The 101 Hottest Men With Tattoos

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The 101 Hottest Tattooed Men in the World for 2007

We've been tracking tattooed celebrities at Vanishing Tattoo for more years than we care to remember, squinting at fuzzy photos of beautiful people in a selfless effort to see if that blurry spot on the backside of a B-list body is really an unknown piece of body art - and all for your enjoyment, our faithful audience. We endlessly (or so it seems) scour the Internet, straining and sacrificing our eye-sight so that others may gaze upon the tattoos of the rich and famous in wonderment.

And in the past we have assembled lists of who among the beautiful people had tattoos. The one thing those beautiful people had in common besides their body art was their gender. Now granted, every single one of the lists we have analyzed in the past, was drawn from among the numerous annual Men's magazines' inventories of the "sexiest", "most desirable" and "most beautiful" women in the world.

And the women in our audience cried foul. Long and hard... at least for girls that is. So in deference to the smarter, fairer, and more perceptive sex, we have attempted to level the playing field. We listened. Frankly, we were afraid not to. So we consulted with some bright beautiful body art babes of our own and asked them who they considered to be the hottest tattooed men on the planet. This is the list THEY came up with for 2007...

So here it is, The Vanishing Tattoo presents the Hottest One Hundred and One Tattooed Men in the World for 2007. If you haven't done so already you may want to check out the Hottest 101 Tattooed Women for 2007. Or find out what the Top 10 tattooed body parts and the Top 10 hand tattoos are.

Argue amongst yourselves, ladies. Enjoy the views.

Lenny Kravitz1. Lenny Kravitz - Great tattoos just for starters. Musician has dragon on left shoulder, cross and various others on arms and rest of body. Between the fact that he's a musician, he has a great body, he's kinda rough around the edges and he's super laid back, there isn't much to not love about Lenny Kravitz. Seriously, even though he isn't "pretty" or particularly "bad boy," he's one of the biggest stud's I've ever seen. HOT HOT HOT
Justin Timberlake2. Justin Timberlake - Singer, actor has his initials tattooed on ankles, a cross on his left shoulder, large pic of angel with the word GUARDIAN above tattooed on back, others.
Whenever I hear anyone say that white guys have no style, I refer them to Justin Timberlake. Seriously, this man is not only redefining pop music at this very moment in time, but he is beautiful, brilliant, and rich. Oh - and did I mention nice? What doesn't he have?
David Beckham3. David Beckham - Soccer star has the words BROOKLYN (son's name) across lower back, ROMEO (son) above crucifixion scene on upper back & CRUZ (son) underneath, his wife Victoria's name in Hindi (miss-spelled with an "h" as in Vihctoria), Roman numeral VII (7 was his Man United jersey number) underside right arm, many others.
Okay, so I know that women the world over may disagree with me on this, but while DB is super cute, he's a little too "boy next door" looking to really go beyond "super cute." Part of his charm, I think, is that he looks like a good guy. Any man who tattoos his family's names on his body and has blonde hair and boyish good looks, along with cash to spare and a thriving career, is a catch!
Brad Pitt4. Brad Pitt - Actor has a tattoo of a piece of Arabic script on his lower back left side, he had fake tattoos for the movies Ocean's Eleven & Snatch. There isn't anything left to say about Brad Pitt. Every woman envies Angelina...
Eminem5. Eminem - Rapper, producer, actor has Dog tags around neck, large mushroom on left shoulder, right inside arm has daughter's name (Hailie Jade), gothic style bracelet on left wrist, "Slit Here" on right wrist, D on right forearm, 12 on left forearm, one tattoo standing for Eminem on one side of chest, one tattoo standing for Slim Shady on other side, design on right bicep, several others...
On a purely physical level, I wouldn't drool over Eminem. BUT - couple his pretty darn cute looks with that ultra sexy attitude, a bad boy image, and loads of tattoos and you've got one amazing sex symbol! Oh - PLUS he's a musician... everyone knows musicians are sexy!
Anthony Kiedis6. Anthony Kiedis - Chili Pepper has many tribal inspired tattoos, various locations. Hot as a Chili Pepper is right. He can spice up my dish any time!
Johnny Depp7. Johnny Depp - This actor has many, many tattoos and... he's Johnny Depp. The pirate in many a girl's dreams...
