Top 100 Sexiest Women We Love... and Their Tattoos -- By Vince Hemingson

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The UK's Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2005...
And how many of these beautiful ladies have tattoos?

FHM magazine has made a regular feature in both their US and UK editions of polling their readers for a list of the Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

One of the most astonishing things about the Top 100 List is the tremendous amount of cross-over the two lists have on either side of the Atlantic. We live in an age where film, music and athletic celebrities in particular have world-wide fan bases and admirers.

We originally did research on FHM's Top 100 List back in 2002, using the list of Sexiest Women in the World compiled by readers of the edition published in the United States in an attempt to determine how many of the women on the list, picked by the readers of FHM as the epitome of feminine beauty and paragons of desirability, had body art. Approximately 35% of the women voted to the American Top 100 List three years ago made the cut in the UK current list. Three years is forever in the life-span of the modern celebrity.

The 2002 Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World List was fascinating because it revealed the following statistics:

8 of the top 10 sexiest women in the world had one or more tattoos (80%), 16 of the top 20 sexiest women as voted on by FHM's readers had a tattoo (80%), 19 of the top 25 had tattoos (76%), 29 out of the top 50 had tattoos (58%), and out of the top 100 Sexiest Women 2002 as judged by FHM's readers, 45 had tattoos that we knew about (a still impressive 45%).

In 2005, in the UK - 4 of the Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World have tattoos (40%), 8 of the Top 15 (55%), 10 of the Top 20 (50%), 20 of the Top 50 (40%) and 36 of the Top 100 have tattoos - at least that we know about. The research to find out which celebrity women have body art largely entails looking at thousands and thousands of images online in an attempt to spot a tattoo and the good old Google search. This is the kind of back-breaking, ass-numbing, soul-draining work we do on behalf of our audience.

Because so many of the women are models, many of them have their tattoos and body art airbrushed out or digitally removed from their photos. The best shots at revealing tattoos are almost always the candid photos taken by paparazzi or by fans. If you send us a photo of one of the beauties on this list revealing a previously unknown tattoo, we'll send you a copy of The Vanishing tattoo DVD!

In the 2005 UK list, the median age of the women was significantly younger than the 2002 US list. The UK apparently has no shortage of astonishingly ripe young women blessed with quite staggeringly bountiful breasts who have absolutely no compunctions about posing in the altogether. The tabloid girls are often exceedingly young, as are the Pop music sensations du jour. The overall list of celebrity women as voted on by FHM readers showed a decline in the number who were tattooed. But given that the Top 50 number in 2005 were very close to the numbers in 2002, there might be a number of reasons for this.

Usually the 18-25 age bracket has fewer tattoos than those slightly older. The 2003 Harris Tattoo Poll had these demographic statistics for the percentages of which age group have tattoos: 18 to 24 -13%, 25 to 29 - 36%, 30 to 39 - 28% for the American population as a whole. The 2005 list has many quite young female celebrities who simply don't have that many images out yet, so we may not be able to spot all the tattoos, and they may not yet have reached the age at which most people have decided to get body art.

Still, given the overall numbers of women celebrities on the Top 100 List having body art, it can certainly be stated that having a tattoo carries with it no social stigma whatsoever in this day and age. And in terms of popular culture, one of the quickest way for a celebrity woman to bond with her audience and fan base is to get a tattoo.

Here is the full list of FHM's (UK) Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005 to enjoy at your leisure. Happy hunting!

Vince Hemingson

And the 2005 results were...

1. Kelly Brook
2. Cheryl Tweedy - tattoos 
3. Angelina Jolie - multiple tattoos
4. Michelle Ryan
5. Elisha Cuthbert
Britney Spears - tattoos 
7. Abi Titmuss
8. Sarah Harding
Beyonce Knowles - tattoos
10. Charlotte Church
11. Eva Longoria - tattoos
12. Jennifer Love Hewitt
13. Rachel Stevens - tattoo
14. Lindsay Lohan - tattoo
15. Carmen Electra - tattoos
16. Lucy Pinder
17. Louise Redknapp
18. Keira Knightley
Alyssa Milano - multiple tattoos
Christina Aguilera - tattoos
21. Louise Redknapp
22. Jennifer Lopez
23. Paris Hilton - tattoo
24. Kirsty Gallagher
25. Katie Holmes
26. Natalie Pike
27. Halle Berry - tattoo - flower on derriere
28. Tina O'Brien
29. Victoria Silvstedt
30. Jessica Simpson
31. Jennifer Garner
32. Michelle Marsh
33. Joss Stone - tattoo
34. Tera Patrick
35. Nadine Coyle
36. Maria Sharapova
37. Kylie Minogue
38. Nikki Sanderson
39. Delta Goodrem
Anna Kournikova - tattoo
41. Tanya Robinson
42. Holly Valance - tattoo
43. Kristin Kreuk
44. Kimberley Walsh
45. Charlotte Marshall
46. The Olsen Twins - Mary Kate has a tattoo
Denise Richards - tattoos
48. Kirsten Dunst
49. Jordan - tattoos
Pamela Anderson - multiple tattoos
51. Sarah Michelle Gellar - several tattoos
52. Heidi Klum - tattoo
53. Cameron Diaz
54. Monica Bellucci
55. Christina Milian - tattoos
56. Kayleigh Pearson
Jessica Alba - tattoo on back of neck
58. Mariah Carey - temporary tattoos?
59. Sienna Miller - tattoos
60. Eva Mendes
61. Billie Piper
62. Fearne Cotton - tattoo
63. Teri Hatcher 
64. Mischa Barton
65. Jodi Albert
66. Lisa Snowdon
67. Cat Deeley
68. Scarlett Johansson - tattoo
69. Laila Rouass
70. Leanne Wilson
71. Holly Willoughby
72. Liv Tyler
73. Natalie Portman
74. Sophie Howard
Jenna Jameson - tattoos
Lucy Liu - tattoo of tiger on lower back
77. Nicola Roberts
78. Jennifer Aniston - possible fake 
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos - tattoo
80. Estella Warren
81. Anastasia - tattoo 
82. Tara Reid
83. Eliza Dushku
84. Danni Minogue - tattoo  
85. Kate Beckinsale
86. Dido
87. Brooke Burke - tattoo
88. Jamie-Lynn DiScala
89. Jamelia
90. Shannon Elizabeth
91. Frankee - tattoo
92. Jill Halfpenny
93. Fergie
94. Tiffani Thiessen - tattoo
95. Hilary Duff
96. Nicole Kidman
97. Salma Hayek - fake only
98. Avril Lavigne - tattoo
99. Rachel Bilson
100. Catherine Bell - tattoo
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