Natasha Kanani Janine Kai (born May 22, 1983) is an American professional soccer forward and Olympic gold medalist. She previously played for Sky Blue FC and the Philadelphia Independence of Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) as well as the United States women's national soccer team. In 2011, Kai was also part of the first US women's rugby union sevens team to play in the IRB Women's Sevens Challenge Cup held in Dubai. Kai is one of the most famous female athletes from Hawaii, where she starred at the University of Hawaii and was the Conference Player of the Year three times.

Women's Soccer Star Natasha Kia has an elaborate collection of tattoos. Depending upon your sources, she has anywhere from 55 to 60+ tattoos. Her tattoos, in the Polynesian tradition, appear to be mostly black tribal work, with some beautiful poetry - in homage apparently, to, among others, Angelina Jolie. Her work is well-designed, intelligent, and well thought out.

Her many tattoos, which include the names of her parents, five siblings and two nephews on one arm, which doesn't leave much room for more names; "I don't think anyone's planning on having kids any time soon," she said, which is lucky. The latest ink came in the form of three stars on the back of her neck;" "I think she has enough to actually give one of her tattoos to each person" on the team, Osborne said (teammate).

What is clear among Natasha's tribal tattoos are several Hibiscus, which are flowers that are synonymous with her home in Hawaii. In short, Natasha Kai is a beautiful young woman, with beautiful tattoos. She is representative of a long history of Polynesian tattoos that celebrate women of the Hawaii, Polynesia and the South Pacific. She represents all the best of women of the South Pacific and their amazing tattoo tradition.

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