Birth date: December 30, 1989. San Clemente, California. Before he was a reality TV star, he was just your regular superstar skateboarder. We have the lowdown on Ryan Sheckler! Ryan Sheckler has been skateboarding since before he learned to read. Under the encouragement of his dad, he first jumped on a board when he was just four years old and has been kick-flipping and rail-sliding his way to the top of the skateboard world ever since. He became a sponsored skateboarder when he was just 10 years old. Back then, Ryan spent up to 22 hours a week practicing tricks in his backyard - where he had his very own skatepark!

Shortly after he turned pro, Ryan Sheckler won the gold at the street competition at the 2003 X Games and also took top place in the street event at the 2003 Slam City Jam. Ryan Sheckler has toured with Tony Hawk and Shaun White on Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour and also had a role in the skateboard movie Grind. In 2004, Ryan became the youngest pro skateboarder to win gold in the X Games.

On top his 2005 Dew Action Sports Tour Athlete of the Year, Ryan is also a two-time World Cup of Skateboarding's National Street Champion. He took home the Global Assault title in Australia in 2006 and his career hit the mainstream in 2007 when MTV debuted his reality show, The Life of Ryan.

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