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Elf / Elves tattoo designsElf & Elves Tattoo Design Meanings - ELVES were the magical little people of Teutonic legend. In German mythology, the elf was a type of fairy who lived in forests, sometimes in the sea, and even in the air. From Shakespeare's Puck to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, elves have been the staple characters for writers and fabulous manifestations in art. They are still fantasy favourites of children of all ages. Asked, "Do you believe in elves?" few today would deny their existence.

Although they were often mischief makers, elves weren't associated with darkness, as were trolls and gnomes. Elves belonged to the realm of light. Belief in the fairy realm was common throughout ancient Europe. We call them myths and legends, but they were very real to the folks of old Europe, who claimed to see them, and proclaimed them to be part of the natural order.


Even though they were not considered divine, elves were thought to be servants of gods, and were bearers of light. Some believed they were the spirits of the dead, others that they were older than humanity. They were part of the belief in nature and ancestral spirits, and were commonly associated with fertility rites. Over time, the elf became the epitome of mischievousness, as the tales of their escapades became legendary.

Today, there is still the enchantment with fairies and elves and a willingness to believe in the fairy realm. In Edwardian England, belief in fairies hit an all-time high when photographs of fairies were taken and offered as absolute evidence of their existence. When the photographs turned out to be faked, many people refused to believe it was a hoax!

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Tattoo designs - E >> Elves

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