Carlee Ranger is 21 and was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is currently living in Beverly Hills, CA.

Carlee Ranger is a model and internet personality who has appeared in FHM magazine. After casting for FHM in her hometown of Scottsdale, Az. In 2006, this dessert beauty went on to become FHM's first ever Digital Darling winner. Since being crowned, Carlee has done numerous appearances, ads and promos while becoming an FHM favorite.

Carlee Ranger quotes:
Success isn't how much money or material items you have to show, or who looks at you as successful, but as a feeling of accomplishment within oneself! Reaching a point were you feel you have satisfaction with the goals and things you had strived to do.

I think V-day is a little overrated! A holiday for card shop and flower shops to make some mula, But I won't lie...I enjoy a little pampering here and there! Who doesn't? I'm a girl! I think as a girl we can't help it! Anyways, all in all I enjoyed mine! Very simple, yet very fulfilling! Spent it with a very sexy boy.

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