Peaches Geldof TATTOOS

(13 March 1989 – 7 April 2014) Peaches was an English journalist, television presenter and model. The socialite daughter of Bob Geldof sported a total of over 20 tattoos. Among the pieces of 'art' found scattered across her body were a beautifully done daisy chain which stretched from her knee to her chest. The other works were dedicated to ex-boyfriends and the teenager's estranged husband Max Drummey. The words 'Ex Valentine' around the top of her left arm were understood to be a reference to old flame Faris Badwan, frontman with The Horrors.

Faris Badwan also inspired another one of Miss Geldof's designs - an open book with a noose hanging over the page. 'It's to symbolise me being owned by him,' she once said. On her back are four lines of lyrics from Nick Cave's song Into My Arms, which she had tattooed as a tribute to ex-rock star boyfriend Frederick Macpherson.

Miss Geldof had confessed that she was hooked on tattoos, saying: 'They're my new addiction.' London artist Dan Gold, who tattooed the Nick Cave lyrics on the teenager's back, said only a handful of the designs had a deep mystical meaning. 'The doves above her hips are a love symbol,' he said. It's a modern design and young women love these kinds of symbols. 'A playing card is a good luck symbol. The ace of spades portrays someone as an outsider and can be seen on her right hand

'The angel wings are because girls see themselves as little angels.' You can find a unicorn on her left thigh, initials of her best friend in a 'secret place'. The name of friend Fifi Brown on her right ankle. 'Max' on her left wrist, the letter 'P' on her neck accompanied by angel wings and bow. A line drawing of a heart on her right forearm and a a line drawing of a broken heart on her left arm.

The name 'Jordan Bunney Kinney', a musician under her left arm. A heart on her right buttock. Rosary beads and a crucifix on her left forearm, and a snake on her left shin.

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