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Armband TattoosArmband Tattoo Meanings - Armband tattoo designs are arguably one of the most popular tattoo designs around. You see them wherever you look - in urban realms and rural hideouts, on CEO's and bikers, on young women and old men. Whether hidden beneath a sleeve or proudly displayed at the beach, an armband is a classic choice for a tattoo. Sometimes tattoo art that is designed to be an armband gets modified and becomes a wrist-band or maybe an ankle-band.

For a lot of people, armbands make a great first tattoo. Even though it's a common choice, the wide variety of available designs ensures that you can make yours very unique and personal. No matter what you picture for your armband tattoo, you will find all kinds of tattoo designs including intricate Celtic knots, Organic tribal patters, Hawaiian theme bands and feather motifs.

Some people choose feminine band of vines with flowers while others prefer the masculine barbwire, thorns or flames. Dragons and snakes are also great designs for an armband tattoo as they can encircle the entire arm. No matter what you choose for your own arm, an armband is a bold choice for your personal tattoo gallery.

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armband tattoo designs from

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Tattoo designs - A >> Armbands

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