhood), a large tattoo on his left side inspired by a art piece he saw at an art gallery
PICS lacheyLACHEY, Drew Singer has large tribal on lower back, tribal armband with letter L
PICS lacheyLACHEY, Nick Singer, TV star has tribal tattoo on upper back, 98° logo in a sun on right arm, tribal armband with letter L to match his younger brother
PICS gagaLADY GAGA American singer, songwriter and musician has a peace sign symbol on the underside of her left wrist, roses on her left hip and a bunch of daisies on the back of her left shoulder, a long quote in German, from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke that says: In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write? Several others in a growing collection...
PICS lalovaLALOVA, Ivet Olympic sprinting star from Bulgaria has tribal sun tattooed around her belly button
PICS lamasLAMAS, Lorenzo Actor has an eagle tattooed on his right arm, a Pegasus on his back, a winged crest on left arm, Tahitian symbol for eternal love, others...
PICS Adam LambertLAMBERT, Adam American singer and actor has an Eye of Horus tattoo on the underside of his right wrist
PICS lambertLAMBERT, Miranda American country singer has her "smoking guns & wings" logo tattooed on the inside of her left forearm, a tattoo of the pink paw logo for her animal charity (MuttNation Foundation) on the top of her right foot
PIC langLANG, k.d. Canadian singer has an anchor tattoo on her right shoulder
PICS lang_jessicaLANGE, Jessica Actress has a large Celtic knot on back of her left wrist
PICS larueLARUE, Chi Chi Transvestite adult film director has several tattoos
PICS lasardoLaSARDO, Robert Actor is heavily tattooed, full sleeves and most of upper body is covered
PIC laubLAUB, Elisa Playboy model has a large peacock tattoo covering her left shoulder and back
PICS lauperLAUPER, Cyndi Singer has a leopard or tiger tattoo on her left ankle
PICS lavigneLAVIGNE, Avril Canadian punk princess has small stars on the inside of left wrist and her leg (had temporary tattoo on the top of her butt for the 2003 Much Music Video Awards), a safety pin on the side of her neck, boyfriends name on her ribs, others...
PICS lawLAW, Jude Actor has words from a Beatle's song, tribute to his (now ex) wife's name Sadie, a Rorschach butterfly combined with gothic initials JL on right forearm, a group of ants in a circle, a pyramid with 2 red points, 1 red circle and 1 green circle including a green point
PICS lawlerLAWLER, Jerry "The King" Pro wrestler has a crown tattoo on his left wrist
PICS ledardLEDARD, Shakara Supermodel has tribal tattoo design on her lower back
PICS ledgerLEDGER, Heath Actor has a tattoo designed by himself on his right bicep showing the centre of the universe in black and white with the sun, the earth and the moon, others... (some for film, but...) "KAOS" bracelet tattoo on left wrist for his three sisters (Kate, Ashleigh & Olivia) and mother (Sally)
  leeLEE, Sheryl Actress has a tattoo of snake in unknown location
PICS lee_sook-yinLEE, Sook-yin Canadian actress has a dancing figure on right shoulder
PICS leeLEE, Tommy Rocker has many tattoos including the word "Mayhem" on his stomach, bodysuit left arm/shoulder, too many to list
PICS lee_gregLEE, William (Greg) Actor has oriental design on right shoulder
PICS LEFEVRELEFEVRE, Rachelle Canadian actress has the word "Invictus" tattooed on the inside of her left wrist.
PICS laguizamoLEGUIZAMO, John Actor has Aztec style design on right shoulder (a cover up tattoo), spider web design on left side of his chest
PICS leighLEIGH, Chyler Actress has a large brightly colored design on her back
PICS lemonsLEMONS, Nicholas Male model has a sleeve and chest plate that combines images of bamboo, a dragon, a lotus blossom, water, kanji symbols and a cubist style face
PICS leonLEON, Carlos Actor / model has Cancer star sign on back, large design on upper arm and tattoo that says "September 8 forever" to commemorate the day he met Madonna
PICS leoniLEONI, Tea Actress got a wedding band tattoo to match her husband David Duchovny (it says AYSF) for their 10th anniversary, a cameo image of Snow White just above her panty line
PICS leopardLEPPARD, Tom The "Leopard Man" has entire body tattooed with spots
PICS lesnarLESNAR, Brock Former WWE wrestler (now in the UFC) has a skull on right bicep, has the predator from alien devouring a bloody corpse on left bicep (covers up his first tattoo of a skull) a large skull design that covers his entire back, a large sword down the middle of his chest
PICS lesterLESTER, Ron Actor has tattoo of cartoon wolf on right butt cheek
  lethalLETHAL, DJ Limp Bizkit band member has House of Pain design tattooed on one bicep, others
PICS Jared LetoLETO, Jared American actor and musician has a circle with an X in the middle (Echelon "X" symbol that is part of his band 30 Seconds to Mars iconography)
PICS Adam LevineLEVINE, Adam American singer-songwriter and guitarist has a guitar tattoo on his arm, a large tiger tattoo on the other arm, wings and flowers, numbers and many other tattoos
PICS aaron_lewisLEWIS, Aaron Singer has tribal sleeve work, others
PICS lewis_julietteLEWIS, Juliette Actress and singer has small cartoon bunny called "My Melody" on the inside of left wrist, tattoo on her right butt cheek, a small red heart tattoo on her left shoulder
PICS lewisLEWIS, Shaznay Singer, actress has Chinese symbol for year of the rabbit on right breast
PICS lil_kimLIL KIM Singer had "NOTORIOUS KIM" temporary tattoos on lower belly, "The Naked Truth" fake on her shoulder for album, pierced nipple...
