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The 101 Hottest Tattooed Men in the World 2012

The wait is over, the celebrity event of the year has finally arrived! We’re proud to introduce the new, improved and updated list of The Vanishing Tattoo’s 101 Hottest Tattooed Men in the World for 2012. From sweet to sexy, brainy and brawny, names were tossed back and forth while our panel of pop culture goddesses were given an opportunity to voice their opinions on The Hot and The Not-So-Much. They purred and cooed over the various candidates’s tattoos and half naked torsos. They endlessly searched the web for skin shots of their favourite celebrities to bring you the most accurate and visually stimulating list. Yes it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. You can thank them later!

Several bottles of fine red later, they (somewhat soberly) rallied for their favourite picks, to form the list that you see here. All the usual suspects are in attendance; Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and John Mayer, to name a few. We’ve sourced some avant-garde beauties; Russell Brand, PJ Ransone, and Alexander Skarsgard. We also came across some youthful, up and coming hotties; Jay Baruchel, JR Celski and Ian Somerhalder. If you’re not familiar with all these names, we’re here to help you get acquainted. We praise many of the boy’s on our sacred list and take the thunder out of a few egos who take themselves too seriously. All in good fun, we promise.

Get cozy and enjoy the scenery! We start at #101 and work our way to #1!

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