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A cross potent, also known as a crutch cross, is a form of heraldic cross with crossbars or "crutches" at the four ends. In German, it is known as a Krückenkreuz. "Potent" is an old word for a crutch, and is used in heraldic terminology to describe a T shape. The crutch cross is used by many, mostly Roman Catholic, Scouting and Guiding organisations in their logos and insignia.

It was used as the symbol of the Vaterländische Front, an Austrian Fascist party in the 1930s. It is currently used in the coats of arms of the Santa Cruz Department in Bolivia, and of the Wingolfsbund.

In Unicode, it is represented as the character "☩", U+2629 CROSS OF JERUSALEM; the name of this Unicode character is a misnomer, since the Cross of Jerusalem itself is a more complex symbol consisting of a large Greek cross or cross potent surrounded by four smaller Greek crosses

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