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Troll Tattoo Designs - However you look at them, TROLLS, the mythical creatures of medieval Scandinavia, are not very pleasant. In myth and story, Trolls lived underground, in caves or mounds. Trolls come in two varieties, the giants or the human-esque version, but both were considered harmful to humans. As shape-shifters, they possessed the power of invisibility, and could travel on the wind and disguise themselves as fallen logs or domestic animals, but Trolls always came with an extremely bad attitude. They were known to capture humans and make slaves of them. There are tales of humans being abducted and taken to the mountains, only to return, completely insane.

Like evil spirits and demons in many other cultures, Trolls in Scandinavian represent the capricious of nature, the unknown and the uncertainty of life. If something bad or unexplained happened to you - why surely there must be a nasty Troll involved! A Troll tattoo is an amulet or talisman, to protect you against the unexpected, and to remember that anything can happen in life.


Trolls, like leprechauns, were known to steal food from farmers. Occasionally, in fables, Trolls would kidnap a new-born baby, leaving one of their own in its place. To keep these heathen ogres at bay, it was advised to ring the church bells, or be ready with a holy epithet or two.

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Tattoo designs - T >> Trolls

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