Tattoo Tribe Award of Excellence

Apply for the Tattoo Tribe Award of Excellence today!

If you have a web site that you have put a lot of hard work into, or just a favorite site that you would like to see get this award >> we want to hear from you! It's a small way to show our appreciation for the many good sites out there. Send us the web site address and we'll check it out as soon as we can. See the winners here
Please read the following criteria carefully before submitting your site.
  • You must be 13 or older to apply for this award.
    If you are younger than 13, have a parent or guardian apply for you.
  • This award is primarily intended for body art, tattoo, photography, and sites of a similar nature.
    All sites are welcome to apply though, with the following exceptions:
    • Any site that promotes discrimination or contains hate messages.
    • Any site that participates in or promotes any illegal activities.
    • Any site that employs unethical scripts (i.e., scripts that trap visitors in their site).
    • Sites containing pop-ups of any kind, including those used by free web space providers, 
      those asking visitors to download custom cursors (i.e., Comet cursors).

  • All images must work. No stealing of bandwidth. Images must be stored on your server.
  • No "Under Construction" signs. If your site isn't ready, please wait and apply when it is.
  • Visual appeal is important, your site should look good and show you take pride in the work you do.
  • So if you think your site (or someone else's) has what it takes -- apply below

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