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Sanskrit tattoo designsSanskrit Alphabet Tattoo Designs - Ancient Indians called it 'Devavani', the language of the gods, otherwise known as Sanskrit, from a word meaning 'refined' or 'purified'. Constructed of primordial sounds, the language, as it developed, took into consideration the way the mouth naturally wants to sequence those sounds. For this and other reasons, Sanskrit is said to be the most systematic language in the world. Its power of expression is evidenced by the 65 words available to describe 'earth', and 67 words for 'water', and 250 ways to say 'rainfall'. Sanskrit also seems to generate clarity and inspiration, which would account for the explosion of creative expression that occurred wherever it was spoken in ancient times.

Sanskrit descends - as most languages do - from that long-ago tongue known only as the Proto-Indo-European language. Sanskrit belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of that language tree, and further, to the Indo-Aryan sub-family.

As important as Latin and Greek are to a study of most Western languages, so to is Sanskrit to a host of Indian dialects. It's been called 'The Mother of all Languages', which, although not true, reveals a reverence for this classical tongue. In its glory days, the 'sacred' Sanskrit was the language of all cultured people within Indian hegemony. All learning was conducted in the Sanskrit language, including translations from foreign tongues, so the vast majority of ancient documents on hand today are written in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit remains the liturgical language in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain rituals - mostly as hymns and mantras. Ancient Indians attached great importance to sound, bringing rhythm to their prose and musical qualities to their poetry and prayers. Sanskrit mantras are constructed of vibrations that can potentially 'open the third eye' to a perspective on reality that's closer to true objectivity, the essence of spirituality.

Sanskrit's capacity to express and investigate spiritual matters has long been taken for granted. NASA, the most advanced research centre in the world, has suggested a reason why - it's the only unambiguous language on the planet. "In ancient India," says NASA researcher, Rick Briggs, "the intention to discover truth was so consuming, that in the process they discovered perhaps the most perfect tool for fulfilling such a search - the Sanskrit language."

Computer scientists working on Artificial Intelligence have only recently discovered Sanskrit to be organised in a way that they've been working towards for years. Sanskrit and computers, it turns out, are a perfect fit. Scientists have been reinventing a wheel that's thousands of years old, a language rich with literature, science, philosophy and religion, one that appears to have been designed not only for enlightened communication, but as the most logical of technical templates, as well.

The appeal of Sanskrit tattoos is decidedly 'spiritual'. Poignant quotes reflecting expansive personal philosophies are available from Buddhism, Hinduism, and other eastern disciplines. The fact that Sanskrit is written in verse form lends it added artistry.

The most popular Sanskrit tattoo is the symbol 'OM', the world's most widely recognized sacred syllable. In the Hindu Dharma, there is no symbol more important, since it represents Absolute Reality (Brahman), and embodies the essence of the universe. At birth, a child born into a Hindu family has the OM sign written in honey in its tongue. It appears in every Hindu temple and in the most humble of family shrines.

For the devout Hindu, OM is the sound uttered at the beginning of each day and before commencing any journey great or small. It is placed at the beginning and end of most Hindu texts as a sacred exclamation. Prayers and mantras are framed by the same intonation. In fact, OM is the essence of all mantras and sacred words. Little wonder that it appears on letterheads, exam papers, on pendants worn around the neck, and as one of the most appropriate spiritual tattoos.

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Tattoo designs - S >> Sanskrit Alphabet

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