Orlando Bloom8. Orlando Bloom - Actor and "Lord of the Rings" star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film. Elvish design meaning "The Nine" (for 9 members of the fellowship of the ring) on his right wrist, he also has a sun design tattooed on his lower stomach
The Rock9. The Rock - The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)has a Brahma bull tattoo (he is a Taurus) on his right bicep, large Polynesian style piece on upper left arm He's sooo hot! He looks like he could just pick you up with one arm and mess a girl up in all the right ways! YUM!
Sonny Bill Williams10. Sonny Bill Williams - NZ Rugby star has large Samoan designs covering back of his right calf & his right arm, WILLIAMS across his upper back Oh... oh... oh my. Wow... I could really put up with a lot of bullshit from this guy if he was mine. He's beyond gorgeous.
Robbie Williams11. Robbie Williams - Singer has a Maori design on left arm, Celtic cross on right hip, lion with BORN TO BE MILD under it and ELVIS, GRANT ME SERENITY above it on right arm, musical notes and Beatles lyrics on small of back, saint holding cross with name JACK FARREL (his grandfather) under it on inside right arm, word MOTHER on outside of same arm, French words "Chacun A Son Gout" (Everybody's got his own taste) on top of chest, several others...
Nice ass - very cute face too. Haha!
Usher12. Usher - Singer has the word "USHER" with a sword through it tattooed on his left arm, "JAMES" on upper left calf (his brother), small letter on left hand?
Young looking, but a cutie!
Keith Urban13. Keith Urban - Country singer has 'Omni Vincit Amor' Latin for "Love conquers all" on right wrist, a thunderbird tattoo on the other arm.
He's lovely to look at... soooo handsome and his hair is so touchable! The tattoo about love doesn't hurt either. *swoon*
Jude Law14. Jude Law - Actor has words from a Beatle's song, tribute to his (now ex) wife's name Sadie, Gothic initials JL on right forearm.
He's just such an obvious hottie that I can't say anything about him. There is a reason why half the female population adores him...
Tommy Lee15. Tommy Lee - Rocker has many tattoos including the word "Mayhem" on his stomach, bodysuit left arm/shoulder, too many to list.
The rocker thing is sexy, the tattoos are hot... but every girl wants Tommy Lee because of what he has in his pants. Did you see that video with him and Pam?!?! WOW.
Kiefer Sutherland16. Kiefer Sutherland - Chinese symbol for undying love, barbwire, crest, others.
For a blonde guy, he's sexy! He's got that man's man thing going on that I love and adore so much.
Victor Webster17. Victor Webster - Actor has tattoos on his back and the underside of his left arm...
Damn... looking at him actually hurts, he is so freakin hot. Those lips, those eyes!!!
Uncle Kracker18. Uncle Kracker - Musician has the word KRACKER tattooed on his right forearm, tribal armband above that, several other tattoos.
With a name like "Uncle Kracker" I wasn't expecting a very good looking guy to be honest. But... he's really cute! I could look at that face for at least two mornings!
50 Cent19. 50 Cent - Curtis Jackson an American rapper, producer commonly known by his stage name 50 Cent has many, many different tattoos. Hmm... bad boy with lots of money
Jeff Timmons20. Jeff Timmons - Musician has Chinese symbol for health & good luck tattooed on his chest - symbol for God on his back, 98° logo on right arm, moon on back of left shoulder...
Hello all-American looking gorgeous & stunningly lovely man!
Bruce Willis21. Bruce Willis - Actor has tattoo of skull with a top hat on his left arm for "Die Hard", 3 stars on left shoulder, dragon on right shoulder. Lately, he's looking a bit too old... but Bruce Willis, as in the institution of Bruce Willis, is dreammmy. He's a man's man - and even though his youth is fading, the man has still got what it takes to be a sex symbol!
David Silveria22. David Silveria - Korn's drummer: on upper right arm he has a face with a drum stick through its tongue, on his upper left arm a Cheshire cat, on his back the Korn logo & wife's name, others. Ouch - another man so sexy it actually gives my heart (and other bits!) a moment of agony when I look at him!
Joaquin Phoenix23. Joaquin Phoenix - Actor has a small circle tattooed on his right inner bicep (poorly done).

