Amerie Mi Marie Rogers, known professionally as Amerie, is a two time Grammy nominated American singer, songwriter, producer and actress. Born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, she debuted in 2002 with the album All I Have, primarily co written and produced by producer Rich Harrison. "1 Thing", the lead single from her second album, Touch (2005), introduced elements of D.C.'s go-go, and became her biggest hit to date. Her third album Because I Love It, had an international release in 2007.

Amerie on getting her first tattoo... I knew my parents wouldn't like it," she says. "But I wanted to try something different, and a tattoo was totally out of my character." After spending years trying to decide whether she wanted to do it, it was just before the release of her first album that she finally decided to go for it. She settled on her own design-an image of her name in Korean script. And of course, her strict upbringing caused her to be extremely careful in choosing the location on her body. She opted for an easily concealable area-her lower back-and headed off with her sister Angela for a popular tattoo parlor near the campus of Georgetown, known for their work and celebrity clientele. To this day, she says she can still recall the sensation as the artist drew her name into her skin. "It burned, but it didn't hurt," she recalls. "Anyone considering getting a tattoo should take your time deciding what you want. Get something meaningful."

Just like her tattoo, Amerie's good girl name has stayed with her throughout her whirlwind career in the world of hip-hop. This mixed Korean and African American caramel beauty was discovered during her college years at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She soon hooked up with producer Rich Harrison ("One Thing," "Get Right") on her first album, All I Have. This go-around, Amerie embraces her sexuality with her sophomore effort, Touch, featuring the flaming single, "One Thing," which rose to the top of the charts, blazing the catchy hook ("it's just one thing that got me trippin'") into the heads of millions across the nation. This time around, Amerie has perfected her craft by taking vocal and dance lessons and becoming even more involved in the business side of her affairs.

The tattoo signifies a rebellious side that hasn't previously been seen from Amerie, but that's where it ends. The 27-year-old has remained humble and focused throughout her ascent to stardom. When she hasn't been traveling the globe for performances, she's been helping to fuel the hype with publicity stops, including appearances on Oprah and the Tyra Banks Show. She's also rumored to be dating her new manager, Lenny Nicholson. She has asserted herself as a top contender in the heavily saturated music industry with her latest accomplishments, and from the looks of things, we're sure to be seeing a lot more of her.

Since the release of her second album, Amerie seems to be everywhere-whether it's participating in runway shows during New York City's Fashion Week or receiving the Soul Train Aretha Franklin Award for Entertainer of the Year this past September. The Soul Train award was especially an honor to the ever-gracious Amerie, who said her nerves kept her up in anticipation of receiving the coveted award from its namesake. But there's little that Amerie has got to be nervous about. The rising star is on her way to the top-and with her attitude, it won't be long before she gets there.

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