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Leprechaun design meaningsLeprechaun Tattoo Designs - Leprechauns are featured in untold numbers of stories, fables and myths in Ireland, although little is written about them. They are known as cobblers to the fairy people, and are said to have been around before the Celts showed up. Legend tells us that if you catch a Leprechaun, you might find his pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow. But these little characters are famous for their lightening speed. If you take your eyes off one, it's gone for good. Although reputed to be mischievous, they are great conversationalists - the Irish gift of the gab! But they enjoy solitude better.

There are tales of Leprechauns riding sheep dogs at night and leaving them scruffy and exhausted in the morning. The illicit Irish homebrew, 'poteen', leaves many a leprechaun intoxicated, but it apparently does not affect their ability to continue making little shoes. When they raided local larders and wine cellars, these Leprechauns were held in particular low esteem, and were even called by another name, 'Cluricauns'.

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Leprechaun Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired!The 18th century Leprechaun would be seen wearing his leather apron and shoes with silver buckles. A century later, it would be a fancy red jacket, a waistcoat and cocked hat, as well as the silver buckles. It wasn't until the 20th century that he took to wearing the green jacket and headgear we see today.

Leprechauns are favorite tattoo symbols for those with a love of all things Irish, along with Shamrocks, Four-Leaf Clovers and the Harp.

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Tattoo designs - L >> Leprechauns

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