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The 101 Hottest Women With Tattoos -- By Vince Hemingson

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The World's 101 Hottest Women with Tattoos for 2007

We've been tracking tattooed celebrities at Vanishing Tattoo for more years than we care to remember, squinting at fuzzy photos of beautiful people in a selfless effort to see if that blurry spot on the backside of a B-list body is really an unknown piece of body art - and all for the edification of you, our faithful audience. We endlessly (or so it seems) scour the Internet, straining and sacrificing our eye-sight so that others may gaze upon the tattoos of the rich and famous in wonderment.

After years of compiling lists in which we divulged who among the numerous annual inventories of the "sexiest", "most desirable" and "most beautiful" women in the world had tattoos, we decided to simply put together our own list. Easier said than done. There were numerous heated discussions about body art, big tattoos versus little tattoos, hot versus not, and A-list over the straight-to-video crowd. Mostly done without the aid of alcohol. But we did it.

One final Editorial Note, there are some very "Hot" celebrities with tattoos who did not make this list. And of course the only criteria for being on the list was that you had to have a tattoo, still be alive (sorry Aaliyah and Anna Nicole) and for some reason pique the curiosity of our great audience. That being said, some hot babes like Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne  and Portia de Rossi have ink that you need a magnifying glass to spot and we drew the line at celebrity women whose flirtation with anorexia is the opposite of hotness in our humble opinion.

So here it is, The Vanishing Tattoo presents the Hottest One Hundred and One Women with Tattoos in the World for 2007.

Argue amongst yourselves. Enjoy the views. After you're done check out the World's Hottest 101 Tattooed Men for 2010. You can see who was on the list of Hottest Tattooed Men 2007 right here. Find out what the Top 10 tattooed body parts and the Top 10 hand tattoos are. See LA Ink on TLC

