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Actors like Robert Mitchum and Sean Connery were men who made a career playing hard-bitten tough guys, and both had tattoos from their youth. Actors with working class backgrounds or who had served in the military were far more likely to have tattoos than other members of Actors Equity. During the social revolution of the sixties and the rise in the popularity of rock and roll music, increasing numbers of performers expressed their independence from the mainstream by acquiring body art. The cross-over between the entertainment worlds of music and film meant that there was a powerful cross pollination. In films and television themselves, tattoos on actors were generally covered up, unless you were a character actor, like Danny Trejo in any number of films, or cast members of shows like OZ -- think Evan Seinfeld. Conversely, many characters in films had elaborate fake tattoos to flesh out their characters. Robert Mitchum's "Love and Hate" knuckledusters in Cape Fear and Rod Steiger in the "Illustrated Man". Today, no edgy, hip young actor would be caught dead without a little soul-searching body art.


American actor has an upper back tattoo of a monitor lizard with a top hat, small design on right shoulder, a Ghost Rider flaming skull on his left bicep 
American actor has Japanese Kanji character for TANAKA (family name) on his right ankle 
American actor/model has his wife's & 5 children's names tattooed on his body, included are a sum on his shoulder, a swallow on his side a ambigram on his arm, a crown, others... 
chapman lelandCHAPMAN,
American reality TV star (Dog the Bounty Hunter) has nice sleeve work on both arms, right arm has a Hawaiian woman and the left a tribal inspired design, several others... 
Canadian actor has a crest with stars around it on his right bicep 
American actor has a large cross on his right shoulder and a tribal inspired arm band around his left bicep 
American painter, illustrator, performance artist and actor has a dragon tattooed on bicep
SIR Sean 
Scottish actor has a heart with a dagger through it saying  "Scotland Forever" and a bird with a scroll in its mouth that says "Mum and Dad" tattooed on his forearm 
bradley cooperCOOPER,
American actor has tattoos on his chest and right arm, others?
American TV star animal expert has a coral snake tattooed on his upper left shoulder 
English actor has a tattoo of an H on his hip, a small tattoo on his inside right ankle and a condor done in the style of Peru's Nazca lines  
Australian actor had several fakes for the movie "Romper Stomper" where he played neo-Nazi skinhead Hando 
Wilson CruzCRUZ,
American actor and community mentor to gay youth has a patriotic Puerto Rican flag tattoo on his left shoulder
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