Yay for bad boys!
Tyson Beckford24. Tyson Beckford - Model / actor has both arms tattooed, his name on right shoulder, a large cross tattooed on his back, 8+ tattoos in total.
Evan Seinfeld25. Evan Seinfeld - Biohazard band member and actor has more than 2/3 of his body tattooed. Lots of black and grey. He's hot! He's kinda got the jailhouse hottie thing going on... I like!
Freddie Ljungberg26. Freddie Ljungberg - Swedish soccer player has 2 black panthers on his back (the large black panther on his lower right stomach was a fake for a commercial shoot)
This man is so freakin hot... no... wait... hot doesn't begin to cover it. He is sexy, manly, successful, athletic and rich. What's not to love?
Michael Madsen27. Michael Madsen - Actor, writer, producer has a winged Harley Davidson tattoo design on his right bicep. Bad boy, sexy, what else can I say?
Ryan Phillippe28. Ryan Phillippe - Actor has symbol on right inner forearm, a cross shaped tattoo on left calf and a small ladybug tattoo on his right foot for his wife Reese Witherspoon.
Okay, so we all know he's a complete ass for what he did to Reese, but I'm sure it couldn't have been easy even THINKING about being faithful when you are as hot, as sexy, as completely irresistible as he is!
Colin Farrell29. Colin Farrell - Actor has large tattoo on upper right arm, words on inside of left arm, left hand has a tattooed ring, several others... Long hair, short hair, facial hair, clean shaven... no matter what look he's got going on, he's soooo sexy and bad!
Tyrese30. Tyrese - Model has tattooed left arm and shoulder, Chinese symbol for determination on back, others... He's hot - but of course he is... he's a model.
Pete Wentz31. Pete Wentz - The band Fall Out Boy's bassist, songwriter and former all state soccer player  has well over 36 tattoos (way too many to list)
Jesse James32. Jesse James - Monster Garage star & motorcycle builder has many tattoos including a large 100 dollar bill on his back, extensive sleeve work, "Pay up sucker" on palm of hand, and several others... He seems like the culmination of naughty and good all rolled up into one man. He's willing to tattoo a woman's name on himself, but he also builds motorcycles and looks tough and mean. He's kinda perfect!
Ben Harper33. Ben Harper - Musician has extensive tribal motif tattoos all over his hot body
I don't know a single woman who wouldn't sleep with him.
Tim McGraw34. Tim McGraw - Country singer has tattoo on his right arm that says "Faith", two others one a shamrock and ? (necklace around neck and a small cross inner left arm were fakes for album cover) How does that saying go? Save a horse, ride a cowboy? Yes please!!!
Mike Metzger35. Mike Metzger - Freestyle motocross rider nicknamed "The Godfather" has extensive tattooing including full sleeves, his name vertically down the front of his chest and a throat tattoo. Okay, aside from the super sexy danger factor of being a motocross racer, he has a neck tattoo. The two hottest places for a tattoo on a man in my opinion are the neck and the inside of the forearm. He's yummy!
Christian Viere36. Christian Viere - Soccer star has a number of tattoos on right arm & chest
Very, very sexy... in the dark and brooding way. When he does the whole "I'm a soccer player so I can wear a head band thing" he's even dreammmier!
Bam Margera37. Bam Margera - Actor, pro skateboarder has heart-a-gram symbol on lower stomach, large design on right side. You know what? I think Bam is a hottie. He's a holy terror, and really only just "cute" - but somehow, the whole package makes him seems like a really sexy, really fun man.
Mickey Rourke38. Mickey Rourke - Actor has Bull's skull with 4 feathers on one bicep, cross on other, a fleur-de-les on his chest . Oh hell... Mickey Rourke makes me wet in a way that I don't think that any other man ever will. Everything about him just excited me! He's such a MAN! He's gorrrrrgeous!!!!!!!!!
LL Cool J39. LL Cool J - Hip hop artist , actor has the word "Respect" on left shoulder, "Mr. Smith" on right over a large microphone, as well as several others. LL Cool J has got one gorgeous baby face on a really damn sexy man's body. That innocent look is betrayed by his attitude and build. Very, very sexy!
