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The Vanishing Tattoo

Of the many tattoo symbols and designs with a religious theme, two stand out in the popularity; angels and the cross. Angels are a powerful tattoo image, as they profess faith and offer the wearer a sense of protection and guidance. And cherubs are among the most popular of the angel tattoo designs.

A cherub or cherubim, are angels depicted as infants or young children, most often boys. Historically, winged figures with a human form pre-date even the bible, going back to Assyrian myths and legends. The winged figures were often sent as messengers or guides. In Hebrew cherubim were supernatural entities mentioned several times in the Old Testament and the Torah.

The concept of cherubs as "baby" angels does not emerge in Western art until the late Renaissance in Italy. Such figures were known as "putti". Cherubs are often used in modern memorial tattoos to commemorate the loss of a loved one, children in particular.

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