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The surge of interest in tattoos and body art among women in mainstream popular culture during the modern era can be traced, in part, directly back to the the 1990's when a number of high profile female celebrities in the arts displayed their tattoos without compunction.

Lyle Tuttle's tattooing of Janis Joplin at the dawn of the era of feminism was a watershed event for tattoos and women. From the late sixties on, increasing numbers of women claimed ownership of their bodies and expressed a newfound independence by seeking out and getting a tattoo. If Janis Joplin was an early inspiration to women, Cher could be said to have picked up the torch.

Cher crossed over the boundaries of popular music, fashion, television and film and was a superstar in every field during the seventies and eighties. Her influence can be seen in the first supermodels that got tattoos, Stephanie Seymour, Christie Turlington and Carrie Otis, pop stars like Britney Spears, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera sporting body art and actors like Angelina Jolie, Alyssa Milano and Drew Barrymore that had tattoos very early on.


American adult film star has Thai looking tattoo design on the underside of her right wrist
American actress has heart & dagger on left hip, black rose on small of back, several others...
davis_geenaDAVIS, Geena American actress has Denny's logo on ankle (a cover-up of ex-husband Renny Harlin's name) with cherub just above.
Venezuelan born American actress has a Chinese symbol for "dog" on her right foot, a cross on her lower back, a henna inspired design below, and her initials in Tibetan under that
matteoDe MATTEO,
American actress has stars on wrist and finger, heart, crucifix, AC/DC logo just below panty line, skull with stars and lightning bolts at small of back, others... 
Indian actress (Bollywood) has a Sanskrit mantra tattoo on the back of her right shoulder another tattoo on the back of her left shoulder 


California born actress has a large tribal design on the small of her back, a small tattoo on the inside of her left wrist and on her lower right stomach 
American actress has cross tattoo on her lower leg 
American adult film star has heart on her upper chest, tribal design on left wrist, star on left forearm, words on her lower back 
English actress has a rose tattooed on her butt, heart & dagger on her upper left arm 
American actress/singer has the words "Let it be" tattooed on the outside of her right foot, a butterfly on her waist 
American actress had fake tribal tattoo armband for TV role, has real tattoos of a double-headed eagle on her back, like the one in Albania's national flag (her father's homeland) and several others.
American actress has Kanji symbol meaning STAR on left arm, the number 7 inside a ball, the letter W, "I love Marcie" on her back, the letter S underside of her wrist, the quote "Wisdom Comes Suddenly", others... 
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