Angelina Jolie1. Angelina Jolie - Actress, humanitarian, Queen of the Hotties, has an ever growing number of assorted tattoos (3 full pages!) One of her latest shows the latitude & longitude of the birthplaces of her adopted children (over her lasered off Billy Bob tattoo). Angelina is one of the hottest women on the planet - the fact that she has tattoos is like icing on the cupcake!
Jessica Alba2. Jessica Alba - Actress has flower and ladybug on back of her neck, Sanskrit character for lotus flower on her wrist, a bow tattoo on the small of her back.
Diablo Cody3. Diablo Cody - Multiple award winning screenwriter has large pin-up girl tattooed on her right shoulder, small tattoo on inside of left wrist, one on her thigh, others...
Eva Longoria4. Eva Longoria - Actress has small star shaped tattoo on inside of left wrist, a Celtic style cross on lower back, another tattoo at the top of her right butt cheek and her boyfriend's initials (TP) in an unknown intimate location.
Gisele Bundchen5. Gisele Bundchen - Supermodel has small tattoo below bikini line, a star on the underside of her left wrist, she had a complete body suit tattoo (fake) done for an ad campaign, a crescent moon and stars on the inside of her right ankle.
Pink6. Pink - Singer has shooting star and angel on back of left shoulder, "what goes around comes around" on right wrist "tru luv" a little higher up, tattoos on upper left thigh "Mr. Pink", oriental style dragon, cartoon cat lower stomach & barcode from album Missundaztood just below hairline at back of neck, frog on left foot, kanji for luck/happiness on right ankle, infinity sign on her hip, red star on hand, dad and brother's army dog tags on left foot, portrait of her dog Elvis, several others.
Terri Polo7. Teri Polo - Actress has a large tribal style lower back tattoo, crescent moon & star on back of left ankle, symbol on left breast.
Christina Aguilera8. Christina Aguilera - Singer has "Xtina" on back of neck, a small flower? on left wrist, strange looking design on inside left forearm, Herbrew words on small of back ("I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me"), unknown tattoo just below bikini line, has several piercings including left nostril, labret, right nipple, genital, others? Christina is super hot and super cool too. How many men have been able to resist watching the Much Music Spotlight show on Christina? They'll sit through all the videos about her singing about being beautiful just to be able to see the video for "Dirty" one more time!
Drew Barrymore9. Drew Barrymore - Actress has a cross on her ankle, a butterfly under belly button, angels on back, blue moon with smile & star at tip on right foot, flowers on inside left hip bone. Even though Drew is kinda "old news", she never fails to charm her audience. Besides, did you SEE that issue of Playboy with her posing? Yum!
Suicide Girls10. Suicide Girls - This collective group of super hot tattooed ladies puts a whole new spin on the writer/artist/punkgrrl scene!
Janine Lindemulder11. Janine Lindemulder - Adult film star has flowers tattooed on the back of her neck, others on back, full sleeve on right arm, more.
Penelope Cruz12. Penelope Cruz - Spanish born actress has the number 883 tattooed just above her right ankle.
Anne French13. Anne French - British model has 13+ tattoos, 3 on her legs, 2 on back (includes large male angel), 3 on her arms, 3 on stomach & 2 on her hands. She is SEXY beyond words.
Anouk14. Anouk - Dutch singer has tattooed sleeve of flowers on right arm, crescent moon shaped design on lower right belly. This is a great sleeve!
Sophie Anderton15. Sophie Anderton - British model has a bird of paradise tattoo on her upper back linked to a lotus flower tattoo on her lower back.
Tiffani Amber Thiessen16. Tiffani Amber Thiessen - Actress has tattoos of a flower on her back, an angel on her ankle, a small green heart on her stomach, sunflower just above panty line, others? Again, even though we haven't heard from her in a long time, she is still hot!
Reese Witherspoon17. Reese Witherspoon - Actress has a small star on her inner left hip. Her ex-husband is an idiot for lettering her go. She's sexy, successful, beautiful, intelligent AND tattooed!
Carmen Electra18. Carmen Electra - Model / TV personality has her wedding date "Eleven XXII" tattooed on the underside of her left wrist.
Lucy Liu19. Lucy Liu - Actress (who holds a Bachelor of Science degree) has a tattoo of a tiger on small of her back.
Dixie Chicks20. Dixie Chicks - All three singing "Chicks" have small chick foot prints on one foot to mark certain #1 career milestones.
