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The Saltire, the flag of Scotland, also known as the Saint Andrew's Cross, is the oldest continuously used sovereign flag in the world. It consists of a white cross in the form of an 'X' on a blue background. The Saltire design has been the national emblem of Scots ever since 832 AD.

Saint Andrew came by his identifying sign in the worst possible way-crucified on a cross. The location was Greece, and the time was the first century A.D. Andrew refused to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus (so the story goes) because he felt unworthy, so he was crucified upside down on a crux decussata, or an 'X' cross. Legend has it that in 370 A.D., Andrew's remains were stolen 'for safekeeping' and secreted away to the ends of the earth. That turned out to be the east coast of Scotland, in a Pictish settlement that would later become the town of St. Andrews.

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