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Greek Tattoo Designs - Ancient Greece and Greek culture have had a powerful influence on the development of art and civilization in Europe and the West in particular. Our modern governmental institutions and art forms can all trace their roots to Greece.

As tattoo symbols, Greek tattoos range from the Greek Cross - four equal arms, to the Greek alphabet, architectural details such as the Greek Key made famous by, among others, Gianni Versace, and an incredible array of mythic figures and heroes, Olympian and otherwise, Gods and Goddesses, that nearly defy the imagination. A partial list of well-known figures includes Zeus and Hera, Poisideon, Apollo, Athena, Hades, Ares, Eros and Aphrodite, Hermes, and heroes like Hercules.

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The Greek Gods had a great influence on a number of their Roman counterparts, such as Hermes to Mercury, Ares to Mars and there were often similar figures in a number of Northern European mythological pantheons.

Greek tattoo designsThe Greek alphabet arose from the Phoenician, gave rise to the Cyrillic, Gothic, Coptic and Latin alphabets and is the oldest alphabet in use today. It is also widely used in science and mathematics. Whether you were a member of a Greek Fraternity or not, there are few among us who are unfamiliar with Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Epsilon and the list goes on and on, all the way to Omega, in fact!


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Tattoo designs - G >> Greek

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