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Cougar tattoosCougar Tattoo Meanings - Cougar, mountain lion, panther, puma, catamount -- by any name this illusive member of the cat family found largely in North America is admired for its swiftness, stealth, strength and intelligence, but also for the devoted attention it pays to its young. When hunting, the cougar instinctively attacks its prey's most vulnerable spot, grabbing its victim by the throat if it can, by the spine if it can't. It can kill with one bite. Elusive, shy, withdrawn and territorial, the cougar is an obvious symbol for those who value their independence.

Powerful and decisive, this mighty cat has been adopted by Native American tribes as a sign of leadership.

The cougar's cunning, its keen sense of sight and smell and its knowledge of the habits of other animals inspired ancient hunters. Carvings of the animal were sometimes taken on the hunt. For some Native American people, the cougar has long been the symbol of intuition. The superior knowledge and intelligence of the cougar, together with its personal power and agility made it the chosen messenger between humans and the higher spirits.

Cougar - mountain lion photo

Some tribes in the Americas regarded the cougar as the Protector of the Universe. North, the most significant of the four cardinal directions, took the cougar as its guardian.

A powerful animal totem, the cougar represents balanced leadership - the ability to lead without force. Nurturing as a mother, yet potent as a hunter, here we have a rare animal that combines power and protectiveness, and strength and survival. For the Cheyenne, the cougar was a symbol of the maternal spirit. For the Apache, the haunting cry of the cougar was a prelude to death.

Cougar - mountain lion photo

Inca legend tells of cougar deities attending the god of creation, the Sun God. Carvings of the Inca era depict the god with a cougar at his feet. Inca regions -- as well as powerful families -- were named after the puma. The ancient Peruvain city of Cusco was said to be laid out in the shape of the big cat.

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Cougar Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired!Those chosen by the cougar spirit guide must expect lessons that may destroy everything they know -- while discovering a greater purpose in life. For all its attributes, it's little wonder that the cougar had been widely adopted as sports mascot, team symbol, and brand name. From running shoes to combat helicopters to universities, the cougar or puma is proudly emblazoned everywhere.

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Tattoo designs - C >> Cougar

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