Colin Farrell

Colin James Farrell (born May 31, 1976) is an Irish actor, who has appeared in several high-profile Hollywood films including Tigerland, Daredevil, Miami Vice, Minority Report, Phone Booth, Alexander and S.W.A.T.

"My tattoo is just a tribal design from Tahiti that I got when I was there. I'm not macho about things like that - I shit myself every time I go to the dentist. Did you ever get a sore in one of your gums above your teeth, where it's sore but you can't stop rubbing it? It's the same kind of thing getting a tattoo. It's sore, but it's kind of nice."

"Carpe diem....with my girl", the words "Carpe Diem" (Latin for "Seize the day") After his divorce he had the "with my girl" part covered by a cross. On his left ring finger, above the knuckle he has the name "Millie" tattooed. "Millie" was a nickname for his first wife, Amelia Warner, other one reads I Love no matter.

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