Ricky Martin40. Ricky Martin - Singer has a rose/heart tattoo on left front groin, a naked woman on left bicep. He looks like this AND he sings about being your hero. What girl wouldn't fall for him?
Carlos Leon41. Carlos Leon - Actor / model has Cancer star sign on back, large design on upper arm and tattoo that says "September 8 forever" to commemorate the day he met Madonna. No wonder Madonna got on him! He's swarthy, sexy, & manly!
Mark McGrath42. Mark McGrath - Sugar Ray singer has at least 13 tattoos, birds (swallows) on left and right shoulder, Cadillac logo right hip, IRISH on back, shamrock left hip, blue rose on left forearm, blue star left elbow, LOLA on right forearm...
His sparrows are beautifully done! He has incredible eyes... & a great body... oh, and his face is gorgeous... yeah... & he looks like a bad boy. Someone you don't bring home to mom, but enjoy for as long as you have him... *sigh*
Nick Lachey43. Nick Lachey - Singer, TV star has tribal tattoo on upper back, 98° logo in a sun on right arm, tribal armband with letter L to match his younger brother. Those lips! That body!
Carey Hart44. Carey Hart - This champion motocross rider's upper body is heavily inked with tattoos, including his girlfriend's name PINK on his stomach.
Desmond Harrington45. Desmond Harrington - This American actor who was a hyperactive student as a teen, has large flower like tattoo design on inside of his right arm.

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Perry Farrell46. Perry Farrell - Jane's Addiction singer has preying mantis on his right shoulder. He has that same sculpted almost feline or feminine quality about him that Dave Navarro does... and somehow pulls it off as incredibly, incredibly sexy!
Everlast47. Everlast - Singer (real name Erik Schrody)has many tattoos on his arms, skulls head, tribal designs, Chinese Kanji symbols on the right side of his neck, many others...
Maxwell48. Maxwell - Singer has large Celtic design on right shoulder. Freakin HOT. I can't help myself... maybe it's also that I am listening to Bob Marley right now, but that hair just makes me want to tangle my hands up in it and enjoy the ride...
D'Angelo49. D'Angelo - Singer, songwriter and producer has large tattoos on his left and right shoulder blades, his right thigh, and on the left side of his chest.
Leland Chapman50. Leland Chapman - Reality TV star (Dog the Bounty Hunter) has nice sleeve work on both arms, right arm has a Hawaiian women and the left a tribal inspired design, several other tattoos as well.
Nicholas Cage51. Nicholas Cage - Oscar winning actor has an upper back tattoo of a monitor lizard with a top hat, other large designs tattooed on his left & right shoulders/biceps.
Kobe Bryant52. Kobe Bryant - NBA superstar has several tattoos including a large tribute to his wife tattooed on his right upper arm.
Robert De Niro53. Robert De Niro - Two time Academy award winning actor had many temp tattoos in the movie Cape Fear but has only one that is real -- a black panther.
Nicholas Brendon54. Nicholas Brendon - American actor (TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has a cross tattooed on his upper right shoulder. He also has a twin brother.
Ben Affleck55. Ben Affleck - Actor has tattoos on back and shoulders (some fakes shown). Appears as though the barbed wire tattoo on his right bicep is real though.
Shifty Shellshock56. Shifty Shellshock - Crazytown singer has many, many tattoos. He's like a walking advert for symmetry. Ok, so what I really like about him, besides the good looks and musician thing, is that his tattoos are interestingly placed, perfectly symmetrical, and really nice!
Mark Zupan57. Mark Zupan - Paralympic athlete & star of the documentary Murderball has a large tribal piece across his upper back, right shoulder & upper arm, extensive tribal work on his lower left leg. Except for needing to trim his goatee a bit, I'd get on him! Again, he's an athlete, tattooed, really intelligent, and hot!
Tony Ward58. Tony Ward - Model (Madonna's ex boy toy) has many, many tattoos. Tony Ward is the manifestation of how attitude adjusts how someone "looks."
Mark Wahlberg58. Mark Wahlberg - Actor has tattoos on Both shoulders (initials, surname, Bob Marley), rosary around neck, Sylvester & Tweety cartoon characters on his ankle. He's super cute - too bad he has stupid tattoos
Milo Ventimiglia59. Milo Ventimiglia - Actor has a star on the underside of his right bicep, the letters S.L.R.S. on his left shoulder, another tattoo on his leg. Suuuuch beautiful eyes. He's young looking, but that's not a bad thing!