PIC lillardLILLARD, Matthew Actor has a small circular design on his right shoulder another larger tattoo on his left shoulder
PICS lil_moLIL' MO Singer has many various tattoos on right arm, tattoo above right breast, several others...
PICS lil_wayneLIL WAYNE Rapper has extensive tattoos all over his body
PICS limaLIMA, Adriana Victoria's Secret model has her inside left ankle tattooed in a tribal style
PICS limpbizkitLIMP BIZKIT Band member have many assorted tattoos
PICS linLIN, Shino Taiwanese pop signer has large cross on upper right arm
PICS lindemulderLINDEMULDER, Janine Adult film star has flowers tattooed on the back of her neck, koi fish on her chest, full sleeves, a clown faced girl on her left lower leg, many, many more...
  lindrosLINDROS, Eric Professional hockey player has a sun design tattooed on one of his shoulders
PICS lingLING, Bai Chinese actress has had large fake tattoos on her back for past photo shoots (a snake for one & a tiger - for Payboy), she now has large leopard running across her lower back (real?)
PICS linkinparkLINKIN PARK Band members have various tattoos
PICS litaLITA American former professional wrestler, WWE Diva from 1999 to 2006 and lead singer for The Luchagors has a  large demon tattoo on her right shoulder, Chinese symbols top of spine, PUNK tattooed inside her lower lip, Russian characters on her neck meaning REBEL
PICS littrellLITTRELL, Brian Singer has a cross tattooed on his left shoulder with the words, ROCK OF AGES, rope chain under, lyrics "It was the 15th of June when she walked in my life, it was the first time someone said hello with her eyes"
PICS liuLIU, Lucy Actress has a tattoo of a tiger on the small of her back, has had fake tattoos for some of her movie roles
PICS ljungbergLJUNGBERG, Freddie Swedish soccer player has 2 black panthers on his back (the large black panther on lower right stomach was a fake for a commercial shoot)
PICS llcooljLL COOL J American rapper and actor has the word "Respect" on left shoulder, "Mr. Smith" on right over a large microphone, several others
PICS lloyd_danielleLLOYD, Danielle English model has a Hebrew inscription down the back of her neck that reads 'Only God can judge me' and a Latin phrase on the back of her left shoulder that says 'Quis attero mihi tantum planto mihi validus' which means 'To diminish me will only make me stronger'
PICS lloydLLOYD, Sabrina Actress has a Scorpion on right ankle, bracelet on left ankle, flower on right wrist, a Chinese symbol for luck on back of her neck
PICS loLO, Candy Singer, actress from Hong Kong has tribal designs on her left shoulder and her lower belly
PICS locLOC, Spider Rapper has extensive tattooing. Sleeves,
PICS locklearLOCKLEAR, Heather Actress has a tattoo of a heart and rose on right lower leg/ankle, ex-husband's name RICHIE SAMBORA on her groin, the word FINCH just above the rose (for her boyfriend, David Spade's Just Shoot Me character)
PICS lexusLOCKLEAR, Lexus Adult film star has Ankle bracelet  on her left leg, a rose tattooed on right breast
PICS lohanLOHAN, Lindsay Actress has words "La Bella Vita" tattooed on the top of her right butt cheek, small stars tattooed on inside left wrist and her right hand by her thumb, the word "BREATHE"  on other wrist, tiny heart on hand, small number 7 on the back of her neck, SHHH... on her finger, A Marilyn Monroe quote "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle" written in cursive script & surrounded by yellow, blue & green stars on underside of left forearm
PICS lokenLOKEN, Kristanna Actress has tattoo of horse in full gallop on ankle, crescent moon & star on wrists, cherub on toe, native American symbol for strength, personal crest on shoulder
PICS longoriaLONGORIA, Eva Actress has small star shaped tattoo on inside of left wrist, a Celtic style cross on lower back, a flower tattoo at the top of her right butt cheek and her husband's initials (TP) in an unknown intimate location, his jersey number "NINE" on back of her neck, her wedding date in roman numerals on the inside of her right wrist.
PICS loosLOOS, Rebecca Model & former assistant to David Beckham has a tribal sun at her bikini line and a tribal inspired lower back piece, a heart, sun, moon & stars on her upper back
PICS lopesLOPES, Lisa (TLC) Late singer had a large tattoo on right shoulder, number 80 and falcon on left, musical note, half moon on foot, ear lobe has small design, others
PICS lordsLORDS, Traci Former porn star turned actress has a cross on left leg
PICS lourensLOURENS, Fajah Dutch actress has zodiac sign on her right shoulder and a bunch of roses on her lower stomach, small tattoo on the web of her left thumb, a small red devil on the back of her left shoulder blade
PICS Demi LovatoLOVATO, Demi American singer-songwriter, musician and actress has 13+ tattoos (her mom hates them all). A lot of her tattoos are words, Stay Strong, Rock N Roll, You make me beautiful, Let Go & Let God, Faith, Now I’m A Warrior, Peace. She also has tattoos of feathers and a pair of lips...
PICS loveLOVE, Courtney Singer has a angel tattoo with two hearts on her back, "K" above belly button, flowered ankle bracelet tattoo, small Japanese style cherry blossoms on her arms, breasts and stomach. She has a line of script under her upper right arm that reads "Let it Bleed"
PICS lowLOW, Derrick Hawaiian born basketball player has large Polynesian design down the outside of his left leg
PIC loweLOWE, Rob Actor has a small heart tattoo on his left shoulder that has been added on to extensively over the years
PICS lucasLUCAS, Josh Actor has small cross type tattoo on forearm
PICS ludacrisLUDACRIS American rapper and actor has tattoos on both shoulders, (portrait and cross on right), praying hands on left, others...
PICS lynchLYNCH, Shane Singer has large 13 on left shoulder, numbers down outside of left arm, several others...
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