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Apples have long symbolized fertility, love, sensuality and sexuality, temptation and sin. No doubt apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipated the ripening of the fruit of the apple tree with its promise of sweetness to come as they turned from green to red in the rays of the sun. An apple is literally ripe with promise. When the fruit is cut in half, through its vertical plane, the seed casing was thought by many to resemble a female vulva, or external genitalia. When the fruit is cut in half through its horizontal plane, the seed casing is exposed as a star-shaped, five segmented structure. This pentagram shape was widely seen as a symbolism of knowledge. And when the pentagram was contained within a circle, very reminiscent of an apple, it was thought to represent sacred knowledge.

The most famous apple undoubtedly belongs to Eve. In fact, it was an unnamed fruit from the Tree of Knowledge that Eve offered to Adam in the Garden of Eden, later called "apple" by Renaissance artists who were inspired by the Greek legend. In Renaissance art, an apple held in Adam's hand depicted sin. Thereafter, paintings of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden depicted apple trees, and the apple became identified with knowledge and temptation, although there is no specific mention of apple in that particular Bible story. The phrase "apple of thine eye" appears in one of the Psalms and refers to the eye's pupil - something precious and to be protected. It's a phrase still in use today, and is associated with love and relationships.

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