Casper Van Dien60. Casper Van Dien - Actor has tattoo of Casper the friendly ghost on his arm. Having a tattoo of a cartoon character that has the same name as you isn't ironic - it's lame. But, that said, he's got a gorgeous body & extremely handsome face... so... stupidity is a forgivable sin in these cases.
Sir Sean Connery61. Sir Sean Connery - Academy award winning actor and Knight has "Scotland Forever" and "Mum & Dad" tattooed on his right forearm.
Joe Trohman62. Joe Trohman - Fall Out Boy guitarist has 3 tattoos - his ankle, under his belly button, and forearm. There is something alllllmost "Mr. Bean" about his look - but if Mr. Bean was a young, sexy musician. How's THAT for a description!
Antonio Sabato Jr.63. Antonio Sabato Jr. - Actor has a Batman logo on his lower back, a yin-yang symbol tattoo on one arm, moon/stars his right arm, others... Cute!!!
Norman Reedus64. Norman Reedus - Actor has "NORMAN" tattooed over his heart, a gargoyle inside left bicep, small star, others... He reminds me of a male Kate Moss... he's sexy though... and I gotta love anyone who actually decides and then goes through with tattooing THEIR OWN NAME on their body.
Jens Pulver65. Jens Pulver - UFC Lightweight Champ "Little Evil" has a tribal arm band - a sun design on his left arm, several other tattoos. He fights, he's hot - what's not to love?
Randy Orton66. Randy Orton - WWE star has at least 6 tribal style tattoos in various spots. He's got a fantastic body, and he's cute! He's definitely do-able...
Mike Ness67. Mike Ness - Musician has many various tattoos (including the words LOVE and PAIN on his knuckles). He's hot in a rockabilly way! I love all his super sexy tattoos!
Stephen Dorff68. Stephen Dorff - Actor has small tattoo on upper inside of left arm, a small heart on the back of right arm, circular tattoo on shoulder Another cutie!
Eros Ramazzotti69. Eros Ramazzotti - Italian singer has tattoos on his arms and nape of neck. Just when I thought Italian men couldn't get any sexier.. They gave me a man named "Eros" and tattooed him. Unfair! How could any woman resist?!?!
Will Mellor70. Will Mellor - This English actor and former pop star has a large dragon tattoo on his left shoulder. He's a cutie...!
Taye Diggs71. Taye Diggs - Actor has Chinese Dao symbol on his right shoulder, a symbol inside a circle on his left shoulder, an Egyptian ankh tattoo on the inside of his right calf.
Michael Jordan72. Michael Jordan - Basketball superstar has a fraternity brand in shape of Greek letter omega on his chest above his heart. He's a good looking athlete, but not much else...
Darrin Dewitt Henson73. Darrin Dewitt Henson - Choreographer, Stage Director has a tattoo on his right arm - perhaps it's a Hindu god tattoo design...
Justin Melvey74. Justin Melvey - Australian actor has a black panther tattooed on the back of his left shoulder, another tattoo on the back of his right shoulder. Very sexy...!
Dennis Rodman75. Dennis Rodman - Basketball great has tattoos of Harley Davidson, picture of his daughter, shark, a cross, many many others. I don't understand how he can have such a feminine side, and yet still be sexy to me, but he is!!!
Christopher Meloni76. Christopher Meloni - Actor has a tattoo of a crucifixion scene on the back of his upper left shoulder. This actor was my sole reason for watching... damn what was the name of that prison show? Anyways, whatever... HE was the reason I watched it. He's got a killer sexy attitude and look.
Josh Hartnett77. Josh Hartnett - California born actor has a Celtic circle knot tattooed on the back of his left shoulder blade.
Robert Downey Jr.78. Robert Downey Jr. - Actor has image of himself as a superhero on his right bicep, his son's name INDIO nearby, a US flag on his chest, SUZIE Q on his left arm. He's hot in a kinda erratic and unpredictable way... the same reason why sometimes crazy chicks are hot.
Johnny Lee Miller79. Johnny Lee Miller - Actor (ex husband of Angelina Jolie) has several tattoos, a Zodiac symbol on his hip, a mouse, handcuffs, Kanji...
