Samuel "Sam" Worthington (born 2 August 1976) is an award-winning Australian actor known to movie audiences as Marcus Wright in the 2009 film Terminator Salvation. He plays Jake Sully in Avatar and plays Perseus in the 2010 feature film remake of Clash of the Titans.

Worthington was born in Perth, Western Australia. He grew up in Warnbro, a suburb of Rockingham. His father was a power plant employee while his mother raised him and his sister. He dropped out of school at 17 and worked construction and odd jobs, eventually settling in Sydney. He was 19 and working as a bricklayer when he auditioned for the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and was accepted, with scholarship.

He has no real tattoos that we know of but has had them in the movies, Terminator Salvation (We see some marks on your right ear. SW: Because I get blown to shit - halfway through you can see half my head’s been blown away - then he gets remade and I wanted something unique, just a small thing. You know, like Roy Batty in Blade Runner has the tattoos on? Something like that. It’s almost like an imprint, like a "Made in Serena’s lab" "Made in Taiwan" kind of thing. So they designed some tattoos and put them strategically in different places around the body and they’re never mentioned. Just something that I wanted. Some kind of detail.) and the movie Avatar (tribal designs on his right bicep and a arm band tattooed around his left bicep).

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