Megan Fox21. Megan Fox - Actress has tattoo of moon & starfish on on her right ankle, Marilyn Monroe portrait tattoo on right arm, "Brian" on bikini line & words "there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART" on her left rib cage just below her armpit & the words "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" on her back shoulder
Alyssa Milano22. Alyssa Milano - Actress has a tattooed chain with a cross on her shoulder, fairy under belly button, sacred heart on butt, angel right calf, Orobous (snake biting own tail), Sanskrit symbol on back of neck, several others.
Halle Berry23. Halle Berry - Academy award winning actress has a flower tattooed on her right buttock.
Beyonce24. Beyonce - American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, and model has a praying angel on upper left thigh.
Pamela Anderson25. Pamela Anderson - Canadian born actress has a barbwire armband, the word Mommy on finger - used to say Tommy, ankle has small image, tribal on small of back, others.
Bif Naked26. Bif Naked - Canadian singer / actor (born in New Deli, India) has a rather large number of tattoos and piercings.
Winona Ryder27. Winona Ryder - Golden Globe winning actress has small S shaped tattoo on her upper left forearm.
Rachel Roberts28. Rachel Roberts - Actress has a sun tattoo on her ankle, crazy stained glass type flower arrangement on her lower back, pierced belly button.
Danica Patrick29. Danica Patrick - Racecar driver extraordinaire has a patriotic tattoo on her lower back - hot rods, hottie and tattoos. Just seems to go together, doesn't it?
Tammin Sursok30. Tammin Sursok - Australian actress / singer has a line of words that say "Mind Body Soul" on her lower left stomach.
Lisa Seiffert31. Lisa Seiffert - Australian supermodel has a tribal sun design on front of her left shoulder, 3 small symbols beside right breast, small design with leaves on the back of her right shoulder
Christy Turlington32. Christy Turlington - California born supermodel has a flower tattoo on the inside of her right ankle.
Charlize Theron33. Charlize Theron - Academy Award winning actress has tattoos of a small flower on top of right foot, fish on back of right ankle.
Sara Spraker34. Sara Spraker - Model has tribal tattoo on her lower back, a symbol for strength on the back of her neck, bracelet on right wrist, old English "S" on inner left wrist, flowers on foot, stemmed rose on ankle, butterfly in bikini area.
Gabrielle Reece35. Gabrielle Reece - Pro volleyball player / model has a cross tattoo on her right ankle. Strong and beautiful in every way!
Christina Milian36. Christina Milian - R&B / pop singer and actress has several small red stars on the outside of her left hip.
Tairrie B37. Tairrie B - Front woman for the band My Ruin has large tattoos on both upper arms with some religious references, flames on to of wrists, many others.
Ivet Lalova38. Ivet Lalova - Olympic sprinting star from Bulgaria has tribal sun tattooed around her belly button.
Mutya Buena39. Mutya Buena - Musician has many tattoos, Maya on her hip (sister's name), Buena & heart on arm, heart on her hand, lady & naughty on her leg, bar code on neck, Only God Can Judge Me on neck, Chinese symbol on right arm, lion on back, rose on left breast...
Alison Eastwood40. Alison Eastwood - Actress and Clint Eastwood's daughter has tattoo around left wrist, a purple rose on her left shoulder. Like her Daddy, she will make your day.
Ana Paula41. Ana Paula - Brazilian model has tattoos of butterflies (large and small) on her back and a gnome sitting on a preying mantis tattooed on her pelvis.
Brooke Burke42. Brooke Burke - American television personality and model has her ex-husband's name on the inside of right foot.
Sarah O’Hare43. Sarah O'Hare - Model, actress has a couple stylized dolphins tattooed on her right arm, one of her toes has a tattoo circling it.
Masuimi Max44. Masuimi Max - Model and actress has beautiful tattoo work on her lower back and upper arm.
Kat Von D45. Kat Von D - Tattoo artist and reality TV star has many, many tattoos including several portraits all over her body.
Sienna Miller46. Sienna Miller - Actress has a small star tattooed on her lower right bikini line, 3 small blue stars on right shoulder representing love, honor and trust.
Nikki Taylor47. Nikki Taylor - Model has her sister Krissy's name across left hand, dolphin on right ankle, a sun tattooed on her foot, two others on her butt.
Anna Kournikova48. Anna Kournikova - Tennis star born in Moscow, Russia has a large tribal inspired design with stars on her lower back.
Christina Applegate49. Christina Applegate - Actress has tattoo of an apple just below her bikini line, a vine on her left ankle, a ti-leaf lei tattooed on her right ankle.

