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Evan Rachel Wood (born Evan Rachael Wood on September 7, 1987) is an American actress and singer. Her flickering, volatile relationship with Manson is pretty much the only reason you'll read about Wood on "Page Six". Wood began her acting career in the late 1990s, appearing in several television series, including American Gothic and Once and Again. She made her debut as a leading film actress in 2002's Little Secrets and became well-known after her transition to a more adult-oriented Golden Globe-nominated role in the critically acclaimed film Thirteen, (2003) co-written by Wood's co-star, Nikki Reed.

Wood continued acting mostly in independent films, including Pretty Persuasion (2005), Down in the Valley (2006), Running with Scissors (2006), and in the big studio production Across the Universe (2007). Wood's acting has drawn critical praise, and she has been described by The Guardian newspaper as being "wise beyond her years" and as "one of the best actresses of her generation." Wood was in a relationship with singer Marilyn Manson, to whom she was engaged in 2010.

Some of Wood's tattoos consist of the phrase "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" scripted just under her neck centered on her back. Wood was so moved by her role in 'Across The Universe', that she marked the end of the film by getting her first tattoo. She had a 'Beatles' tattoo of diamonds, a blackbird and strawberries etched on her ankle (now covered up). She was quoted as saying, "That movie changed my life. I got a freakin' tattoo on my ankle for the movie. It's strawberries, where the leaves are in the shape of a blackbird and diamonds for (Beatles song) 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.' I got to sing 'Blackbird' (in the film) and my (character) name is Lucy in the film, so I got the diamonds."

"I kind of always thought I would get a tattoo but I was waiting for something really special. This was a moment in my life I wanted to mark. I turned 18 and I was living on my own for the first time and I was in New York filming a Beatles musical. I thought it was a good time."
Unfortunately this initial tattoo concept was very poorly executed and has since been covered with a large black square, which she claims to be a diamond...although it could be a kite.

“I grew up in love with David Bowie.” (She has a tattoo on her upper thigh to prove it, a heart with an Aladdin Sane lightning bolt.) “So I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls … I’m into androgyny in general.” She says this helps explain the appeal of her ex Marilyn Manson.

“I think one of the things that freaked people out so much is that we looked so different.” True, that was part of it. But it was more than that. If Evan Rachel Wood represents America’s rebellious teenage daughter, Manson represents the forty-year-old goth in a band down the road she would date just to spite us. They broke off their engagement in August. The inevitable residual tattoos: Behind her right ear, the number “15,” a significant one for the two of them. Behind her left, something that looks like a heart combined with an infinity symbol. “You know, ‘Forever Love,’ ” she explains. “Whatever.”

She had the number 15 tattooed behind her left ear while she was dating Jamie bell and Wood still has the letter "J" on her other ankle. Apparently Jamie Bell still has the tattoo of the letter "E". Evan and Mariyln now have had matching heart tattoos done to symbolize their deep and everlasting love. She also has a tattoo ionside her lip that no one gets to see.

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