Angelina Jolie

A list Angelina Jolie tattoos that have been lasered off or covered up...

A dragon on her left arm.

"Billy Bob", the name of her former husband Billy Bob Thornton, on her left arm

A Japanese character for courage (勇) which matched a tattoo of her first husband Jonny Lee Miller, now covered by the Tennessee Williams quote.

A Japanese character for death (死), now covered by the prayer for her son.

An unidentified tattoo both Thornton & Jolie shared. It was on her right forearm, now covered by the "strength of will" tattoo.

A dragon she got in Amsterdam while drunk, now covered by the Latin cross.

A small window on her lower back. On Inside the Actors Studio, she explained that she covered this tattoo, because, while she used to spend all of her time looking out through windows wishing to be outside, she now lives there all of the time.

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List of Angelina Jolie's Tattoos

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