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Ankle tattoo design meaningsAnkle Tattoo Design mMeanings - When we think of gender specific tattoos, or feminine tattoos meant solely for girls and women, we usually conjure up the image of a delicate design -- flowers, or butterflies, perhaps -- located on a body part like the lower back, the bikini line or breast, the wrist or perhaps the ankle. And for good reason. The ankle is a delicate part of the body, and for that reason, very sexy, and uniquely so to the female of our species. Wherever tattoo styles wander, the ankle is likely to remain an attractive and popular patch of the human canvas for tattoos for girls.

But, hey, don't take our word for it. Look where many -- if indeed, not most -- models and actresses have placed their tattoos - on the lower leg or ankle. A working girl can't afford to alienate her client by getting tattoos that can't be easily covered up. Likewise, a young woman might not even want to upset her mother, in which case, a small tattoo on the ankle is relatively easy to keep hidden, at least until you graduate from high school, at which point, you've earned some respect and credibility.

Some girls derive power - even erotic power - from a hidden tattoo, in which case, the ankle is a good option.

Because the ankle is small, ankle tattoos usually are, too. Flowers, hearts, small kanji symbols, dolphins and shooting stars are popular, and for good reason - they are ageless symbols of beauty, friendship, love, and the miracle of life. You won't have to explain them. Tattoos for younger girls include butterflies and fairies. Vines and other flowing motifs suit the ankle, as well, and often circle the ankle in a band or bracelet design. Kanji characters, monograms, short text tattoo (in any language), or a tribal icon have all proven to effectively celebrate that most sexy of all female parts - the leg.

Ankle tattoos work well because they can be flaunted at will. A classic pair of shoes - from high heels to sandals - will set off a clean and graphic design. The shoe attracts attention to the tattoo, and vice versa. The result is a sexy fashion statement, especially if it's understated. In fact, tattoos for girls work best when they are downplayed. It's all part of the allure. A mystery (what we don't know) seems to be more potent than what we do know. When in doubt, don't explain your tattoo.

Tattoos for girls have a built in problem - fashion trends. What styles are upcoming? And is the ankle tattoo going to compete or collaborate with what's sashaying down the catwalk next spring? It's an ongoing challenge to look 'in'. Some women find the only solution to an unworkable tattoo is to remove it. It's an expensive and painful process.

Speaking of which, the ankle is not the most painless part of the body on which to be tattooed. Quite the opposite, in fact. There's very little fat on the ankle, essentially just skin stretched over bone. The less tissue between the needle and the bone, the more painful the tattooing process is. Therefore, the higher up on the ankle, the less painful the experience will be. Remember, too, that our extremities bleed more profusely, so be prepared to elevate the leg as it heals, so as to combat any swelling or bleeding that might occur.

Remember, too, that you're generally paying less for an ankle tattoo. Since ankle tattoos are relatively small, the tattooist won't take as long to ink it, so they're relatively inexpensive as body art goes, which suits a first tattoo. A word to the wise, however. Money spent to design something unique is money well spent. The more personally significant the tattoo is to the individual (even if the tattoo is small), the more assurance you'll have that it will continue to charm you into old age.

Summer is the best season to get your ankle tattoo. The less clothing coming into contact with the freshly inked design, the better. Because ankle tattoos are close to the ground, special care must be taken to ensure that the tattoo is kept clean and disinfected as it heals.

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Ankle tattoo design meanings and ideas

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