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Celebrities whose LAST names begin with the letter G. Tattooed celebrities, tattooed rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying their body art, are on this list of names. Some you already know about, and some that just may surprise you. Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Dave Grohl, Peaches Geldof, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Gosling & Brian Austin Green


G LAST NAME, First name Celebrity Type, Tattoo Description, Location
PICS gabbanaGABBANA, Stefano Fashion icon (of Dolce & Gabbana fame) has the words Stefano Gabbana tattooed on his right upper arm, on his left arm is his zodiac sign, Scorpio
PICS gahanGAHAN, Dave Musician has large tattoo on his back, arms have various others tattoo designs
PICS gallagherGALLAGHER, Liam Band Oasis front man has large tattoo of "TCB - FAITH SPIRIT" on his right-upper arm. 
PICS gallupGALLUP, Simon Cure guitarist has arm band and design on right arm, lightning bolt and stars on his left arm
PICS garofaloGAROFALO, Janeane Actor & stand up comic has lots of tattoos on her arms, one says "THINK", a woman with "VALOR" underneath, hearts, a running figure, a star on her calf, 14+ in all
PICS gatelyGATELY, Stephen Boyzone band member has Tasmanian devil on right hip, boyfriends name "ELOY" on right shoulder, Celtic symbol on left shoulder
PICS gayeGAYE, Nona Singer & daughter of Marvin Gaye has tribal design on left shoulder, a horseshoe and design on her right shoulder
PICS geldofGELDOF, Peaches Writer, broadcaster and socialite daughter of Bob Geldof has the name of her husband 'Max' written in old-style curved script on her left inner wrist just above a crucifix tattoo of a broken heart higher up the same arm, Ex Valentine on her left bicep, a bow and the letter F on back of her neck, small tattoos on the inside of both ankles, the lyrics from the Nick Cave song 'Into My Arms' across her lower back, cards on her upper right arm and a line of flowers on her left leg, at least 20 at last count
PICS geldof-pixieGELDOF, Pixie Sir Bob Geldof's daughter has the signature of her late mother Paula Yates tattooed on her wrist. Yates died from a heroin overdose in 2000 aged 41, when Pixie was just 10 years old.
PICS gellarGELLAR, Sarah Michelle Actress has Chinese symbol meaning "to trust" or "to believe" on her left hip, Tao symbol for patience on inside of right ankle, two purple dragonflies on lower back, a  tattoo of  cherry blossoms and Kanji on inside of left ankle
PICS zombie boyGENEST, Rick Canadian model, artist and performer AKA "Zombie Boy" is tattooed from head to toe like a corpse
PICS gerkanGERKAN, Manon von German actress, fashion model has tribal sunburst around her navel, gecko on left ankle
PICS gershonGERSHON, Gina Actress had medieval axe on right shoulder, barbwire armband (just for film role)
PICS gettyGETTY, Balthazar Actor has a winged crest on left shoulder, the letters BZAR on the fingers of his right hand
PICS giambiGIAMBI, Jason Baseball player has tattoo of a skull with a sun around it, complete with a tribal band, on his left shoulder
  gilbertGILBERT, Melissa Actress has tattoo of a small daisy on ankle
PICS ginuwineGINUWINE R&B singer has both arms tattooed
European model and writer has a large angel tattooed on her stomach
PICS godfatherGODFATHER (Charles Wright) Wrestler has demonic art on chest and arms, large tattoo on his back, skull with top hat on his left thumb, tattoos on ankles
PICS godsmackGODSMACK Band members have many assorted tattoos
PICS goldberg_adamGOLDBERG, Adam American actor, director, and producer has many tattoos on both arms, some with a nautical theme
PICS goldbergGOLDBERG, Bill (WCW) Wrestler has large tribal design on left shoulder, bleeding skull under side of upper right arm
PICS whoopieGOLDBERG, Whoopi Actress has a tattoo of the bird Woodstock from Peanuts on left upper chest, floral design on right side
PICS golddustGOLDUST (Dustin Runnels) WWE wrestler has a heart with the initials T & D inside for his ex-wife Terri Runnells and his daughter Dakota on his left bicep, has portrait of Dakota on right bicep, has others...
  goldwaterGOLDWATER, Barry Politician had crescent shaped tattoo with four dots in shape of a snake bite
PICS Selena Gomez tattoosGOMEZ, Selena Latina singer had a fake heart and the name JUSTIN tattooed on the underside of her right wrist. She has a real tattoo of a small musical note on the outside of her right wrist, roman numerals on the back of her neck, Arabic script on the upper right side of her back, which appears to be a translation of the phrase "Love Yourself First."
