Anouk Stotijn-Teeuwe (born April 8, 1975) is a Dutch singer, professionally known as Anouk. Since 1997, she has released seven pop-rock albums. Anouk currently teaches at the Conservatory of Amsterdam; her job is likely to include band-coaching. She also appears in a series of commercials for Postbank / ING in the Netherlands, thus joining a long line of celebrities that dates back to the mid-1970s.

She married Remon Stotijn (aka The Anonymous Mis, frontman of the reggae/rap band Postmen) on March 16, 2004 and is the mother of three children; son Benjahmin Kingsley (b. April 18, 2002), son Elijah Jeramiah (b. December 5, 2003) and daughter Phoenix Ray (born June 3, 2005). Remon wrote Jerusalem and the newly-released Good God. In May, 2008, Anouk and Remon announced a "harmonious" mutual separation.

Anouk has a traditional Japanese tattooed sleeve of peony flowers on her right arm, from her shoulder to her wrist. This is a great sleeve, showing work of exceptional quality. Anouk also has a crescent moon shaped design on lower right belly. Videos for " Lost " and " Girl " from EMI Netherlands - Great shots of her beautiful tattoos

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