Ann French (born April 6, 1984) in Darlington. She has 17 tattoos now including LOVE on her knuckles and a sad face inside my bottom lip. Ann's favorite at the moment is the portrait of her eye she has on the back of her leg. French has a white tatt on the inside of her left arm to that she loves because it's so unusual. Career wise she is working for Playboy at the moment. Ann has done cyber girls for the UK website, was the face of their rebrand. She also has her own TV show on Playboy One in the UK, interviewing celebrities round the world, behind the scenes of my shoots etc.

Work for Playboy France to doing events and parties in clubs in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Martinique and Guadeloupe and run the agency that finds the girls to Playboy France Bunnies

Ann has just completed an interview and shoot for Playboy America last month. It's online here. Ann lives in london, studying politics at the university while modeling. Her aspiration is to be a Bond girl or a political correspondent for the BBC. Ann French on Myspace

Some of her tattoos consist of:

  1. A Scorpion style symbol on her left big toe.
  2. 1 Corinthians 3:2 around her right shin.
  3. A LIFE/DEATH ambigram on her inner left thigh.
  4. The quote "Me Nutrit Me Destruit" in red on her lower stomach. This tattoo is accompanied by a tribal flower.
  5. French's most pronounced tattoo is her tribal dragon on her stomach.
  6. The name "Mike" in Chinese and the Aries and Gemini Astrological signs on the left wrist
  7. 4 playing card symbols down the side of her left hand, little finger to wrist.
  8. Tribal dragon on right thumb
  9. White pattern inside of right elbow
  10. Red pattern on back of left arm
  11. Large angel on the lower back

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