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Lucky tattoo designs and symbolsLucky Tattoo Designs - One of the principal attributes of tattoos down through the ages - and in almost all cultures that have practiced body art - has been the belief that tattoos serve as powerful amulets and talismans of protection, that they may ward off evil spirits and that they may act as charms or good luck for the wearer.

The ankh and the Eye of Hourus were seen as lucky symbols among the Egyptians.

Borneo's Dayak women tattoo scorpions and centipedes on their forearms for luck and to ward off evil spirits.

Many Christians get tattoos of angels and crosses for luck, and pilgrims of many faiths get tattoos to show they have successfully completed a Holy pilgrimage. See also, Religious Tattoos.

Lucky tattoo designs and symbolsWe traditionally think of tattoos of horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and rabbit's feet as lucky. Sailors tattooed pigs and roosters on themselves for good luck - and to keep from drowning - and inscribed the words "HOLD" and "FAST" on their fingers to insure a good grip high in a ship's rigging. A nautical star was a common tattoo for good luck in being safely guided back to one's home port.

In the many cultures that play games of chance and gamble on the outcome, tattoo designs of good luck are common. These can include winning hands at playing cards, or dice numbers.

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Tattoo designs - L >> Lucky

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