PICS good_charlotteGOOD CHARLOTTE Band members have various tattoos
PICS goodenGOODEN, Drew NBA player has the words "Bay Area's Finest" and a crown on his right bicep, the word DRU (with the R turned sideways) on left bicep, others...
  goodingGOODING Jr., Cuba Actor has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade
PICS goodyGOODY, Jade The late UK reality TV celebrity had three small red hearts on the outside of her right wrist, the name of her then boyfriend Jack on the inside of her left wrist, others
PICS goransonGORANSON, Alicia Actress has a Death Before Dishonor tattoo with the US flag on her right upper arm
PICS gordonGORDON, Jonathan D Sports artist has personal logo, Braille band on right forearm (all in red, orange and yellow), has a Mucha Sketch of Christ blessing a roman emperor, a large Braille section, & a heart encircled L on his chest
PICS Ryan GoslingGOSLING, Ryan Canadian actor has several self described "ridiculous" homemade tattoos. One of them "The Giving Tree" is on his left shoulder...
  goughGOUGH, Alex Canadian luge athlete has a forearm tattoo that reads "be happy with yourself"
PICS grandiGRANDI, Irene Italian singer has a swirling design on her right shoulder
PICS grantGRANT, Brian NBA player has a portrait of Bob Marley and the word PROPHET underneath on right shoulder, a tribal/Asian inspired crest with two fish on his left shoulder
PICS green-brianGREEN, Brian Austin Actor has Aztec thunderbird design on right shoulder, cross and JOHN 3:16 on left shoulder, tattoo on chest with Chinese symbol for his name, large dragon on his right forearm, blue & white flames on his left bicep, his son's name Kassius in old English script on his left forearm
PICS greendayGREEN DAY Band members have many assorted tattoos
PICS grenvilleGRENVILLE, Georgina Model has the word SHANGRI-LA around belly button, another small tattoo of a dolphin below bikini line
PICS griecoGRIECO, Richard Actor has tattoos of black panther on right shoulder, a clover on one calf
PICS griffin_kathyGRIFFIN, Kathy Actress had tattoo of diamond wedding band that has vanished, sources say she had it removed after her divorce
PICS griffithGRIFFITH, Melanie Actress has a Yellow pear on butt, husband Antonio's name in a heart on right shoulder, 4 leaf clover above inside right ankle, various others
PICS grigorievaGRIGORIEVA, Tatiana Australian pole vaulter has a spider and tribal looking design on lower stomach
PICS grimesGRIMES, Shenae Canadian born actress has the words "Myself and I" tattooed on her right ribcage
PICS grohlGROHL, Dave Musician has a chain on upper right arm, FF on back of neck, many others
Model has star and small planets on foot, Chinese symbol on belly by right hip that says "Friend/Friends"
PICS gruberGRUBER, Andrea Opera singer has the opening words and notes of Turandot's "In questa reggia," on her lower back, an ankle bracelet of colored half notes on right leg
PICS guerraGUERRA, Vida Model / actress has rose tattoo on ankle, little  red devil just below her bikini line, her zodiac sign Pisces on the underside of her left wrist
PICS guestGUEST, Joanne British model / TV host has tribal band on left bicep
PICS guginoGUGINO, Carla American actress has a butterfly tattoo on the inside of her left ankle
PICS gulzarGULZAR, Jimmy Dancer has tattooed arms, shoulders and back, pierced tongue and eyebrow
PICS gunnGUNN, Billy WWE's "The One" has tattoos on both calves, ring finger, others?, plus a pierced navel (real name is Kipp Sopp)
PICS gutiGUTI Real Madrid soccer star has tribal armband around his left bicep, tattoos on the back right shoulder, middle of lower back, 2 or 3 on the underside of his left arm
PICS gyllenhaalGYLLENHAAL, Jake Actor has old style letters on underside of right arm
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