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You know the feeling you get when you hear the perfect riff? 

It’s Smoke on the Water, Layla, Black Dog and Voodoo Chile. It’s The Beatles on Ed Sullivan or Brian Wilson at Live 8. It’s the reason you bought Steely Dan the first time and why you keep on buying Steely Dan every other time. It’s that ‘something’ intangible that hits you and drills down deep inside you and the only satisfaction you get is to admit you don’t just want… you have to be part of it. 

That’s why Jeff Woods is who he is and does what he does. He’s been immersed in rock music since anyone can remember and has become known as Canada's preeminent voice for Classic Rock Radio. 

He started broadcasting in 1985 and soon after evangelized his love of the genre in countless ways including a feature called Legends of Classic Rock. 

That was Toronto and Q107 and the rest is not only history… it’s Legendary. 
By 2001 Jeff was hosting an hour long version of The Legends of Classic Rock which can now be heard on finer rock stations throughout Canada and world-wide on-line. There’s also a series of short-form dailies, letting The Legends of Classic Rock be experienced seven days a week on the radio and 24 hours a day via 'podcasting'. 

Legends host Jeff Woods counts many friends and fans including band managers, promoters, listeners of the program as well as various artists from Canada and around the globe. 

The list of Legends taking time to share their stories with Jeff include Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, AC/DC, Rush, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M, Steely Dan, John Kaye of Steppenwolf, Greg Allman, Don Henley, Jimi Hendrix band-mates Noel Redding and Buddy Miles, and on several occasions, the legendary David Bowie. 

Since 2001, Jeff Woods has given classic rock fans the stories behind the music that defined a generation. Combining a mix of album tracks and hits, rarities and live recordings, Legends brings you the colour and content that will bring back tons of memories and deepen your appreciation for the greatest music of the past 40 years. The Legends of Classic Rock debuted in 2001 on radio station Classic Rock Q107 Toronto. Since then it's taken a life of its own. Consider: More than 270 different one hour episodes have been produced, making it the premiere documentary produced in Canada. More than 1,000 one-minute daily features have been written and produced. Legends of Classic Rock is syndicated on virtually every major Classic Rock station and website in Canada.

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Jeff Woods Canadian classic rock DJ

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