Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena (born 21 May 1985 in Kingsbury, London), known professionally as Mutya Buena, is an English singer and songwriter, who rose to fame as a member of the pop group Sugababes. In January 2009, Mutya appeared in the sixth series of Celebrity Big Brother but left on Day 15 citing homesickness. She will be releasing her second solo album later in 2010.

Buena wants to laser off her tattoos, then get new ones - Now magazine. Mutya Buena has revealed she's so addicted to tattoos, she wants to get her old ones removed by laser to make space for new designs. The 22-year-old's current etchings include her sister Maya's name on her hip, Buena on her arm, oriental doodles on her back and the word 'lady' tattooed on her groin. 'I've got tattoos literally all over,' the ex-Sugababe explains. 'I got the first one when I was 16. I'm going to get them taken off. The ones on my arms and the Chinese writing on my back I want off first. 'I know this place that can take off only black ink. It's five sessions. Then I'll have a free arm to start again.' But Mutya says the floral design on her left thigh and calf will stay as it's a tribute to her mother Rose. 'I still have an hour to do on the leg one – an hour of pain,' she tells the Daily Star. 'It feels like somebody pinching your skin. I hate it, all the nips. But it's for my mum.'

Mutya's tattoo collection consists of her sister's MAYA on her hip, Buena & a black heart on her arm, a heart on her hand, lady & naughty on her leg, bar code on neck accompanied with the quote "only god can judge me", Chinese symbol on right arm, she also has "Tahlia", the name of her daughter tattooed on her right arm. She has a lion on her back, rose on left breast and a colored picture of a lady on her right leg

Mutya still has her 12 piercings - four in each ear, one above her lips, one in her tongue and one in the right side of her nose.

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