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Meanings of Tattoo Symbols and Designs that start with the letter L


Tattoo Designs & Symbols provides tattoo meanings, overviews and explanations of some of the most popular tattoo designs in the world today. The tattoo symbols & designs on this page all start with the letter L. Some of the most popular tattoo designs and symbols on this page include Lotus Flower Tattoos, Love Tattoos, Lions, Lily Flowers, Lightning, Latino Designs, Ladybugs and Lucky Tattoos.

You'll find lots of great tattoo ideas for men and tattoos for girls and women here. Take your time deciding which tattoo is right for you - have a really good look around, get informed and most of all get inspired!

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Labrador Retriever tattoo symbol meaningsLabrador Retriever Tattoos - Labs are a well-balanced, friendly and versatile breed, adaptable to a wide range of functions as well as making very good pets. As a rule they are not excessively prone to being territorial, pining, insecure, aggressive, destructive, hypersensitive, or other difficult traits which sometimes manifest in a variety of breeds. As the name suggests, they are excellent retrievers. They instinctively enjoy holding objects and even hands or arms in their mouths, which they can do with great gentleness (a Labrador can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it).... more

Ladybug tattoo design meaningsLadybug Tattoos - Cultures all over the world associate the fabled Ladybug with Good Luck and Good Fortune. For the English and French farmers it indicates good weather. In Sweden and other countries the Ladybug will bring Good Luck with finding your true love. Some Asian cultures believe that the Ladybug understands human language, and has been blessed by God. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, insects were destroying the crops, so the Catholic farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Soon the Ladybugs came, ate the plant-destroying pests and ... more

Latino tattoo design meaningsLatino, Mexican, Hispanic Tattoos - 'Latino tattoos' - we're making reference here to Mexican nationals and to the Americans of Mexican descent living along the border states from California to the Gulf of Mexico (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) - and their favourite tattoo motifs. The Latino presence in the U.S. is growing in just about every aspect of American culture (in fact, in many parts of the US, Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic segment of the population), particularly food and music. Many Mexican celebrations have naturally spilled north over the border, which is important when it comes to tattoo culture, since fiesta time is a very popular occasion to be tattooed... more

Leaf tattoo design meaningsLeaf or Leaves Tattoo Designs - Tattoo art has embraced many leaf motifs, one of the most popular being the Japanese maple, a symbol of time passing. The design often conveys the leaves as floating, carried on the wind. In Japan, it's also the symbol of lovers. In some Japanese tattoo designs, canopies of maple leaves float over shoulders and drift over the torso. Another favourite for covering large areas of... more

Leo tattoo design meaningsLeo Astrology Sign Tattoos - The Western astrological sign of Leo is occupied by the Sun from July 23 to August 22 in the tropical zodiac and currently August 17 to September 16 in the sidereal zodiac, when the Sun is approximately in the constellation of Leo.

In tropical astrology it is associated with the powerful sun and... more

Leopard tattoo design meaningsLeopard Tattoos - The strength and power of the African leopard represents the masculine qualities of the hunter. It also symbolizes social order and stability. Wearing the leopard skin was traditionally reserved for royalty and symbolized power and wealth. In some regions, the leopard was a powerful totem animal, most infamously with a cult that believed that by eating the flesh and blood of their victims they could be transformed into leopards. These 'leopard men' terrorized villages... more

Leprechaun design meaningsLeprechaun Tattoos - Leprechauns are featured in untold numbers of stories, fables and myths in Ireland, although little is written about them. They are known as cobblers to the fairy people, and are said to have been around before the Celts showed up. Legend tells us that if you catch a Leprechaun, you might find his pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow. But these little characters are famous for their lightening speed. If you take your eyes off one, it's gone for good. Although reputed to be mischievous, they are great conversationalists - the Irish gift of the gab! But they enjoy solitude better.... more

Libra tattoo design meaningsLibra Astrological Sign Tattoos - The Western astrological sign of Libra is part of the tropical zodiac (September 23 (Autumn equinox) - October 22) and the sidereal zodiac (October 18 - November 16). It is associated with the constellation Libra and the classical element Air, making it an Air sign. Libra is also one of the Cardinal signs (along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). Its symbol is the scales. Its ruling planet is Venus. As an Air sign, Libra is associated with...  more


