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Rock of Ages tattoo symbol ideasRock of Ages Tattoo Designs - A classic tattoo design of nautical origin. The symbolism behind the Sailor's Cross or what is sometimes known as the Rock of Ages, is many fold.

Nautical tattooing was rich with designs that had a highly symbolic nature and they were tattoos that were designed to function as specifically amulets and talismans, in other words, they were tattoos rendered for protection. Having the words "Hold Fast" tattooed on your fingers was in the hope that you would never lose your grip while in the rigging high above deck. Other tattooed symbols showed you had crossed the Equator, rounded the Cape Horn or visited the Far East.

Another common belief among sailors was that a religious symbol, such as a cross or a depiction of Jesus Christ tattooed on your back, might make a man forced to undergo a disciplinary lashing, less likely to be severely punished.

Rock of Ages tattoo symbol ideas

Rock of Ages tattoo symbol ideasA popular tattoo that goes back well over a century, depicts a sailor or a man kneeling before a cross hewn out of solid stone. The cross, and the man's religious belief and faith were meant to last for all time. A man's Christian faith was often referred to as the foundation stone or bedrock upon which a virtuous life was built. This was a carry over from the belief that a house or a building was only as strong as the foundation it was built on. The stone cross became known over time as "The Rock of Ages", or the sailor's cross.

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Tattoo designs - R >> Rock of Ages

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