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Maja Ivarsson 50. Maja Ivarsson - Charismatic bisexual lead singer of the Swedish group The Sounds has a tribal sun on the inside of her left arm, a pin-up girl on the underside of her right forearm.
Triana Iglesias51. Triana Iglesias - Norwegian glamour model, TV host and actress, (appeared in magazines such as Playboy (US), FHM, Ice, People magazine, Esquire and Maxim) has a tribal design tattooed on her lower back.
Britney Spears52. Britney Spears - Singer, actress has tattoos of a fairy tattoo on her lower back, small daisy circling second toe on right foot, a butterfly leaving a vine on left foot, flower with Chinese symbol for mystery in middle on lower stomach. 3 Hebrew characters on back of her neck, a pair of pink dice inside left wrist (changed), small star on her right hand, red & pink lips on wrist, a black, white & pink cross on lower hip... She also has pierced belly button & right nipple.
Nora Jones53. Norah Jones - Soul, blues, and folk-based pop singer has star shaped tattoo located on her lower back.
Mia Tyler54. Mia Tyler - Plus size model (daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler) has flowers around right ankle, tattoos on both shoulders, cross design on inside left arm, several others.
Vida Guerra55. Vida Guerra - Model / actress has a small rose tattoo on her ankle, a little red devil tattooed just below her bikini line.
Jenna Jameson56. Jenna Jameson - Model, adult film star has the words HEART BREAKER tattooed on her butt, a flower tattoo on her ankle, many others.
Sung Hi Lee57. Sung Hi Lee - Korean born actress, model has a small butterfly tattooed just below her bikini line.
Shannyn Sossamon58. Shannyn Sossamon - Actress has 3 tattoos including a flower inside an S on back of right shoulder, the word "Believe" and eyes on her lower back.
Amber Smith58. Amber Smith - Model, actress has a red headed woman tattooed on the front of her left upper thigh.
Anoushka Shankar59. Anoushka Shankar - Sitar playing musician has a star shaped tattoo on her lower back that matches her half-sister Norah Jones (their father is Sitar master Ravi Shankar).
Rihanna60. Rihanna - Singer has a treble clef and a 16th note on her right foot/ankle. She also has a Pisces sign behind her ear.
Vanessa Marcil61. Vanessa Marcil - Actress who studied law in college has a large Egyptian symbol for peace tattooed on her lower back.
Jenny Frost62. Jenny Frost - British born musician has a shooting star tattoo on the inside of her right wrist.
Agness Bruckner63. Agness Bruckner - Actress has words CRAZY BEAUTIFUL in the shape of a cross on inside left arm, large cross on left shoulder, another cross on right arm, small lower back tattoo.
Brandi Brandt64. Brandi Brandt - This Playboy model has a  flower tattoo with writing around it on her left shoulder, a bright design on foot.
Yasmine Bleeth65. Yasmine Bleeth - America actress has a flower like design for "Trinity" tattooed near her belly button.
Jessica Biel66. Jessica Biel - Actress has small dove tattooed on right side of her stomach just above her bikini line.
Catherine Bell67. Catherine Bell - Actress born in London, England has a heart/crown shape tattoo on the outside of her right ankle.
Naima Belkhiati68. Naima Belkhiati - French born vocalist for UK based girl group Honeyz has a dolphin tattooed on ankle.
Charli Baltimore69. Charli Baltimore - Rapper has many tattoos, a black widow spider and cross tattooed on her lower back is just one.
Fairuza Balk70. Fairuza Balk - Singer has Blue triangle inside larger black triangle on left shoulder tribal design around right bicep, Uchin script of the Tibetan language for "Om Mani Padme Hum" across lower back, nine tattoos in all.
Amerie71. Amerie - R & B / Hip Hop singer has her name written in Korean script tattooed on her lower back.
Summer Altice72. Summer Altice - Actress model has tattoo of butterfly on her lower back, small design on top of right foot.
Lindsay Lohan73. Lindsay Lohan - Actress has words "La Bella Vita" tattooed on the top of her right butt cheek, a small star tattoo on inside left wrist, the word "BREATHE" on the other wrist.
Heather Locklear74. Heather Locklear - Actress has a tattoo of a heart and rose on right lower leg/ankle, ex-husband's name RICHIE SAMBORA on her groin, the word FINCH just above the rose (for her boyfriend, David Spade's Just Shoot Me character).
Tila Tequila75. Tila Tequila - Model, musician & internet superstar has at least nine tattoos and a pierced navel. Tattoos include a star on top of right & left wrists/hands.
Ashley Roberts76. Ashley Roberts - This Pussycat Doll has a pierced navel and a tribal inspired lower back tattoo.
Rachel Perry77. Rachel Perry - VH1 host has large flower design on her lower back, a bird (swallow) tattooed on each hip.
Kate Hudson78. Kate Hudson - Actress (daughter of Goldie Hawn) has a small star tattooed on the top of her left foot.
Frankie Rayder79. Frankie Rayder - Supermodel / actress (played herself in ZOOLANDER) with a killer stare has tattoo on lower back.
James King80. James King - Supermodel has word KING on the back of her neck, a small tattoo on bikini line, a fairy on her lower back, a diamond on left wrist, spade or club on her right wrist, both nipples pierced.
Kerry Katona81. Kerry Katona - Atomic Kitten star has tribal design on small of back, pic of Winnie the Pooh with husbands name Bryan underneath on her ass (name since lasered off), bouquet of roses above her right ankle.
Persia White82. Persia White - Actress has large tribal on right hip & leg, solid arm bands around both biceps, bracelet tattoo on right wrist, others.
Caroline Murphy83. Caroline Murphy - Model has a large Japanese-style koi fish tattooed on her right hip. Sadly it is covered for most of her photo shoots.
Lexus Locklear84. Lexus Locklear - Adult film star has an ankle bracelet tattoo on her left leg, a rose tattooed on right breast.
Tera Patrick85. Tera Patrick - Exotic looking (her mother was Thai) adult film star has a flaming heart tattoo on outside of her right ankle.
Carre Otis86. Carre Otis - American supermodel / actress has a left wrist bracelet style tattoo, an angel tattooed on her right shoulder, many others.
Adriana Lima87. Adriana Lima - Born in Brazil this Victoria's Secret model has the inside of her left ankle tattooed in a tribal style.
Drea De Matteo88. Drea De Matteo - Actress has stars on wrist and finger, heart, crucifix, AC/DC logo just below panty line, skull with stars and lightning bolts at small of back, others...
Sarah Michelle Gellar89. Sarah Michelle Gellar - Actress has Chinese symbol meaning "to trust" or "to believe" on her left hip, Tao symbol for patience on inside of right ankle, two purple dragonflies on lower back, others...
Theo Kogan90. Theo Kogan - American born model, singer, actress got her first tattoo at age 18 and now has many, many tattoos (full sleeves, legs, ??)
Jennifer Esposito91. Jennifer Esposito - American actress, dancer has an Egyptian Eye of Horus tattooed on the back of her upper left shoulder.
Nina Brosh92. Nina Brosh - Supermodel has a rose and skull on her left upper arm, small flower just below her bikini line, small tattoo on top of her right foot.
Jamie Bergman93. Jamie Bergman - Actress, model has Chinese characters on both wrists one means the SOUL the other means FATE.
Anastasia94. Anastasia - Singer has tattoo of the Egyptian symbol of eternal life surrounded by the sun on the small of her back, another design up higher.
Joss Stone96. Joss Stone - British soul, pop singer has small shooting star tattoo on her outside right foot just under her ankle
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos97. Rebecca Romijn - Born to hippie parents in California this talented actress, model has a  tattooed circle with initials on the inside of her left ankle.
Rose McGowan98. Rose McGowan - Born in Florence, Italy, to an Irish artist and a French writer, this actress has a tattooed figure of a Varga Girl on her back.
Denise Richards99. Denise Richards - Actress has winged creature tattooed on her lower stomach, the word "Charlie" (ex husband) on the outside of her right ankle.
Sarah Kramer100. Sarah Kramer - Canadian vegan superstar chef, photographer and author has multiple tattoos.
Victoria Beckham101. Victoria Beckham - Former Spice Girl has 5 stars on her lower back -one for each family member, husband's initials DB on the underside of left wrist, Hebrew script on her upper back that reads "I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine", others...

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