He seems too... femmy for Angelina - not rough enough. BUT, he's still hot!
Carson Daly80. Carson Daly - TV personality has tattoo of a crucifix on his left arm, Corvette emblem, inside right wrist has NYC in red, white & blue, cover up on ankle, others?
Jeff Corwin81. Jeff Corwin - TV star and animal expert has a coral snake tattooed on his upper left shoulder.
B-Real82. B-Real - Cypress Hill rapper who's real name is Louis Freese has tattooed sleeves, many other tattoos...
David Blaine83. David Blaine - This magician has tribal inspired tattoo designs on both arms, a large crucifixion scene on his back, a cherub on his chest, many others.
David Arquette84. David Arquette - Actor has a large fine-line figure on his left calf, a dragon tattoo on his right calf, tattoo on left arm, mom's name on back, devil woman - right pelvis, others.
Donnie Wahlberg85. Donnie Wahlberg - American actor and producer has his family crest tattooed on his arm and "Wahlberg 1969" on left shoulder. He's cute, what can I say...
Slash86. Slash - Rocker who's real name is Saul Hudson has "SLASH" and caricature of himself on left arm, a bull on his right arm. I think it's his lips, the rock music, and the tattoos that make him so damn hot.
Prince Frederik of Denmark87. Prince Frederik - Demark's Crown Prince has the word "Pingo" (nickname) tattooed on his upper left arm, a shark on his lower right leg for service in the Danish elite forces. He's HOT - he's a PRINCE!!!
Buff Bagwell88. Buff Bagwell - WCW star (real name is Marcus Bagwell) has a tribal style armband tattoo around his rather large left bicep.
John Leguizamo89. John Leguizamo - Actor has Aztec style design on right shoulder (a cover up tattoo), spider web design on left side of his chest. He looks hottest when he looks rough and tough... when he does the nice boy thing is falls flat.
DJ Muggs90. DJ Muggs - Cypress Hill singer who's real name is Lawrence Muggerud has tattooed lower sleeves, tattoos on his biceps and many many others.
Tyler Christopher91. Tyler Christopher - Actor has a large cross tattoo on his right shoulder and a tribal inspired armband tattooed around his left bicep.
Jay Hernandez92. Jay Hernandez - California born actor has a nice tribal style armband tattoo around his right bicep.
Mark Philippoussis93. Mark Philippoussis - Australian tennis star has a tattoo of Alexander the Great surrounded by flames on his right shoulder. In 1998 People called him the sexiest athlete - I can see why. He's incredible!
Bill Goldberg94. Bill Goldberg - WCW wrestler has large tribal tattoo design on his left shoulder, a  bleeding skull tattoo design on the under side of his upper right arm.
Fred Durst96. Fred Durst - Musician has both arms sleeved, large angel design on back, flower on neck, spiral design on lower left leg, design on lower inside left leg, ring on left middle finger, portraits of Elvis & Kurt Cobain tattooed on his chest.
Billy Bob Thornton97. Billy Bob Thornton - Actor has 13+ tattoos on his arms, back, legs many others. Ooooh - he's bad but so so so good! No wonder Angelina was with him!
Harold Perrineau98. Harold Perrineau - Actor has small Kanji symbol on his lower right stomach. He's not that hot really, but he is damn sexy. There's something about him that makes a girl know she's destined to have many orgasms if she spends a night with him.
Richard Grieco99. Richard Grieco - Actor has tattoos of a black panther on his right shoulder, a clover tattooed on one calf
Brian Austin Green100. Brian Austin Green - Actor has Aztec thunderbird design on right shoulder, cross and JOHN 3:16 on left shoulder, tattoo on chest with Chinese symbol for his name, large dragon on his lower right arm.
Ville Valo101. Ville Valo - Musician has full left tribal sleeve, had stylized 'S' on left nipple (now covered with another heart-a-gram), stands for Suzanna, heart-a-grams on back of neck and belly, heart under right wrist, HIM's cosmic pope on leg, Egyptian flame on leg, aka HIM's DSBH symbol, J on index finger for his fiancé Jonna, portrait Of Timo Mukka on right forearm, the Eyes Of Edgar Allan Poe on his back, others.

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