Lightning tattoo design meaningsLightning Tattoos - Lightning, lightning bolts, thunderbolts, or bolts of lightning - however you wish to describe it - are the electrical discharges that we are all familiar with during thunderstorms. There are few displays of the power of nature more spectacular than the electrical fireworks that accompany a thunderstorm - a brilliant flash of blue-white light that seems to arc out of the heavens as if by magic and with it, the incredible, near deafening thunderclap that comes mere seconds later. In a cold, dark, rainy night, a bolt of lightning would make it seem like daylight for a moment. What a concept for a tattoo design! What a potent... more


lily tattoo design meaningsLily Tattoos - The whiteness of the lily's long white petals speaks of purity, innocence, and chastity. At the same time and in other cultures, the trumpet-like flower has evoked associations of erotic love and procreation. Clearly, the lily is one of the most ambiguous of all flower symbols. Christians took possession of the symbol on the basis of the Sermon on the Mount and its 'lilies of the field' passage. Consider how beautiful they grow, though 'they toil not'. God provides, that's the message, and the lily emerges as a symbol of... more


Lingam tattoo design meaningsLingam Tattoos - Lingam: 'a stylized phallic symbol that is worshipped in Hinduism as a sign of generative power, and that represents the god Shiva.' (from: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary)

Shiva in the form of the lingam (or 'linga') appears in temples throughout India. It isn't worshipped for itself, but as a visible symbol of an invisible force - the most primal energy of the Creator - which is present in everything. When Creation comes to an end (we here at Vanising Tattoo are not predicting this any time soon), Hindus believe that the many different facets of God come home to roost in the Shivalingam... more

Lion tattoo designsLion Tattoos - The Lion is an ancient symbol, one that has been incorporated into the religion and mythology of numerous cultures and civilizations since recorded time around the Middle East, India, throughout Africa and bordering the Mediterranean. Lions once roamed the southern reaches of Europe. The influence of the power of the Lion's symbolism can be seen in it's representation in both Chinese and Japanese art and mythology, both cultures beyond it's range.

The Lion was often used as a symbol of Royalty, as in many cultures it was considered the "King of the Beasts"... more

Lips as tattoo designsLip/Lips Tattoo - Lips are often viewed as a symbol for sensuality and sexuality. This has many origins; above all, the lips are a very sensitive erogenous and tactile organ. Reproductive psychologists have suggested that one reason the female lips are seen as sexually attractive might be because they mimic the appearance and sexual swelling of the.... more

Lizard tattoo designsLizard Tattoos - Just as the lizard is able to drop its tail in order to escape danger, so the lizard totem shows us the principles of letting go and self-protection.

A popular lizard for tattoo designs in the gecko, which appears often in Polynesian tribal tattoos. The gecko is supposed to have supernatural... more

The Lotus Flower / Water Lily - This tattoo design is as symbolically important in the East as the Rose is in the West. In fact, the Lotus and the Rose are the two most powerful of all the flower symbols. The lotus figures prominently in the Creation Myths of India and China, and Buddha is said to have risen at the center of a Lotus Blossom. The Water Lily plays a similar role in Egyptian culture as the Lotus does in Asian cultures... more

Love tattoosLove Tattoo Symbolism - The ever popular love tattoo symbol covers an entire rather large genre of tattoo designs including these ever popular expressions of love and devotion. The color red, hearts, hearts with arrows through them, lips kissing, wedding rings, cupid with his bow and arrow, roses, jasmine flowers and many other symbols of love and devotion... more

Lower back tattoosLower Back Tattoos - Women often choose tattoo designs that visually elongate their legs and arms, narrow the waist and draw the eye to the natural curves of their hips and bust. Even when choosing to get extensive tattooing, such as with a full sleeve or a back piece, women often make use of a lighter and more delicate colour palette, as well as a judicious use negative space within the tattoo and a choice of a design that one might categorize as feminine... more

Lucky tattoo designs and symbolsLucky Tattoo Symbols - One of the principal attributes of tattoos down through the ages - and in almost all cultures that have practiced body art - has been the belief that tattoos serve as powerful amulets and talismans of protection, that they may ward off evil spirits and that they may act as charms or good luck for the wearer.  We traditionally think of tattoos of... more


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