Mena Adrienne Suvari (born February 13, 1979) is a BAFTA-nominated American actress, model, fashion designer and spokeswoman, best known for her role as Angela in the critical and commercial hit American Beauty (1999), as well as the comedies American Pie (1999) and its sequel American Pie 2 (2001).

Suvari made appearances in television shows such as Boy Meets World and ER at the age of fifteen and sixteen respectively. In 1999, she starred in the Oscar-winning American Beauty and the popular American Pie. Suvari was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, for her role in American Beauty. She followed these movies with roles in Loser (2000), The Musketeer (2001), and Spun (2002). Suvari also became a recurring character in the fourth season of the critically acclaimed HBO serial Six Feet Under in 2004, as lesbian performance poet and artist, Edie. Suvari was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for "Favorite Actress - Newcomer (Internet Only)" in 2000 for American Pie.

In 2006, Suvari performed the voice role of Aerith Gainsborough in the Square Enix/Disney video game Kingdom Hearts II and the English-language version of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. She has lead roles in the remake of the zombie movie Day of the Dead as well as Stuart Gordon's controversial film Stuck.

Suvari has a large script tattoo on her back, which reads 'Word, Sound, Power', as well as the head of a lion on her neck, a word just above the lion and a smaller tattoo on her chest.

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