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Daisy tattoo designDaisy Tattoo Meanings - The name for the flower is derived from "Days eye", because the flower opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Its Latin name may come from the Latin Bellis, meaning beautiful, so Bellis Perennis can be translated as perennial beauty.

In Medieval and Renaissance art, where flower symbolism was almost a language unto itself, every flower had a very specific meaning. The white daisy, one of the simplest and most abundant blossoms to be found in every meadow and glade, was a symbol of innocence.

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The daisy also had a powerful religious connotation because of the widespread use of the image of the Madonna and Child, The Virgin Mary and the Christ Child, Jesus.


By the late fifteenth century the daisy was a symbol of the innocence of the Christ Child. The daisy, less exotic and pretentious than the lily, was thought by some to be a more fitting symbol for the baby Jesus.

Since that time, daisies have been associated with children and the innocence of childhood. For young women, a bouquet of daisies denoted a particularly innocent, pure and chaste expression of love.

Daisy Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired!During the 60's, the daisy was nearly as popular a symbol of the peace movement as the peace sign itself.

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Tattoo designs - D >> Daisy

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